3 Ways to Win a Teen's Heart

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3 Ways to Win a Teen's Heart
3 Ways to Win a Teen's Heart

As a teenager, winning a girl's heart seems to be an impossible task. You can't completely control how someone feels about you, but there are things you can do to get their attention. Introduce yourself as best you can, take time to really get to know her, and show how you feel. Surely your chances will be much better than if you keep looking for an excuse and don't even try.


Method 1 of 3: Getting to Know the Girl

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 1

Step 1. Smile and say “hi” when you meet the girl

There's no way to let her have a crush on you without saying anything. Even if you're a little shy, make eye contact, smile, and say hello when you see her. So you get on her radar.

If she scowls at you or rolls her eyes, maybe she's not the right girl. Don't waste your time chasing someone who makes you feel bad about yourself

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 2

Step 2. Try to spend time with her whenever you can

Did you get the opportunity to sit next to the girl at lunch or at a school event? Enjoy or go to the places where you think she might be. You can't get to know each other better if you don't have a chance to talk.

Be careful not to look like a stalker. For example, don't go somewhere uninvited and don't completely change your schedule just to match hers. The idea is to take advantage of opportunities in a natural way

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 3

Step 3. Ask open-ended questions to learn more about the girl

It's not enough to stick around to win her over. Start a conversation that goes beyond “yes” or “no” answers and build on what she says.

  • Are you from the same class at school? Say something like this: "Who is your favorite teacher?" After she responds, continue the conversation like this: “Really? I heard it said well, but I missed the first class. What did you like about it?”
  • Ask questions to find out what the two have in common. Here are some interesting options: “What style of music do you like to listen to?”; "What do you like to do after school?" or "What are you planning to do on vacation?"
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 4

Step 4. Be a good listener to show that you are interested in what she says

As the conversation deepens, indicate that you are paying attention with expressions such as "Really?" or “Wow, that's cool!”. Also, try to listen more than talk, really listen to what she says and ask questions to continue the conversation.

Try to memorize some of the things she says and use them to start a conversation another day. For example, if she mentions that she is afraid of her next math test, ask the following when you see her again: "So, how was the test?"


put your cell phone aside while you're with her to show you're paying full attention.

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 5

Step 5. Talk more about yourself when you get to know each other better

It's not nice to spend all your time talking about yourself, but it's important to open up a little. Try to pull a story from you that is similar to what she told or say you're worried about something.

For example, if the girl says her dog is sick, show empathy. Have you also lost a pet? Tell her the story. That way you show that you're not afraid to appear vulnerable

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 6

Step 6. Try to be friends with her people

The teenagers' social circle is something very important, so find a way to be nice to the girl's friends. It's better to go out with the whole group instead of hogging her time all the time.

Make the girl's friends laugh! If they think you're fun and cool, then they probably won't create obstacles to your relationship and maybe the girl sees you in a more positive light


just be careful not to flirt with her friends and not give the wrong impression. Don't get too close to them physically or spend too much time alone.

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 7

Step 7. Be a trustworthy person and someone she can count on

If she feels that you are not honest or untrustworthy, she probably has no interest in a serious relationship. Always treat it the same and do whatever they agree.

For example, if you've agreed to go somewhere, find a way to attend. She must understand a fault because of something very important, but the situation will be very different if you keep unchecking every time

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 8

Step 8. Don't go too far

Girls often stay away from very clingy guys, especially at first. Be patient and wait as long as necessary for her to get to know you. When there's a chemistry, you can see it clearly, so there's no reason to put the cart before the horse.

Didn't she like you right away? No problem, move forward at a pace that's good for both of you

Method 2 of 3: Being Cool and Confident

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 9

Step 1. Have a good care routine and be well groomed and fragrant

It's important to brush your teeth, floss, shower every day, and wash your hair before it gets too oily. Also, apply deodorant to reduce sweating and improve the smell.

Adolescents undergo many hormonal variations, which require even greater care with personal hygiene

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 10

Step 2. Wear pieces of clothing that fit your body well

Choose clothes that highlight your body and don't get too baggy. Don't forget to take into consideration the type of body you have. For example, if you are overweight, avoid pieces that are too tight in the abdomen region. Is your hip wide? Wear tighter pants and baggy shirts.

