How to Sneak a Boyfriend into the Home

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How to Sneak a Boyfriend into the Home
How to Sneak a Boyfriend into the Home

Bringing a hidden boyfriend home might sound like fun, but it's also risky. It is necessary to plan everything very calmly and carefully, so that nothing goes wrong and nobody catches you in the jump. No matter how well you prepare, that unexpected little problem can always come up.


Part 1 of 3: Drawing the Plan

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 1

Step 1. Explore the house from end to end

No matter how long you've lived in it, you'll have to see it with new eyes, looking for vulnerable places, hidden entrances and exits, loose floorboards, everything! When you're alone, take a walk around, paying attention to everything around you.

  • Take a look at all the doors and windows and see which ones can be used as entry and exit routes.
  • Think about the field of view from every window in the house. If a family member sees someone in the backyard at one in the morning, they will surely call the police or recognize their partner, understanding right away what is going on.
  • Is your house very old? Some older buildings tend to be quite noisy and, in these cases, it's good to walk close to the walls so that the floor doesn't make noise. If the floor is wooden and creaky a lot, you can even powder the cracks a little, but your parents will probably find it strange.
  • If the house has any security system, you will have to disable it before anything else. Also see if the keys make noise, so you don't get scared, and most importantly, don't forget to reactivate it after they enter.
  • Pets, especially dogs, can be a real problem. If you have one at home and you know how it reacts when someone arrives, get ready. Do you know how to calm him down? If not, it's good to find out in time. If you can, train him first, making him associate his partner with snacks.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 2

Step 2. Choose the entry point

See if it's better to enter through the door or through the window and test ahead. Think about details such as visibility, proximity to your parents' room, and how far a person will have to walk around the house to get to your room.

  • Take into account everything you have to remove, open and unlock, at all points along the way. It's good to leave everything in the same way, but if you need to move plants around, people may be suspicious.
  • Think about the noise you'll have to make when opening the window or the door, trying to figure out ways to be as quiet as possible.
  • If the door is a sliding door, open it carefully so that the noise doesn't wake anyone.
  • If the window has a canvas, it's better to remove it. Depending on how it is attached, it can easily be removed from the outside, meaning that if the window is not on the ground floor, it is out of the question to enter through it. Be very careful not to end up ruining the screen, which will not only detract from your plan, but will also cost you money!
  • Don't get into the habit of leaving doors and windows unlocked. Think about the safety of your family, who trust this protection and can be caught off guard.
  • Consider whether you have enough strength to pull the person through the window, if necessary.
  • If you live in a building with a fire escape, a house with a window in the basement or something like that, use that to your advantage. They can help a lot when entering the house without anyone noticing.
  • It is very unlikely that you will use the port (to speak the correct Portuguese, it is much nicer to skip the window) but don't cross it off the list.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 3

Step 3. Walk the path

Pretend you're sneaking in and take the planned routes, but not even that anyone notices your intentions. The idea is to know how long it takes you to complete the path, going from the entrance of the house to your bedroom.

  • Sometimes a longer path has tactical advantages. Walking on a rug or carpet, for example, makes less noise than a normal floor, which makes less noise than wood.
  • Only walking around will you be able to identify possible problems.
  • See, too, what the field of vision is from the house next door and from the street, as someone might see a stranger entering your house and end up calling the police or notifying your parents, in the best of intentions.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 4

Step 4. Find possible hiding places

It is important that you have one near your room and one near the hotspot. To do this, make a space in the wardrobe or under the bed. A messier room can even help to hide someone, especially if the person doesn't mind getting under a pile of dirty clothes. But if it's usually very tidy, a suddenly messy room can raise suspicion.

With a little hand of darkness, any corner of the house can become a potential hiding place. But don't count on luck, thinking that your parents will leave the lights off when investigating a strange noise. If all else fails, try comforting yourself with the information that people over 50 need twice as much light to see as well as a 30-year-old

Part 2 of 3: Entering the house

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 5

Step 1. When the hem is clean, contact your partner

You guys need some simple way to communicate. If there's no way, arrange a time in advance, but know that just relying on this can go very wrong, because your mother will get up to get something in the kitchen, right at the agreed time?

  • Here, the best thing is to trust the cell phone. In order not to have any problems, leave it in silent or vibrating mode.
  • Avoid using your home phone. Can you imagine calling your partner's cell phone and then, without meaning to, your father presses the redial and his cell phone starts ringing at your house? It can't go any more wrong, right? If you have extensions, it may also happen that your parents overhear your conversation, right when you are arranging to meet.
  • If there's no way, post a message on the window or combine a sign with the bedroom light, such as “enter if it's on, don't come in if it's off”. So your parents don't know anything.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 6

Step 2. You need to make sure your parents are asleep

If they sleep with the door open, it's easier, but the closed door makes the plan more secure. See if you can hear snoring or slow, rhythmic breathing. Sleep has several different phases, getting more or less deep, but it's good to know that periods of deep sleep decrease over the course of the night. After an hour or so of falling asleep, they will enter into their deepest moment (make good use of this information).

