How to Make the Boy You Like Like You Too

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How to Make the Boy You Like Like You Too
How to Make the Boy You Like Like You Too

Unfortunately, love potions are stuff of fiction and there is no magic way to win someone over instantly. You will need to do your part, being confident and sincere, in order to make that boy look at you with new eyes. Get to know him as a friend and slowly start spending more time together. As they get closer, the chances of the guy feeling something more for you increase. Are you curious? Follow the tips below and try your luck!


Part 1 of 3: Building the friendship

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 1

Step 1. Be confident whenever you're around the guy

When you have a crush, it's really hard not to give a shit in the guy's presence, but try your best to stay calm and remember that he's just a man like everyone else. Don't be afraid to smile and look him in the eye.

Don't overdo eye contact too much! If you stare at the guy for too long, he might be uncomfortable. In general, look away after a few seconds

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 2

Step 2. Enjoy your interests and hobbies to show off your personality

It's great to have your own opinions and like your own things, even if they aren't necessarily "cool" and "cool". Don't pretend to like something just to impress someone, because everyone can see the fake.

It's okay to disagree or have a different opinion from the guy. If something comes up during class, for example, don't be afraid to speak your mind. Trust me, even if he disagrees with you, he'll like your ideas and realize you're someone nice to talk to

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 3

Step 3. Make friends with his groups

The chances of your crush liking you increase if you are well regarded by his friends. Talk to them during class, in the hallways, at breaks, etc. Talk about hobbies, homework, and things you have in common, like movies and TV shows.

Think about how you befriend anyone: you usually find a common interest and start talking about it. Be friendly, smile and ask questions about the person


be careful not to flirt with their friends as this can send the wrong message and make one of them fall in love with you!

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 4

Step 4. Have a good sense of humor and show your fun side

Take some risks and try new things, even if you're a little scared of the unknown. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself or make jokes in front of the guy, for example. A sense of humor is a very attractive quality and shows that you are a fun person!

  • For example, if the class needs a volunteer for an activity, go ahead and volunteer!
  • If you do something shameful, laugh and turn it into a joke. So you show that you don't take yourself too seriously.
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 5

Step 5. Ask open-ended questions to get to know the guy better

It's very easy to talk about yourself, but when you want to get to know someone, the ideal is to ask questions about the other. Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no"; that is, they are great for keeping the conversation alive! Some suggestions:

  • What did you think of the book we read in Portuguese class?
  • What was it like training so much football on vacation?
  • What do you like to do on weekends?
  • What are your favorite series at the moment?


keep your cell phone while you're talking to the guy, showing that you're focused on what he's talking about. Trust me, this will make it clear how you feel about him.

Part 2 of 3: Flirting and spending time together

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 6

Step 1. Praise his personality, intelligence and looks

Praising the guy shows you're paying attention. Be brief and to the point, without stretching your praise too far. He can respond with a simple smile or a "thank you".

  • For example, say something like "I really enjoyed your presentation earlier in Biology class."
  • To compliment the look, say something like: "I like your new haircut" or "This blouse makes your eyes stand out."
  • If you're feeling more daring and flirtatious, say, "Wow, you always make me laugh a lot."
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 7

Step 2. Clear the touch barrier and see how it reacts

Physical contact, whether touching his arms or his shoulder, is a great way to analyze the boy's feelings. If he smiles and doesn't pull away, great sign! If he moves away, it might be a sign that he doesn't want to get too close to you.

Small physical gestures help to strengthen bonds, even if they are friendship

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 8

Step 3. Ask for his phone number and exchange messages outside of class hours.

The first time you go to chat by text, say something like: "Hi Marcos, this is Joana! What are you doing?". For further conversations, try asking him about his homework or what he plans to do in the afternoon.

If he responds with a few words or ignores your messages, stop sending things. Wait for him to come to you or until you have a good reason to seek him out again


if you don't have the courage to ask for his number for no reason, use a school assignment as an excuse: "Can I have your phone number? I know I'm going to have a lot of questions with this math homework."

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 9

Step 4. Encourage him and remember important details

Pay attention to what happens in his life, such as an important test, a school team game, or a vacation trip. Talk about these things when you meet him in person, and if you have his phone number, send a positive message.

  • For example, you could send a simple message like: "Good luck in the game tomorrow!"
  • Ask about important events: "I hope you had fun at the weekend game. How was it?"
  • Before a test, send a message: "Good luck! I know you're going to rock."
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 10

Step 5. Agree to study together

Whether during breaks or at your home, send a message inviting him to sit down and study with you. Don't get too hot in your head thinking before you invite him, even if you're nervous.

  • Send something like, "Hi, Paulo, would you like to study with me for the history test on Wednesday?"
  • If he agrees, great! Now just set a time and a place. If he refuses, don't take it personally. He must have a reason.
  • This goes for other matters as well. Any activity shared between you is a good excuse to spend time alone.
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 11

Step 6. Organize group tours to go out with him

This is a great way to spend time with the guy you care about in a relaxed atmosphere. Get some friends together to go to a movie or a party and invite the guy to come along. Tell him he can take his friends too, as it will be fun.

Try saying something like, "Hi Willian! Me and some friends are going to watch the new Marvel movie on Friday. You and the boys should go too, I'll give you the details later, okay?"

Part 3 of 3: Riding the Moment

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 12

Step 1. Send him a message after you go out with him to see how he is feeling

Whether you were studying together or at a non-school-related event, talking to him after the date is a great way to gauge how he feels about you. Don't send the message right after saying goodbye: wait a few hours so it doesn't seem too sticky.

  • Write something like, "It was nice seeing you yesterday. Hope you had fun."
  • Another option would be something more direct: "I had a lot of fun with you this weekend. I hope we can do it again soon."
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 13

Step 2. Say you like going out with him

If you're not ready to declare yourself to the guy yet, know that there's a more subtle way to compliment him and make your feelings clear. Everyone likes to hear compliments, after all.

  • At the end of a hangout, smile and say something like, "Today was fun. I love hanging out with you."
  • If he asks you to something, respond, "Yeah, sounds cool. I like hanging out with you, so let's go."
  • Another option would be to send a simple message like, "I enjoyed our study session on Monday."
Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 14

Step 3. Call him out more often to get closer to him

As long as the guy continues to accept your invitations and seems to be having fun, keep hanging out together and talking often. When you least notice, he's the one who's going to ask you out.

Watch out if the guy is a little popular. It's possible that he goes out frequently with other girls and with you. Protect yourself and never put yourself in a situation where you're going to run after an unreachable guy. If you feel like he's just trying things out to pick a girl, take a moment and see if he runs after you. If you don't, maybe it's time to move on with life

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 15

Step 4. Be patient if things seem slow

Remember: meeting someone and finding out if they have feelings for you is a project of a few weeks, after all, no one falls in love quickly. Your focus should be: being a good friend and maintaining a positive attitude!

If you lose patience and feel that you need to declare yourself okay. Just be prepared to accept his answer, be it positive or negative

Get the Boy You Like to Like You Back Step 16

Step 5. Never forget your self-worth and self-esteem, no matter what

Hopefully, after a few weeks or months, the guy will chase after you and move on to something more serious. But if it doesn't, remember that there's nothing wrong with you, it just didn't work out.

If you get dumped and get hurt, take a few weeks to relax and focus on yourself and your hobbies. Remember that there is nothing wrong with being sad, but know that eventually you will feel good again


  • Don't be afraid to take action and declare yourself to the guy. We live in modern times and there is nothing wrong with a girl taking the initiative.
  • Remember, you don't have to be available all the time. If you have other plans and friendships that don't involve the guy, you'll look more interesting.

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