3 Ways to Decipher the Body Language of a Flirting Man

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3 Ways to Decipher the Body Language of a Flirting Man
3 Ways to Decipher the Body Language of a Flirting Man

Are you flirting with a guy and you don't know if he's interested in you? Well, his body language might give some clues that the chat isn't working. See how he positions himself in relation to you, noting some facial cues, such as eye contact and smiles. You can also find hints in their hand movements. While a single behavior isn't always a reliable indicator, a set of them can help you get a better feel for the guy's interest. She is interested? Let's go then!


Method 1 of 3: Assessing His Body Position

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Step 1. See if he's facing you

Whether the guy is facing you or not is a strong sign of his interest. If he's up for something, he'll turn his body toward you. On the other hand, if there's no interest, the guy will angle his body so that his back is to you.

  • For example, if they are standing, they will point their shoulders, chest, hips and feet towards you to show interest in you - obviously this is unconscious. If they are seated, he will face you and may even lean toward you slightly. If, on the other hand, the guy is leaning on something and with his arms crossed, he's probably not up for anything.
  • If he's facing you, do the same!

Tip: Pay attention to how he's sitting (if he's sitting, obviously). If he has his legs open, he may be unconsciously trying to show off his groin.

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Step 2. Watch his hands

Can you see them? Signal that he might be interested in you. If you can't, because they're in your pockets or your arms are crossed, a bad sign.

An even stronger sign of interest: if you are seated and he puts his hands on the table, he probably wants to approach you. Put your hands on the table: maybe he gets the hint and tries to touch them

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Step 3. See if he's nervous

The nervousness will likely be caused by interest in you. Is the guy rocking in his seat, doesn't know what to do with his hands, taps his feet, or makes any other nervous gestures? Sign that he wants something more.

If he has a glass or a bottle in his hands, he may be playing with the object. This indicates nervousness or an unconscious thought about touching you

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Step 4. Note that he rests his hands on his hips

If the guy is super confident (or wants to show it), he'll adopt a "Superman" stance. For example, he can stand upright, feet spaced apart and hands on hips.

Placing your hands on your hips is a subtle gesture to direct your attention to his "strengths." He probably doesn't even realize he's doing this, but your eyes will naturally be drawn to his hands in the direction they're pointing

Method 2 of 3: Analyzing Facial Tips

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Step 1. Look into the guy's eyes and see if he returns your attention

Eye contact is a classic flirtation, being a great indicator of romantic interest. Look into his eyes for two seconds and see how he reacts. If you look back, he's probably interested. If you look away, maybe he doesn't want anything to do with you.

Some people are too shy to maintain eye contact, so don't just rely on that to gauge his interest

Tip: If you keep eye contact with him from a distance for two seconds, the guy can understand that you want to talk to him. If he doesn't come to you right away, but looks back at you, go to him and introduce yourself. Maybe he's too shy.

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Step 2. Watch for sincere smiles

It is possible to differentiate between false and sincere smiles, as the real ones affect the person's entire face. If the guy smirks, maybe he's not that interested in you.

  • Smile when you make eye contact and see how he reacts. If you smile back, great. If he doesn't smile (or fakes a smile), it's best to let it go.
  • Try to draw attention to his smile by saying something like "Wow, what a beautiful smile!"
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Step 3. See if he raises his eyebrows or wiggles his nostrils

These are subtle signs of flirting that men often display when looking at someone they care about. See if he raises an eyebrow quickly or wiggles his nose. This move can be pretty quick, but it's a great sign.

  • If he smiles when raising his eyebrows, so much the better!
  • Raise your eyebrows too and smile to show you're interested too.
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Step 4. See where he's looking

The guy can "take a look" at your body when you meet you for the first time. If he keeps doing this while they're talking, that's a strong sign that he's interested in something else. Maybe he doesn't even cover up to make it clear what he would like to do.

  • For example, if you notice his gaze moving from your face to your hips while they're talking, that's a good sign that he's interested.
  • If he even tries to hide it, draw his attention in an amusing way, like "Enjoying the view?"
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Step 5. See if he opens his mouth when looking at you

It's normal for some guys to literally gawk at women, a gesture that indicates sexual attraction. If you notice this, great!

  • He can even lick his lips subtly, which is an even stronger sign of interest.
  • Return the gesture by opening your mouth a little or slightly biting your lower lip.

Method 3 of 3: Analyzing His Hands

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Step 1. See if he's fiddling with buttons, adjusting his socks, or moving his tie

Small gestures like these are indicators that he is trying to look his best. He can straighten his socks, straighten his lapels and tie, button and unbutton his blouse, or fiddle with any other part of the garment. If he doesn't stop fiddling with his clothes, that's a great sign.

If you notice he's doing this, praise his outfit. Try saying something like "I love the color of your tie. It brings out the green in your eyes."

Tip: you may also not realize you are doing the same. Don't worry, this will signal to the guy that you want to look good for him.

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Step 2. See if he messes with his hair, face or beard

In addition to tidying the clothes, the guy can play with his hair, stroke his beard or touch his own face. He won't even notice you're doing it, but it's a great indicator of his interest.

If you catch him doing any of these things, praise him by saying something like "I love how you do your hair. Very stylish!" or "Your beard is quite full. Can I take it?"

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Step 3. Observe grand gestures when he is speaking

Gesturing when talking is usually a sign of trust, but it can also indicate interest in the person you're talking to. If he gestures a lot, maybe he's doing it to get noticed.

Try to replicate his gestures when speaking, but only if it feels natural to you. Don't try to force any behavior when flirting

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Step 4. Pay attention to subtle touches

If the guy touches you lightly, he's probably interested. If not, he would certainly avoid ringing and contacting. Some examples of what it can do:

  • Stay close to you, leaning your body against yours.
  • Touching your back or your arms.
  • Get your bangs out of your eyes.
  • Take your hand.

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