How to Date a Lion Woman (with Pictures)

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How to Date a Lion Woman (with Pictures)
How to Date a Lion Woman (with Pictures)

So what's behind the queen of beasts – the Lioness? Fierce and enthusiastic, lively and open, they make excellent friends and lovers. Leonina is the personification of romantic love: passionate, poetic, ardent and adoring. However, it is a fact that she will expect all this love to be returned with equal intensities of enthusiasm, passion and devotion. These women are born between the 23rd of July – the 22nd of August. If you want to date an amazing Leonina like Jennifer Lawrence and want to have a lasting relationship, see Step 1 to get started.


Part 1 of 2: Conquering it

Date a Leo Woman Step 1

Step 1. Understand your lioness

This woman's element is fire – she is intense and gracious at heart. She is the most romantic of all lovers, devoted and generous. Like the sun, it shines and attracts people like the summer heat and tends to be quite popular. She is known for her thick mane of shimmering hair and feline look. This woman is royalty for the entire zodiac; behave properly. You need to know the following things if you want to treat her right:

  • Leonines think respectfully of spouses and will place them on a very high pedestal, expecting them to do the same for them. You are the "lion, leader".
  • Significant relationships only occur to her with extremely unique individuals, unlike ordinary flirting. Surprise her with your originality.
  • Guardian of the 5th house, the sign commands her heart. It is a fixed and extroverted sign. Be prepared to be compatible with an outgoing personality.
Date a Leo Woman Step 3

Step 2. Give her the admiration she needs

Leoninas love to be admired and praised for their uniqueness and creativity. Praise will take you far and occasionally make a woman blush. Leoninas are known for being creative and disliking the status quo. Conquer her by loving what is unique about her style and this girl's way of life. Treat her well and show up at the right times to demonstrate that you think she is really special, or get ready to listen!

  • Don't give false compliments just to be admired. Instead, take the time to truly admire something about Leo and make her feel special. If you're not genuine, she'll be smart enough to notice your falsehood from miles away.
  • Leoninas love to be the center of attention. If you take her to a party, make sure she has a lot of fun and enjoys talking to everyone rather than leaving her leaning against a corner. Let everyone know her and know she is admirable.
  • Stay comfortable dating an extremely sociable girl who loves the spotlight. You also don't have to be a rock to make up for it, but try to be the kind of guy who accepts that your girl gets more attention.
Date a Leo Woman Step 7

Step 3. Treat her to the finer things in life

Leoninas are known to love fine things. She has extravagant and sumptuous tastes. It breaks down when fine wines or chocolates are served. If you can afford that sort of thing, take her to an upscale, upscale restaurant; invite her to spend the night in the city; or even dine at home. She likes bright lights and romantic situations.

  • This doesn't mean you can win over a leonine just by bombarding her with gifts. You need to demonstrate that there is meaning behind the expensive things delivered.
  • Like her personality. Her taste is extravagant. She likes jewelry, fine clothes, beautiful hair, hairpins and other ornaments that can accentuate her beautiful appearance.
Date a Leo Woman Step 8

Step 4. Take the initiative in the time of love

Leo vacillates close to love. She knows love is kryptonite to her fragile ego. She is very reluctant to offer someone the power to break her heart. Initially, when you are trying to get to know each other, she will guard and protect herself too much. When leonine encounters love, she tends to be very shy; therefore, you need to approach her and make the first advances, keeping her safe in this relationship. She craves your affection but is too self-conscious to ask for it. She will love your advances.

The words “I love you” mean vulnerability to Leonina. Your words need to ring true

Date a Leo Woman Step 5

Step 5. Be considerate

If you neglect your girl's feline ego for too long, she will become distant, destructive, and angry. Leonina's pride is always at stake: Regardless of the roaring noise, her temper is fragile and delicate. She may start to feel needy if she feels she is giving in too much and getting too little. However, if you give her the necessary and deserved attention, Leo can be warm, demonstrative and even theatrical in love.

Leoninas are proud and may not admit if they are lacking in love and attention. You're the one who should notice if your wife needs more love and support. Leos are very loyal and tend to be forgiving, but they won't always. If Leo is cheated on, she will not hesitate to leave the relationship. The betrayal may inspire Leonina to ignore him – possibly forever

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Step 6. Be fun

Leos are fun and observant, and will love to play with you in harmless ways, pestering you to make you smile. They are always fun as kittens and will likely start teasing regularly as soon as they feel comfortable around you. You should be able to accept the joke and play a few more in response, as long as you don't want to hurt her feelings. Start slowly with jokes and wait for her to loosen up with you before taking things too far.