  • If your guardians' room is near the kitchen, then get them used to hearing noises at night. A week earlier, start popping in there to get some food, pretty late. If they get up to see what you're doing, you have nothing to fear. If not, even better, because it means that they are not very attentive to noises during the night.
  • The time you go to sleep is also important. If you always sleep very early, your family will find it strange if you suddenly stay up until midnight or, if you sleep late, if you go to bed at eight. So if you have to stay up late, start drinking a lot of coffee already and say you're feeling electric that day. If you have to sleep early, show signs of tiredness as soon as you get home.
  • Before the person arrives, take a look at the door or window to make sure your parents haven't locked them afterwards.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 7

Step 3. Silently help him enter

If you need to put a ladder or other support for your partner to climb the window, don't forget to take it off later. You need to be very quick and silent. If possible, stay 100% in the dark, that is, turn off all lights, monitors and computers and make sure cell phones are on silent.

  • If you usually leave music on, this is a good technique to muffle possible noises. Out-of-the-ordinary sounds are pretty much what wakes us up at night, so if you can cover them with something more familiar, so much the better.
  • If you have to go through a thin column, hug each other so that no one sees you.
  • Another option is to ask your partner to come to your house mid-afternoon and hide him in the closet until everyone else has gone to sleep. So that no one notices that he hasn't left, wait until your parents aren't around (when they go to the bathroom, kitchen, laundry) and when they come back, tell them he's gone. If he arrived by car or bicycle, get them out of sight. While he's hidden, give him something to distract himself and some food, too, of course!
  • Once inside, lock the door and window. That way you keep the house safe, and you don't raise any suspicions with your parents.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 8

Step 4. Stay quiet and go unnoticed

If you need to leave the room, keep the other person hidden until you return. If you take off your clothes, leave them around, doing the same as anything she has taken, such as a purse, cell phone, keys, etc.

  • Did you need light? Better to use the cell phone, anyway, so no one can see you're awake.
  • If the person has to go to the bathroom, do not flush.

Part 3 of 3: Going out without arousing suspicion

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 9

Step 1. Put on a silent alarm to get out of the house in time

In case they end up sleeping, leave an alarm set on your cell phone to give you time to escape in the morning. Keep the volume as low as possible or just set it to vibrate so as not to wake anyone up.

  • Get the person out of the house about three hours before their parents wake up. The sooner the better, to have a little help from the dark to camouflage you. It's also good to consider what time the other person's parents wake up, so that they get home before they notice their absence.
  • If you know you can't wake up with an alarm clock, it's better not even to sleep.
  • If you have a clock radio, set it to wake up with the radio, which makes more noise.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 10

Step 2. Help the person to leave

Once out of the house, get it out of sight as quickly as possible. Seeing someone leave early in the morning can be as incriminating as seeing them arrive at night. If caught, try to convince your parents that the person just stopped by to ask about some homework, but be aware that this excuse is not the best.

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 11

Step 3. Erase all evidence

Clean the room, removing any cans, bottles, discarded clothes, etc. Throw the trash right in the back of the trash can so no one notices. The next morning (but not this early) take out the trash.

Dumping things down might seem very tempting, but don't. Imagine the mess if the toilet ends up clogging! What's more, that's not cool with the environment


  • If you want to try again, it's best to wait a couple of weeks at least. Try to choose another day of the week, too, and remember that your chances of getting caught increase with every attempt. But, on the other hand, over time you get practice.
  • See if there is a curfew. Depending on where you live, this can be a problem.
  • If you have sex, take it easy so you don't make any noise.
  • Don't do anything different on the day of the plan. Don't ask people what time they're going to sleep or anything like that so they don't get suspicious. Don't say you're going to sleep either, if you don't have that habit.
  • If someone in the family works, then it's good to know that person's hours so you don't get caught by surprise.
  • Don't forget that, most likely, your parents did the same thing at your age and are familiar with the tactics. It is part of the development of every human being to try to get a bit out of parental control.


  • If your parents come in and your partner stays hidden, try not to look nervous or do anything suspicious. Also be careful not to act aggressively towards your parents.
  • If caught, stay calm and explain yourself, always respectfully. Also, take full responsibility for protecting your partner.
  • If you don't want to get caught, don't smoke or drink. If there is a smoke detector in the house, it can turn on and, on top of that, it is very easy to smell the cigarette. As for alcohol, its effect can affect your senses, disrupting the plan.
  • If they call the police, don't run. Stay right where you are and obey what they say. Running away can have serious consequences, including physical ones.
  • If your parents have guns at home, be extra careful. They may be surprised by someone's input and end up acting on impulse. It is very important to consider this possibility, and if you think this could happen, abort the mission before it even begins.
  • If the plan involves anything that could end up causing accidents, better forget it. Have you thought about the entry and escape route and saw that there is the slightest chance that someone will get hurt along the way? So it's better to redo them.
  • If your parents don't want you to bring people home, you might have a good reason to. Don't forget that they're older, have more life experience, and most of the time they're just thinking about what's best for you. Think carefully about what you are doing and always act responsibly.

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