How to Win Someone: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Win Someone: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Win Someone: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Liking someone is fun and exciting, but trying to find out if they like you too is a very stressful process. Be yourself and help the other to see all your qualities so that the attraction becomes mutual. Don't let this magical moment pass just because the person never knew your feelings for them. Demonstrate how much fun it is to be around you. Certainly, the feelings will all be reciprocated! Keep reading.


Part 1 of 3: Getting noticed

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Step 1. Worry about your appearance

Nice clothes and neat hair will make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you will feel more secure and self-confident and therefore will be noticed more easily. When you're sure you'll end up bumping into the crush, choose a nice outfit and do your hairstyle.

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Step 2. Be around

The greater the coexistence, the more people end up liking us. This is a psychological concept called the "proximity effect". Find ways to always be around the person:

  • As if you don't want anything, show up at the dating workplace - of course, if it's a public place, where everyone ends up going: restaurant, cafeteria, etc.
  • If the person plays on any football, volleyball, etc., go to the games.
  • Have mutual friends and go to the same parties as the person.
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Step 3. Flirt with the look

Make it a quick and easy way to communicate with the other person. Look at the person for a few seconds until you get their attention.

  • When the person notices, look into their eyes for a few seconds and then look away. At that moment, he smiled to himself.
  • Wait a few minutes and then repeat the looks.
  • If you see the person looking at you, look into their eyes for a few seconds and then smile.

Part 2 of 3: Communicating with the Flirt

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Step 1. Have common interests

First, find out what the person likes. Then start learning more about that subject. Having common interests will give you more things to talk about and, consequently, you will be able to have a greater connection.

  • Take the opportunity and ask the person for tips when starting a different hobby.
  • If the other loves sports, ask for the scores or game dates.
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Step 2. Mind your body language when flirting

A positive and friendly message needs to be conveyed. Try these tips:

  • Let your body lean slightly towards the person; that is, don't stare at it.
  • Leave your arms at your sides or place one hand on your hip. Avoid crossing your arms as this sends a negative message.
  • Run your hand through your hair.
  • Gently touch the person's arm or shoulder while they are talking.
  • bump into the person on purpose and then look them in the eye as you politely apologize.
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Step 3. Speak more slowly

Many people, when they get nervous, start talking nonstop. As a result, the other person may feel uncomfortable. So speak calmly and slowly.

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Step 4. Flirt

This is the universal sign that someone is interested in us. Use different techniques when you are around the person to show your interest and see if you have chemistry. For example:

  • Praise the person.
  • He smiled heartily and laughed at the jokes she told.
  • Ask personal questions and then say things like, "Wow, that's cool" or "What a sticky situation! But I bet you did pretty good."
  • Talk about subjects the other person likes.

Part 3 of 3: Convincing the person to like you

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Step 1. Buy a gift

What better way to show affection, isn't it? It can be cheap, even, like a candy. Or you can buy something that reminds you of some inside joke of the two of you.

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Step 2. Offer to help

Try to make the person's life easier by helping them with their homework, with some work assignment or even with a housecleaning.

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Step 3. Ask the other person out

Take the date somewhere and demonstrate how the two of you have fun together. Dinner, cinema, ballad… Just choose. Also remember to take the other person's personality into account.


  • Always be yourself. For the person to really like you, you have to be honest.
  • Boys generally like more direct approaches; on the other hand, girls prefer a more thoughtful and careful process. When flirting, you need to consider the other person's personality.


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