  • Invite her to do something children would do. Play a spontaneous tag. Play One. Play Twister!
  • Take her to the circus or the zoo. This may sound completely silly, but she will love it!
  • Leoninas don't need to be confined indoors and love to roam the streets. Take her to the park, the beach, or go hiking. You need to take her to a place where she can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
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Step 7. Be romantic

A Leo will love anything that highlights the moment and is romantic. Leoninas are dreamy and random moments, like an unexpected love letter, will make her day shine. She might even try to return the romance. Your lioness will appreciate anything you put the effort into – a sudden trip somewhere, red roses hidden in a drawer, a homemade card under the door – here are examples! If Leo likes you, she will put much more effort into the relationship and make everything more beautiful.

Court her or she will find it doubtful that you are her man. She loves grand romantic gestures and the process of exchanging courtships. Nothing is too much trouble as long as you are genuine

527106 8

Step 8. Impress her with your intelligence

Leo's potential partner needs to be sensitive and intelligent. Intelligence is mandatory. Lionesses are constant questioners, so their mates must be able to reason, articulate and keep up with them. She's smart, she jumps to conclusions, she's funny and very sociable – she wants a man who can keep up with her. If you appear insecure, uncertain, or simply opaque, she will turn away. You don't have to show off, but let her know that you can keep up with her, being prepared for anything.

Remember, Leos love the spotlight. If she thinks you're trying to stand out with your intelligence, the lioness might back off

527106 9

Step 9. Be strong and firm

You need to be strong and steady to lead the lioness. These qualities are very attractive to her, who will purr with pleasure and enjoy the trip. Leoninas don't always want to make decisions or take the first step. She is confident in herself, and wants a man who is also strong in his beliefs and ideas and who is not afraid to make decisions or say what is on his mind. If you really want to make her like you, you need to not allow her to have to assure/remind you of how big you are.

If you are confident, she will be naturally attracted to your personality

Part 2 of 2: Making the Relationship Last

Date a Leo Woman Step 2

Step 1. Respect independence

Leoninas are independent and want men who share the same characteristics. They want their companions to guide them but not control them. If you want to date a Leonina, you will need to be strong and independent, or she will overpower you and lose all respect she had for you. It's true: Leonines love to control men and want people to look them in the eye. You can give Leo what she wants without being completely submissive.

  • Do not try to impose your beliefs on a Leo, nor try to indicate how she should act or what she needs to do. The best thing to do if she gets nervous is to allow room for her pride to surface and apologize, showing your conscience, regardless of how the leonine is behaving. She will thank you for your attention. Leonines love loyalty. You need to have a firm, yet gentle, opinion when dealing with leonine so you don't get a hard surprise.

    Date a Leo Woman Step 4
  • If she gets upset, apologize, but give her space to calm down. Get used to the fact that being with Leonina means understanding her ups and downs. The relationship with her will rarely be boring and ruled.
Date a Leo Woman Step 4

Step 2. Prepare for intense emotions

A leonine can be dramatic and hot-headed if she gets irritated. As much as she exaggerates and remains distant, the best thing is to make room for her pride, apologize and show that you care. This will make you grateful. Leonines love loyalty. You need to have a firm opinion, but in a kind way. Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty surprise.

If she's angry, apologize and give her space to calm down on her own. Get used to Leo's ups and downs: your relationship with her will never be tedious or predictable

Date a Leo Woman Step 6

Step 3. Help her remove her insecurities

Beneath the glossy exterior of makeup and nail polish, leonine can be curiously unsafe. She has a fragile heart that can be hidden by smiles and laughter; therefore, you must have a sensitive heart to find cracks in the armor. She will be very shy starting in a relationship if she really likes you. Don't date her: become her friend and talk. Friendship can help to enter the heart of the Lioness, who will trust you and admire you passionately.

Let her know that you really like her because of her personality, not something superficial like looks or money

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Step 4. Accept her generosity

A mature leonine will be extremely generous and will display such a level of care and consideration that she may even forget about herself. Allow the girl to give in to (or take care of) you if she wants to (even if you don't let her do it all the time). Even though you should give love and kindness, there is no need to think that she wants to treat you well for ulterior motives. Leos love to give things to people in need – whether they are friends, family or strangers.

Just watch out for immature lionesses. While mature leonine is generous, immature will be arrogant, showy and fresh. If you really care about this leonine, expect those traits to go away when she grows up

Maintain Romance Step 3

Step 5. Take care of the bed

Your kitten needs a man to make her purr. Yes, being dominant in bed (when you get there) is mandatory. Your kitten likes to please others; she will do everything in her power to please you. In bed, leonine wants you to be the leader (the lion). Don't be passive and show passion and romance – then she'll be yours alone. Leonine's favorite erogenous zone, apparently, is the lumbar. Stroking her back and neck is pleasurable for her.

