How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone (with Pictures)

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How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone (with Pictures)
How to Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone (with Pictures)

Quality conversation is essential for a healthy relationship. Even in the digital and social media age, 87% of teens are still talking to their romantic partner on the phone. The extra work of a phone call can show your girlfriend you're really interested and make her feel wanted. Whether you're talking to your long-time girlfriend or some girl you've just met, use these phone chat tips to impress her.


Part 1 of 4: Choosing a Time and Place to Call

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 1

Step 1. Know her hours

Make time to chat by text message or wait to call at a time when you believe she is free. Don't be inconvenient and make her choose between you and her family/friends. Call after acting class, volleyball practice, work or dinner with her family.

  • Text your girlfriend a few hours before you call her: Hey, will you be free for us to talk tonight or Can I call you at 7pm? Be flexible and choose a time convenient for both of you.
  • If she doesn't have time to talk to you, don't take it personally. She might just be busy. Offer schedule alternatives: How about tomorrow night or Good luck with your school work! Shall we talk over the weekend?
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 2

Step 2. Call from a quiet, private location

The girls will open up more and be more honest in knowing that no one can hear your conversation. Do not call at a time when you are with other people and never put your girlfriend on speakerphone without her permission.

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 3

Step 3. Give your girlfriend your full attention

She is giving you her time and you should do the same. Most young people believe that a multitasking person cannot fully concentrate on a conversation. Make her feel like your conversation is the most important thing in the world. Don't text, watch television, or talk to other people while you're on the phone with your girlfriend.

Part 2 of 4: Starting the Conversation

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 4

Step 1. Greet your girlfriend cheerfully

Our emotions are contagious. If you sound friendly and in the mood for conversation, he'll probably feel the same way. When she answers the phone, greet her in a way that opens up the conversation and let her know that you want to listen. Use words appropriate to the level of intimacy you two have:

  • Hey! How is my girl?
  • Hi, beautiful! How was your day?
  • I've been looking forward to hearing your voice all day! What did you do today?
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 5

Step 2. Leave a loving voice message

If she doesn't answer and the call goes to the answering machine, she leaves a short, cute voice message. She will be happy to hear you were thinking of her and will appreciate your message.

  • If you've been dating for a long time, you can say: I'm just calling to say I love you!
  • If it's a recent relationship, leave a more casual voicemail: I just wanted to know how you were doing! I am feeling homesick!
  • Tell her the best time to call her back so you don't run the risk of running into each other again: I'll be back from soccer practice at 7pm. We can talk later, ok?
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 6

Step 3. Start with casual conversation

People are social beings and love to make small talk. Chatting creates a sense of connection between people when they are getting to know each other. Even superficial conversations can be very meaningful in a new relationship. Stick to easy topics and put your girlfriend at ease:

  • Share an event from your day.
  • Ask about her favorite sport.
  • Talk about your school.
  • Talk about a television show or movie you both like.
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 7

Step 4. Praise her

Let her know you enjoyed her conversation and her company. Without exaggerating, say things that encourage your girlfriend to open up to you:

  • Your stories are the best!
  • That's hilarious!
  • I am very curious to know what happened next!
  • It's very easy to talk to you..

Part 3 of 4: Keeping the conversation going

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 8

Step 1. Let the conversation flow naturally

If your chemistry is good, even a simple chat can turn into a deeper conversation. Allow the conversation to move from casual pranks to more personal matters. Take advantage of openings that allow you to get to know each other better:

  • I also take guitar lessons! Why did you choose guitar over any other possible instrument?
  • Will your CNH arrive in three months? Where would you go if you had a car?
  • It's only two weeks until school holidays! Are you going to travel somewhere?
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 9

Step 2. Be open emotionally

This will also make her more honest and reveal who she really is. Most people don't express who they really are for fear of rejection, not because they're not interested. By demonstrating how important your girlfriend is to you, she will feel free to do the same.

  • Every time I see you, my world lights up..
  • You are the most beautiful girl in town..
  • I feel like you understand me better than anyone else..
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 10

Step 3. Ask open-ended questions

Ask questions that your girlfriend feels free to think about, tell the story behind the answer, and express her feelings. Don't just keep the conversation going with questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”.

  • Ask What? Like? it's because? to start the dialogue. What is your favorite childhood memory? How did you get to meet Lady Gaga? Why did your family move here?
  • Avoid starting questions with I bet…, You probably…, You must have…, etc. These expressions suggest that you want to hear a yes or no and end the conversation. Questions like You must have loved meeting Lady Gaga or You probably hated having to move to another city will restrict your girlfriend's answers.
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 11

Step 4. Be a good listener

The conversation needs to be two-sided, and listening is just as important as talking. Don't interrupt or talk together with your girlfriend. Pay attention to what she has to say and wait until she finishes her thought so you can ask questions. Encourage her to talk more.

  • What happened next?
  • How did that make you feel?
  • Why do you prefer the McDonalds milkshake?
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 12

Step 5. Avoid topics that might cut off the conversation

Be honest with your girlfriend, but don't offend or make her uncomfortable. Assess her mood during the conversation. If she seems excited about a topic, explore that topic further. If she gets quiet or insecure and says things like I don't know, Maybe, or I think often, turn the conversation to another, more pleasant topic.

  • Identify sensitive issues as you get to know your girlfriend better and try to avoid them. You want the conversation to be about positive experiences. Bringing up bad memories like her parents' divorce, an ex-boyfriend, or a relative's death isn't a shortcut to a more intimate relationship. Demonstrate that she can tell you anything, but don't deliberately bring up such matters.
  • Pushing it can scare your girlfriend a little. Don't look obsessed or too needy. Avoid comments about her body that are very abused and that she might not like.
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 13

Step 6. Plan for the future

Making plans together, whether for one night or for life, creates a bond between couples. Decide where you want to live or where you plan to travel, what breed of dog you would have or what your dream house would be like. Have fun and use your imagination. Keep the conversation light and pleasant: you don't have to make all your life plans. Tell your girlfriend how much you are looking forward to the adventures you plan to have together.

Part 4 of 4: Saying Goodbye

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 14

Step 1. End the conversation before the subject ends

It's always better to say goodbye while you still have things to say to each other. This will make you guys look forward to the next conversation. Suggest what you can talk about on the next call.

Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 15

Step 2. Tell her how much you enjoyed the conversation

Let her know that she is special and that you enjoyed the conversation. She will feel like calling you when she knows you want to hear her voice.

  • I look forward to talking to you again! You can call me any time..
  • I'll stay up all night thinking about your sweet voice..
  • See you later..
  • I'll text you tomorrow morning!.
Talk to Your Girlfriend on the Phone Step 16

Step 3. Make her smile as you say goodbye

Say something sweet you know she'll like before you hang up. Share an inside joke, tease her with a nickname, or give her a compliment to embarrass her.

  • Bye Beautiful.
  • Good night Princess!
  • Mwahh! Good night kiss!


  • Don't try to impress her too much. You don't want to appear arrogant or insecure.
  • Don't talk about other girls to make her jealous. She will not fall for this game.
  • Talk in a confident, calm, and calm voice throughout the call.
  • Assess whether there is enough time to talk to your girlfriend before calling her. You don't want to interrupt the conversation at an important moment or leave her thinking you hung up on her.
  • Don't let the conversation get too boring. This is not a call to your grandmother.
  • Don't lose your temper or try to fight over the phone. She will run away from dramas like this.
  • Respect your girlfriend's family and culture.

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