4 Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

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4 Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend
4 Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

Each person and relationship has a different dynamic and thus reacts to different stimuli. While gestures such as joking, texting excessively, and being unable to make quick decisions are basic and common, individual preferences vary greatly. Some guys don't like it when their girlfriends burp, for example, while others are in agony when they touch their feet. Before acting, reflect on your motivations. Everything can be fun, as long as there's no exaggeration. Finally, if you are reading this article looking for ways to end the relationship, don't be a coward and learn to act with honesty and self-confidence.


Method 1 of 4: Playing Mind Games

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 1

Step 1. Create a list of things that make your boyfriend angry

Does he get angry when you speak in a specific tone of voice? Don't like certain artists or music genres? Hate being tickled? These gestures are simple, but the list can include many other things.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 2

Step 2. Memorize the list and get ready for the next time you see him

It will be easy to piss off your boyfriend, especially if you see each other often. Always be ready to change your voice, listen to that song and tickle it until you get tired. Just don't forget that your goal is to make him laugh, not get really angry.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 3

Step 3. Be rude

If you are cold and distant by nature, this step will be natural. Leave any hint of politeness aside for a few minutes and interrupt him while he talks, be offensive, annoy him, complain a lot, and hide his belongings - all to see if he laughs.

If he is in a bad mood, be careful not to hurt his feelings, or you could end up bullying the guy

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 4

Step 4. Be indecisive

For example, ask where your boyfriend wants to eat, but say "no" to every suggestion he makes-without adding options of your own. You can still make a suggestion he made before but was turned down.

Be tactful when choosing when to do this. Don't be late for serious commitments and only use this strategy when your boyfriend is already tired

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 5

Step 5. Play dumb

Stir your hair while staring unblinkingly at your boyfriend's lips.

When he asks for your opinion, laugh and say you don't understand

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 6

Step 6. Pretend you are giving up all your hobbies and interests for him

So what if you were the volleyball champion in the state championship? He loves playing video games, so this must be his only hobby! Pretending that you are "part" of his class can also be interesting and cute.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 7

Step 7. Ask what your boyfriend is thinking all the time

The more questions you ask, the angrier he will be. Act like a curious child and fill the conversation with doubts to keep it short and fragmented. Use a sarcastic tone to show that you want to make him laugh.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 8

Step 8. Be late for appointments

Be tactful to know the right time to use this strategy. Don't be late for work, but for social gatherings with friends or relatives, so your boyfriend will be embarrassed. You don't need to apologize, but don't be too late - so that the situation doesn't get tense and, in the future, is remembered with humor.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 9

Step 9. Don't stop talking or asking questions and comments while your boyfriend watches TV or a movie

Use this strategy especially during action sequences or important parts of the plot - or even when he's watching sports matches and the score between teams is tight.

Be aware that not every guy is tense when watching his favorite shows

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 10

Step 10. Abuse (or not) the words

Correct inaccurate information or habits your boyfriend uses or has. Ignore it whenever you want something.

Don't ignore it too long, or it could backfire. Laugh as soon as he understands it's a joke

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 11

Step 11. Pretend you are needy

Ask his opinion for everything or say you want to be around full time. Try, for example, to help him with a task even if he says he doesn't need help.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 12

Step 12. Pretend you want to change the boy

Complain about the things he does and say you expect changes. Mimic him - correcting the posture errors you think he has - until you make him laugh. Exaggerate certain moments and say you're joking.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 13

Step 13. Be immature

Even the smallest details are important. Call the guy over and over again, touch him when he wants to focus on something, etc.

Method 2 of 4: Using Your Phone

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 14

Step 1. Message your boyfriend when he is working or having fun with friends

You can also tease him with sexual innuendo at inappropriate times and send him random emoticons. If you want, you can even give nonsense answers.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 15

Step 2. Call your boyfriend regularly

Memorize his schedule and, when appropriate, make two or three phone calls in a row - even if you don't have a topic to discuss.

This can be funny as long as he's not driving or late for appointments

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 16

Step 3. Message your boyfriend whenever you're free

You can even say something like "Just so you don't forget your name" to make it clear you're kidding. If he says he's busy, tell him you'll piss him off when he's idle.