Some leonines can be quite daring, and enjoy seduction, feathers and sales. Find out if she likes this sort of thing before trying it out

Date a Leo Woman Step 10

Step 6. Value the family as much as they do

The lioness' family is her pride and her life, so expect your girlfriend to cry like hell during weddings and gatherings. Expect, too, that she takes on family photos in an emotional way. Liones love big numbers: think of the lioness and her cubs. Even if you are not ready to have children at this point, you will need to be someone familiar, willing to spend time with the family (yours or hers). This is very important for leonines – feel the same way for the best results.

If she starts talking about having kids with you, take the time to listen to her seriously instead of laughing in her face

Date a Leo Woman Step 9

Step 7. Be willing to commit

Leos can be self-indulgent, stubborn, and susceptible to crying if they don't get their way. That doesn't mean you have to give in all the time. You need to be prepared to talk if you both can't reach an agreement. If you're the kind of person who always gets things your way, then your relationship with Leo may not last. You must be aware that you are dating a person who can be stubborn and focused on their own desires.

Leoninas may not like to meet opposition. You can disagree with her if necessary – just do it as gently and calmly as possible, or her temper will erupt

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Step 8. Keep the flame burning

There are no such things as quiet nights when it comes to dating a Leonina. Your relationship will be fiery, exciting, unpredictable and will always have something new and intriguing. You need to prepare yourself to be spontaneous, to keep Leonina excited, to create new things (like unplanned trips or mid-night ocean dives). Sure, you'll fight a bit, but you'll re-establish yourself impressively. If you are willing to accept the challenge, your relationship with Leonina will never cease to amaze.

If you're the kind of guy whose ideal date is food ordering and a couch session, then Leonina isn't your type. Sure, you guys can have a quiet night every now and then, but you'll have to work to keep things interesting


  • Private Leos are very confidant and internalize emotions. It takes time to work to gain her trust.
  • Leoninas demand respect from their spouses. She will not hesitate to walk away when trust is damaged or when it is questionable. She can be proud – so getting her back is difficult.
  • Leoninas like men who can make them reveal their sensitive inner sides, always kept hidden for defense.
  • the Leonine she can be taken as a femme fatale, but she wants to be that way. It is a defense mechanism. She may like to joke and tease, but she is hardly deceptive or cunning. She will be annoyed if you call her deceptive.
  • She can be lit by the sign Leo, but she can also have a Moon in Pisces and an Ascendant in Virgo. Ancestry in Virgo means that she displays herself in public in a soft, creative, and shy way. The Moon in Pisces makes her extremely sensitive and reluctant. Her Leo characteristics can be filtered by several factors: her love of looking presentable; by her need for adventures, attention, little discussions, smiles, etc.
  • Libra and Leo – The lion woman is captivated by Libra's charm. He may seem very funny and outgoing, but he wants real love. Leonina's shyness will grow when she understands that she likes his affection. The Libra man will be enchanted by her contrasting personality and will use his aggression to throw her into romance. Leonina will be amazed at the aggressiveness and will let him lead the relationship. Both are very fond of romantic gestures, gifts and expressions of love; flow freely like water. Leoninas are very selfish and self-conscious. Libra men believe in the concept of 'we', and this helps to complete the parts. Libra's “adventurous” sexual aura will be new to Leonina.
  • Leo and Gemini will get along as well as a burning house. Both are childish and have a fun side. Each will have a strong sexual attraction to the other right from the start. They will attract and repel each other, generating a very strange combination. They are social creatures and love to entertain and go to parties. Sex will be a generous and happy event; the couple will especially enjoy sensual body massages.
  • Sagittarius and Leo – Fire signs, both are open-minded. The Lioness will find that he doesn't force her into a commitment.Spontaneity, laughter, adventure and passion are in store for this pair. It's a combination that will almost always start out as a very strong friendship. It's a great combination. Perfect matches start with Sagittarius men whose names start with letters ranging from O to W.
  • Aries and Leo – Also natural fire companions, but on a more casual level. Both must remain aware of the other's needs for affection as the relationship progresses. Both love constant activity. They are passionate and will like to make love. Projects created by the union of the two will be very successful.
  • Remember that this is just her Sun sign (Sun sign describes the particular way you are powerful in life). For an accurate description of the personality, you will need to find her Ascendant and Moon. The moon sign corresponds to the way she deals with her own emotions. The Ascendant is the social mask that is worn in public. These two concepts are not to be confused with the Sun sign. They are very different.


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