  • Are the shoulders wide? Wear loose jeans and a tighter T-shirt.
  • Always choose clean clothes. Sometimes you only need to wear the garment once and it smells bad due to sweat.
  • It's also a good idea to select colors that match your skin tone. For example, if your skin has cool undertones, go for white, navy, turquoise, emerald green and wine. On the other hand, if your skin has warm undertones, wear beige, peach, yellow, and olive.
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 11

Step 3. Be a nice and fun person

By being open to conversation and positive, you become more attractive and exude confidence. However, don't overdo it and don't be too extroverted. Are you a bit shy naturally? Practice eye contact whenever you talk to someone, smile and say hello to people you know.

  • You should get the hang of it over time and become more relaxed and confident in the presence of others.
  • If the girl sees that you have a good relationship with others, she should see you in a more positive light.


when you're with her, don't gossip or talk about other people in a negative way, as it might make a bad impression.

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 12

Step 4. Accept who you are

The best way to have self-confidence is to truly love yourself. Think of everything you like and try to find time to do these activities and feel good. Pay special attention to personal hobbies and interests and show off your style with clothes and props. The most important thing is not to try to be someone else just to please someone else!

  • Spend more time with people who accept you and leave you feeling good about yourself.
  • It is natural that you are still discovering your own identity, as it is part of this moment in life. So don't be afraid to change and try different things. There's nothing weird about being at a chess club one day and joining the football team the next. What matters is having fun!

Method 3 of 3: Declaring Yourself to the Girl

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 13

Step 1. Praise her sincerely

What do you really like about her? Tell the girl. Talk well about some aspect of appearance, for example. However, it is even better to compliment the girl's personality.

  • Say, for example: "It's really cool to see how you are always supporting people, even when you have a bad day."
  • If you notice that she has changed her hairstyle or is wearing a new outfit, show that you noticed! Say something like "Your hair looks really cool!" to, at the same time, compliment her appearance and taste, as this is a girl's choice.
  • Don't be praising her body, because it can cause discomfort.
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 14

Step 2. Imitate the girl's behavior to send signals

People usually do this sort of thing when they're into someone, but you can purposefully imitate it to show your interest without being too obvious.

  • For example, if you are sitting and she supports her chin with her hand, let her cheek rest on her fist. Did she tuck her hair behind her ears? Remove the bangs that are covering your forehead.
  • Do not exaggerate! Once or twice is enough. It's not to be too obvious.
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 15

Step 3. Try to help her with her tasks

Being kind makes you more attractive, so if you have the opportunity to lend a hand, take it. That way, you show that you really care about her and the girl starts to see you with more affection.

  • For example, if you're good at biology and she's worried about her next test, give her a helping hand and help her study.
  • Did you see her trying to carry a bunch of books and notebooks? Ask to load some of them.
  • Be careful not to give the impression that she can't do things alone!
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 16

Step 4. Tease it in a light way

A little tease is a good way to make the girl smile, if you don't overdo it. Don't play with something that makes her insecure, but play with what she's good at.

  • For example, ruffle her hair and say, "It's not fair that you're always so neat and pretty."
  • Did she get a good grade on her math test? Say: "I think it's better to be careful with yourself, because you could end up adding two and two."
  • Most girls love whoever makes them smile!
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 17

Step 5. Touch her hand or arm to flirt with her

A light touch is a great way to show your interest, but be careful not to go too far. For example, if you want to get attention, rest your hand on the girl's shoulder or put your hand on her arm if she says something funny.

  • Do not pick up or touch a place that might be unpleasant.
  • If she pulls away from you, crosses her arms or scowls, maybe she's not in the mood or was simply taken by surprise. Make room for the girl and rethink the relationship.
  • Is she receptive to your gestures? Move forward, for example: touch your leg or arm to it when you are seated next to each other.
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 18

Step 6. Give gifts

It doesn't have to be anything expensive or big, just something that shows you care about her. For example, give a candy or a pretty pen that matches the color of your backpack.

Don't overdo it by giving expensive and very elaborate gifts, because you haven't even started dating yet

Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 19

Step 7. Ask to go out with her when you're ready

Are you flirting with the girl and she matches? Wait for a time when you are alone and she is relaxed and in a good mood. When the time is right, ask her on a date.

  • Say, for example: “You are an amazing person and I feel great when you are around. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
  • Are you embarrassed to ask her to date in person? Send a text message.
  • Think of something in case she says “yes”. For example: "Do you want to go with me to the Friday game?"
Win a Teenage Girl's Heart Step 20

Step 8. Respect the girl's decision and walk away if she doesn't accept the request

Unfortunately, it's possible she'll reject him, but it's not the end of the world. Remember it has nothing to do with you.

Say something like this: “Okay. I just wanted to express my feelings. I hope we can still be friends!”


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