Depending on the dynamics of your relationship, you can send text messages or random images that are fun and annoying

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 17

Step 4. Never take your cell phone out of your hand

No matter what you're doing - chatting with friends or concentrating on a phone game - use your device non-stop to piss off your boyfriend when he wants your attention.

Whenever you can, take selfies and access social media to distract yourself and only pay attention to your boyfriend when the joke wears off

Method 3 of 4: Pretending to be Unsafe

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 18

Step 1. Be self-critical

Say you think you are "ugly" or "fat" even if you don't. Ask your boyfriend for his opinion, and when he says "no," keep insisting-trying not to make him too uncomfortable.

Ask for praise indirectly. Be sarcastic or speak in a tone that makes it clear that you expect him to say something positive about you

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 19

Step 2. Restrict the time you let your boyfriend spend with friends

Whenever he wants to go out without you, pretend to be angry and sullen. Ask, in an ironic tone, if he's going to hit on someone - and make it clear that he's not serious.

Make him choose between hanging out with friends and hanging out with you. If you like, make the choice obvious by saying something jokingly, "You can play trick with your friends or stay with me and help me clean the house."

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 20

Step 3. Pretend you are very jealous

No man likes to be interrogated by his girlfriend ("Where/Who were you with?", for example). Distrust is not an aphrodisiac and you can use it to your advantage - without losing sight of the fun.

  • Ask suspicious questions playfully. If you start fiddling with his cell phone or computer for evidence of what he does when you're not around, you could end up creating serious problems in the relationship.
  • Play jokes if he often goes out with friends.
Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 21

Step 4. Ask what he would do in hypothetical situations

You can test him in a few ways to see if he loves you and would save you in (imaginary) life and death situations, for example.

Pretend you're insecure and question the guy's attitudes, pretending you think he's doing it on purpose to piss you off

Method 4 of 4: Acting Like Madam

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 22

Step 1. Tell your boyfriend that you are a princess and deserve to be treated as one

Scare him by saying you want to receive expensive gifts - especially if the relationship is still new. When they plan to go out, tell them you want to go to an expensive restaurant and pretend you're not being pampered, but enjoying your right to be treated well.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 23

Step 2. Use your boyfriend as a private driver for a few hours or for an entire day

Ask him to wait in the car and don't do it unless he's at your disposal. When you see the guy is on edge, text or call him to let him know you're kidding. Don't overdo it, or he might get hurt.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 24

Step 3. End your meetings abruptly

Even after making the guy "work" for you all day, don't give him a chance to be romantic or stick around. Say you need to go home and rest. When you see that he's angry, tell him the truth.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 25

Step 4. Hang out with your friends

Unless you have important plans, cancel dates with your boyfriend and say that you need to date other people - being careful not to alienate him.

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 26

Step 5. Storm a teapot for any reason

Pretend you get irritated in the smallest of situations. If he thinks you're like this because of PMS, start a fight (jokingly) about the fact that he doesn't understand women.

Don't go so far as to make him question your character. Make it clear that you are joking and exaggerating

Annoy Your Boyfriend Step 27

Step 6. Always want more

Pretend nothing is enough for you: if you get flowers, ask for chocolate; if you get two loving hugs a day, ask for three; if they talk for an hour, ask him to give more time to dating, etc. Speak in a serious and sarcastic tone to show your dissatisfaction.


  • Think carefully before acting, as it can harm the relationship if you overplay the jokes.
  • Don't think that you need to change your way of being - like your taste for going barefoot all the time, for example - just because of your boyfriend. Rather be seen as boring than be with someone who doesn't love her natural way.
  • Be honest and direct. Don't play with the boy's emotions or create caramels in his head. Be sensible about what can be discussed by messages and communicate with them in the right ways. Decide what you want to do and don't forget how the guy feels, as well as his life beyond the relationship and the rest period he deserves. Never be really boring.
  • If the relationship continues after all this, it's because he really likes you.


  • Don't take the game too deeply. If he gets really angry or hurt, stop pretending and clarify your intentions - or you could end up losing the guy's trust.
  • If you want to finish, remember: the methods listed in this article are futile and cruel ways to do it; in other words, they are not socially acceptable.

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