3 Ways to Give Clues to Someone You Like

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3 Ways to Give Clues to Someone You Like
3 Ways to Give Clues to Someone You Like

It's scary to say that if you like someone, then it's easier to convey that news bit by bit. You can do this using subtle flirtations and niceties. If you don't have a problem with this, you can insinuate that you like the person by texting.


Method 1 of 3: Flirting

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Step 1. Make eye contact and smile

Whenever you encounter your crush, try to maintain eye contact with her for brief periods, two or three seconds, and smile at her when her eyes meet yours, which is a surefire way to communicate your crush.

  • The person smiling back suggests they like you.
  • Do not prolong eye contact for more than two or three seconds to avoid discomfort.
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Step 2. Wave and greet the person as they pass you, if you dare

Just give a quick nod, smile and say hello. And keep walking towards your destination.

  • You can greet the person when you meet them in the hallways of the school, for example.
  • Don't stop or slow down your step so you don't look too daring.
  • Do this twice and see if your suitor returns the compliment.
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Step 3. Lean close to the person when talking to them

Doing this obviously and deliberately demonstrates your interest and therefore your passion for her.

  • Let's say you can sit next to the guy or the girl in the cafeteria. Lean towards you to show interest.
  • If the person leans away from you, respect their space and don't be put off by it - there could be any number of reasons why they walked away.
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Step 4. Like all her posts on social media

This is another way to communicate your passion. In order not to miss a thing and show your interest, visit the person's profiles every day.

Only like new posts - liking the entire post history will make a bad impression

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Step 5. Touch her on the arm, shoulder or knee

Touch is a great way to express affection. Make sure the contact doesn't last longer than a second or two, and only occurs in areas such as the arms, shoulders or knees. Always observe the interlocutor's reaction and persist only if he doesn't seem bothered.

  • Suppose you are discussing school work. When the person is talking, reach out and touch their arm.
  • If the person recoils or twitches, they probably didn't like being touched. Do not try to touch it again if this happens. It is necessary to respect the individual space of others.
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Step 6. praise her whenever you see it.

The object of your passion, like any human being, likes to hear words of praise. Begin to identify his admirable aspects and praise them every time you see him. Try to stick to things he can change-his clothes, hair, interests-and his accomplishments.

Some examples: "How perfumed you look today", "You did a great job at the geography seminar", "You look great with that hairstyle", "I love your shirt"

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Step 7. Make up a pet nickname

Nicknames convey a sense of intimacy. When you use them, you are sending the message that you want more than friendship. Try creating a cute nickname related to something you like about the person or an inside joke you always make with them.

  • If she likes dancing and penguins, for example, you could call her Happy Feet, in reference to the animated film by that name. If she ever brought a batch of cookies to school that everyone loved, you can call her the chef.
  • The nickname should be affectionate, never cruel. Don't use a name such as "shaggy", for example, which could be perceived as teasing.
  • Discontinue using the nickname if there is any sign of discontent.


those who don't like to use nicknames can just use the person's name more often than usual, which denotes affection.

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Step 8. Whenever you go out with the person, take selfies with them

This closes the distance between the two of you, and the image becomes the record of a moment of intimacy, which makes your affection very clear.

  • Let's say you meet the person at a party. Greet her when you see her and ask her if she would like to appear in your stories.
  • The same tactic can be used on less informal occasions. If you find her in the library, tell her, "It's great that I'm not the only one here. Let's take a selfie to show how studious we are?"

Method 2 of 3: Providing Clues by Text Messages

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Step 1. Start the conversation by sending a message

It is better that the initial message contain a question so that the recipient has less reason to ignore it. If you get a response, try to move the conversation forward.

  • Some examples: "What theme did you choose for your TCC?", "Did you like the last episode of Riverdale?", "What are you going to do this weekend?".
  • Don't get hurt if ignored. The person may have other concerns in mind. Understand, however, that it might be more interesting to look for someone who has time for you.

Alternative: If you don't have the person's phone number, try finding them on social networks like Facebook or Snapchat.

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Step 2. Reply to messages as soon as you receive them

Making an effort to respond promptly to someone's messages is a subtle way of showing affection.

When you are slow to respond, explain why: "I'm sorry I was late; I was in traffic."


don't be reckless when answering messages - don't use your cell phone behind the wheel or in class, for example. Appreciate your safety.

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Step 3. Send the person an image that reminded you of them

It could be a silly photo you took yourself or a meme you found on the internet. Add a caption denoting a certain tenderness: "That's just you," "I remembered you," or "It looks like the two of us last night."

Keep in mind that because this is normal behavior among friends, it's important to use other flirting tactics in conjunction with him


if you took a picture of your crush or a selfie of the two of you, send it to her, along with an interesting caption: "I took a picture of the goal you scored in yesterday's match", "We look so peaceful in this photo".

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Step 4. Talk about how you had fun with the person

When you do something with her, send her a message telling her how much fun you had and praise her for something she has done or said. This is a subtle way of flirting.

Some examples: "How cute you were today", "I couldn't imagine you were such a good dancer", "You are so funny… I love it when we go out together"

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Step 5. Ask the person about a hypothetical love relationship

This insinuates your interest in dating her. Try to get her opinion about dating, physical contact, kissing, and see what she responds to.

Your message might be something like, "What if I asked you to come to my house right now?", "What do you think our first kiss would be like?", "What meme makes you think of me?"

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Step 6. Tell the person you like her. After you flirt with her for a while via text message, muster up the courage to open your heart: talk about what you like about her and see how she reacts. If the reaction is positive, flirt with her a little more. If it's negative, change the subject.

Some examples: "You are so cute", "You are the girl I always dreamed of", "I can't stop thinking about you"

Method 3 of 3: Being Kind

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Step 1. Attend games, events and presentations the person attends

Find out what hobby she is dedicated to in her free time and start enjoying it. Offer the person emotional support before important dates and congratulate them on their successes.

Attend a football match on her team or the play she stars in

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Step 2. Show your affection by offering help or doing the person a favor

If you notice that she has a problem, help her. Be willing to teach him about subjects that you know well.

  • Offer to carry her books, pick up objects she drops, lend her a pencil when she needs it.
  • If she has problems with math and you're good at math, help her study. If you know origami, teach him how to make a paper swan.
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Step 3. Create a mixtape or playlist

Affection can be expressed through music. Make a CD or playlist with 10~15 songs you like. The mixtape can be hand delivered or left in the person's stuff for a surprise. If you created a playlist, just send the link.

  • Don't use love songs, which can be a little intimidating to someone who hasn't even started dating you yet.
  • Choose songs that the person will like.
Hint In on Someone That You Like Them Step 18

Step 4. Invite her to a friend's program

It's hard to invite someone you don't know as a friend on a romantic date. Invite the person to study, practice some activity, walks, parties - and use these opportunities to get to know them better. This will help you show your interest without compromising yourself.

  • Be subtle: "I'm worried. I need to get a high grade on my next exam. Do you want to study with me at the cafe this afternoon?" I'm going bowling on Friday. Want to come with us?"
  • If you hear a "no", don't show disappointment. Just say, "Okay. If you change your mind, let me know. I'll ask other friends if they'd like to come with me."
Hint In on Someone That You Like Them Step 19

Step 5. Gift the person on their birthday and special dates

Gifts show affection. Whenever you have a good excuse-such as a birthday, holiday, or important date-buy a simple gift.

You can give the person candy for Halloween or a graduation gift


Remember: without you saying it directly, it is impossible for the person to be sure what your feelings are. Do not get nervous


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