How to Show Your Boyfriend You're Not Cheating

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How to Show Your Boyfriend You're Not Cheating
How to Show Your Boyfriend You're Not Cheating

The human being lives surrounded by doubts, anxiety and, from time to time, even paranoia. It's normal. In some cases these feelings have to do with relationships, especially love ones - such as when a boyfriend doubts that his partner (or his partner) is being faithful. This can be caused by specific incidents or by rumors the boy has heard. No matter what, read the tips below to learn how to demonstrate that you're not cheating and that you're a good person!


Part 1 of 2: Showing Your Boyfriend That You Are Faithful

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 1

Step 1. Talk to your boyfriend about what he thinks and feels

If you suspect your boyfriend thinks he's being cheated on, but he hasn't said anything, ask him for a serious conversation. Say that you sense something is bothering him, and reassure him that he can vent about anything, no matter what, that you can try to help in any way you can. Afterwards, listen to what he says with an open mind and don't have rash reactions.

  • Ask if anything specific has happened to him that he thinks he is being betrayed. If so, discuss the details of this situation and ask him to explain why he came to such a conclusion.
  • Explain your side of the story to your boyfriend. Tell him you understand why he was suspicious, but make it clear that you would never do anything like this to hurt him.
  • You can even combine a scheme to avoid this kind of misunderstanding at other times. For example, maybe you avoid certain behaviors when you're with male friends, or maybe your boyfriend sends you a nonverbal signal that he's worried if he notices something.
Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 2

Step 2. Reflect on your behavior and attitudes

After talking to the boy about what he thinks, stop and reflect on his behavior and attitudes that may have created the misunderstanding. Did you do something without even realizing it? Did she get "loose" around a friend and her boyfriend interpreted it as something else? Or was he completely irrational (which is almost always the case)?

  • Now that you better understand why your boyfriend is suspicious, it's time to make a decision. Does he want you to change your behavior and become someone else? If so, it's even better to think about the relationship as a whole. Or is he, deep down, a little bit right?
  • A relationship only works when the two involved commit to being sincere and faithful to each other.
  • If you think your boyfriend is overreacting or being controlling and sexist, think carefully about what to do. Perhaps he restricts your freedom too much. Of course, it could also be that, deep down, you're not even so keen to continue dating.
Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 3

Step 3. Make it clear that you are not dishonest

A person who cheats is capable of lying, cheating, and passing others back in remorse. Not everyone can handle the pressure of keeping this secret for long. Besides, there are people who just can't lie "well". If your boyfriend suspects you're being cheated on, ask him who he thinks you are. Is he unaware of your personality?

Often the person who suspects a betrayal already knows the truth in his heart, but he remains insecure. Let your boyfriend think about the logic behind this distrust, and hopefully the problem will resolve itself

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 4

Step 4. Invite your boyfriend on a date with you and your new friends

Have you made any new friendships recently? Are you enjoying hanging out with this person and end up not spending as much time with your boyfriend? He may be annoyed and suspicious, even if you make it clear that nothing is happening. As he has nothing to hide, invite him to join you next time!

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 5

Step 5. Show how excited you are when your boyfriend is around

Generally, a person who cheats gives several unconscious and unintentional signals to the other. One of them is the lack of communication or enthusiasm for the company. So, since you're not being unfaithful, show your boyfriend that you love going out with him, that you enjoy your plans together, that you also enjoy being at home as a couple, and that you are always willing to talk about anything. Just think: why would you invest your life in a relationship that adds nothing? Why would I be more excited about hanging out with other people than him?

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 6

Step 6. Show that your sex life remains the same

Generally, the sex life of couples who get along is healthy and excellent. These people even try new things from time to time, but the important thing is that there is always rapport. Of course one can be tired and "no mood" at times, but that doesn't happen that often. So always make it clear what you like in bed with your boyfriend so he understands so that there is no risk of cheating.

Often the person who thinks they are being betrayed is just insecure. If this is the case with your boyfriend, it may be that he doesn't feel that he fulfills your sexual desires or that he has gone wrong in some way. So his mind wanders to the wrong conclusion: that you can and will find something better. It doesn't hurt to make it clear from time to time that things are under control and that there's still plenty of chemistry inside

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 7

Step 7. Don't hide your cell phone from your boyfriend

Unfortunately, we live in the digital age and electronic devices cause a lot of discord in relationships: messages from random people, social media profiles and so on. If your boyfriend believes he's being cheated on because you're always on your cell phone or computer, ask him to explain exactly what he saw that led to his distrust. He may have an "acceptable" explanation, but you can't know without asking.

