How to Flirt with Someone with the Sign of Cancer: 11 Steps

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How to Flirt with Someone with the Sign of Cancer: 11 Steps
How to Flirt with Someone with the Sign of Cancer: 11 Steps

It's challenging to flirt with anyone, so it might be a good idea to stick with individuals that match your way of being. One way to do this is by identifying the sign, better understanding the personality of someone who is more likely to succeed in a relationship with you. People who were born between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July (from the sign of Cancer) can be quite complicated; they need independence, which is a contradiction to their desire for lasting, serious relationships. Flirting with Cancers in a way that pleases them is a way to break the “shell” of the crab, which represents the sign of Cancer.


Part 1 of 3: Attracting a Cancer Person

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Step 1. Let the Cancer be the "leader"

They are good leaders and know how to manage finances; by being part of a group, there is a greater chance that they will be the “commanders”. In addition, they are people who know when to spend money and save it, succeeding in just about anything they set their goals for.

Don't be intimate with this aspect of the sign. Despite being good leaders, they are very sensitive people, as power and success do not go to their heads

Flirt With a Cancer Step 4

Step 2. Understand their artistic and cultural side

Cancerians enjoy lavish dining, arts and cultural experiences, becoming more open to people who are also fond of arts and extravagance.

  • Tell us about the last book you read and what part moved you the most.
  • Suggest a fancy restaurant and describe your favorite dish.
  • Talk about plays and movies that meant a lot to you, touching on emotions.
  • Talk about museums and your favorite works from the art world.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 12

Step 3. Let things roll

Cancerians are susceptible to mood swings, but don't be put off by it. These people are very emotional and may show contradictions or exhibit various behaviors over a short period of time.

  • Be gentle when emotions start to surface.
  • Try to find logic and reason behind the feelings. Maintain sensitivity as soon as the person is emotional.

Part 2 of 3: Interacting with a Cancer

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Step 1. Take the initiative

Individuals with cancer rarely take the initiative, so you should act first and "get in" the conversation. They will open up when you take the initiative, even with the delicate psyche and fear of rejection that often inhibits them.

Flirt (for Teens) Step 14

Step 2. Allow time and space

Don't rush the Cancer into making a decision on the spot; trying to force them to respond immediately is likely to lead to a “no” and he will distance himself. Make suggestions and allow time for the individual to decide.

  • When you ask him out, tell him the options of where and when this might happen, letting him come to a decision.
  • Go away, but ask the question. It is necessary to allow time for the individual to analyze their proposal; find out what was decided by calling him a few hours later.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 9

Step 3. As soon as you feel the Cancer opening, touch it lightly

People of this sign like physical affection and have the chest as an erogenous zone. This works best when you flirt and caress a man's chest, not a woman.

  • When he makes you laugh, pat him on the chest.
  • Carefully run your hand across his chest as you walk away and before going back to talk to the man.
  • Although it is not recommended to feel a woman's breasts during flirting, it is still possible to demonstrate physical affection by touching her shoulder or forearm.
Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Step 5

Step 4. Make friends with people close to the Cancerian

Individuals of this sign are very loyal and usually have a small group of very close friends, taking their opinion very seriously. Having respect and being kind to the Cancerian's friends will allow you to get closer to the circle of friends he has.

  • Spend time with the cancer person's friends when he has been away for a few minutes. Make friends with them on your own.
  • Listen carefully to what friends have to say. Strive to remember their names, what they work on, and so on.
  • Ask the Cancerian about friends when only you are alone with him. If any of them had an important meeting, question them to find out how it went, or how a friend who went through a difficult time is doing.

Part 3 of 3: Communicating with Cancer

Flirt With a Cancer Step 5

Step 1. Be blunt with Cancerians

Let your feelings and intentions be very clear; if you're looking for a lasting relationship, tell him, but do the same if you just want casual sex.

On the other hand, don't make the person believe that there is a chance that both of you will relate when that is not your intention. She will find out and walk away

Flirt With a Cancer Step 3

Step 2. Be honest when praising a Cancerian

Like most people, individuals of this sign want to be approved, but will notice when a compliment is not honest or forced; even when it's simple, be frank and sincere. Find something unique in his look and tell, for example.

  • See if the Cancerian doesn't have different colored eyes.
  • His style or way of dressing may intrigue you. A pretty tattoo or necklace, for example, might have a special meaning for her.
Flirt With a Cancer Step 5

Step 3. Enter the Cancerian's protective “shell”

Trust is their most valued trait, and they instinctively protect themselves until you can win them over. It's hard to do in a short amount of time, but complete honesty is a great start.

  • People of this sign will notice false behavior.
  • Speak the truth and don't contradict yourself.
Flirt With a Cancer Step 2

Step 4. Always ask about family for a Cancerian

Individuals of this sign have strong ties to the family, which always comes first for them (usually, their family is large). Cancerians are excellent mothers.

  • Ask if he has siblings. Show interest in learning more about Cancer's brothers and sisters.
  • All the people important to an individual with the sign of cancer must be important to you.


  • Allow a little time for the person to feel more comfortable. Cancers may be shy at first, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in you or the topic being discussed.
  • Look for "clues". It is rare for individuals of this sign to say what they are thinking or feeling at the present time. Despite not expressing themselves very clearly from the start, facial and body signals “speak” a lot.
  • Be patient. It is normal for Cancers to come out of the “shell” that protects them; sometimes, to feel comfortable in the conversation, they will start to give long explanations or recall some kind of memory. You can learn a lot about people of this sign when they do this, so be patient and listen carefully.
  • Be honest and loyal. Don't flirt with other people, as cancer individuals are very likely to be jealous, as are scorpions and fish.


  • Don't insult the Cancerian's family, no matter how much he complains about it.
  • Don't lie and betray him. Cancerians are very volatile and sensitive, so it's best to avoid the “explosive” irritation they get when nervous.

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