  • Once you find out exactly why your boyfriend was suspicious, explain what you were doing and, as a last resort, show your cell phone or computer screen. A lot of people consider this a kind of invasion of privacy, but sometimes it doesn't matter if you resolve the situation.
  • Just don't let things get so out of hand that your boyfriend is monitoring all of your virtual activities. Your cell phone is still private property and no one else has the right to snoop around. Draw clear boundaries with the guy, and if he insists on not respecting your decision, it might be better to reflect on the relationship.
Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 8

Step 8. Ask if your boyfriend really thinks you would cheat on him

Human intuition often leads to the correct conclusions: if we feel something is wrong, it may be. Ask your boyfriend if he really thinks you would cheat on him. Maybe he's suspicious or paranoid and can't think of anything else, even though he knows deep down that it's not true. Hopefully, the boy will come to that conclusion in time.

Part 2 of 2: Caring for the relationship on a daily basis

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 9

Step 1. Be fair

Generally, most of a couple's day-to-day problems are caused by silly and unnecessary fights. Every couple still argues, but ideally, these arguments don't end in shouting. Since you're not cheating on your boyfriend, show him that your occasional fights aren't the end of the world. If he were cheating, the situation would certainly be a lot more tense.

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 10

Step 2. Keep Calm

As stated earlier, a person who cheats often feels a lot of guilt and becomes anxious. If that were your case, you would probably show some pretty obvious signs that something is wrong. So, since you're innocent, keep your cool and your head clear so you don't give grounds for suspicion.

  • Ask your boyfriend if he's ever seen you get stressed out after he wanted to know something. If not, why would he have to worry?
  • Also ask him if he's seen you have any sudden changes in behavior or mood-one that has nothing to do with "being in those days" or personal family issues. If not, that's all the more reason for him to be calm and not suspect something that doesn't exist.
Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 11

Step 3. Take the relationship seriously

A person who cheats on another doesn't even try to step forward in the relationship. So if you and your boyfriend talk a lot about the future ("How are we going to be 20 years from now?", for example), it's unlikely that anyone is being unfaithful. If that were the case, you wouldn't even talk about it - as it wouldn't be that important.

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 12

Step 4. Take your boyfriend to family gatherings

Think about it: would you invite your boyfriend to meetings and family events if you were cheating on him? Not! Then, as this is not the case, invite him to everything or almost everything. Ask your relatives to be receptive and speak well of them to everyone. Also, they can search for the guy on social media to take the interaction a step further.

The same goes for the boy's family: say that you want to live with his relatives and cultivate a good relationship, even more with those closest to him (parents, brothers and sisters, etc.)

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 13

Step 5. Tell your boyfriend your secrets

If you were cheating on the guy, you probably wouldn't tell him the things in your life. As this is not the case, continue to confide in any and all matters (which you wouldn't even tell other people!). Talk about your fears, your frustrations, your plans for the future and so on to show that there is full and complete trust.

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 14

Step 6. Don't compare your boyfriend to other men

Perhaps your boyfriend is suspicious of your faithfulness precisely because you've been comparing him to other guys. It may sound like a joke, but many men are "insecure" and take it seriously - even more so when it comes to some point of the personality that bothers the person. Don't talk about the qualities of other people you know in a tone that suggests your boyfriend doesn't have them. If it happens unintentionally, apologize immediately.

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 15

Step 7. Give your boyfriend at least one compliment every day

Everyone loves to get compliments! They demonstrate that the person paid attention to the other and thought it was appropriate to talk about it out loud. You don't only need to comment positively on more important activities and events; it can be something simple: a new t-shirt, a hairstyle, a delicious dinner, holding the door open for someone to pass through, and so on. Always be careful to make the boy happy with himself and with you.

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 16

Step 8. Show your boyfriend how important he is in your life

Depending on what's going on in your life right now (studies, work, family situations, etc.), your boyfriend will likely be one of your top priorities. Show how important it is on a daily basis and when you plan. For example, if you've discussed the possibility of going to a movie on the weekend but haven't set an appointment, ask him if the plan is in place before you think of something else.

If you already have plans, but something very important to your boyfriend suddenly comes up, it might be nice to switch priorities (if the original idea wasn't that important)

Show Your Boyfriend that You're not Cheating Step 17

Step 9. Recall past events

From time to time, go out with your boyfriend and talk about good things you've lived together: see videos and photos with him, tell stories, etc. Sharing memories is one of the most important parts of any relationship, especially when it's specific and truly memorable.


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