How to Forget the Boy You Like: 11 Steps

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How to Forget the Boy You Like: 11 Steps
How to Forget the Boy You Like: 11 Steps

Do you like a boy who doesn't return your feelings? There are so many reasons for this to happen – religious differences, a girlfriend, family problems or the simple fact that he doesn't like you the same way – what matters is that it's time to forget about him and get on with life, however difficult whatever. Spend more time with your friends, do new things, focus on other aspects of your life and maybe even find a better date!


Part 1 of 3: Facing Your Feelings

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 1

Step 1. Admit your feelings and keep living

You may have to deal with things like loneliness, regret, guilt, insecurity, anxiety and other negative emotions. Accept them, go through the cesspool, because that's the only way you will overcome this love. The first step to truly forgetting about him is to be honest with yourself.

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 2

Step 2. Talk about your feelings with friends, relatives or a therapist

Don't hold back your feelings, ask for help! Go for advice, find out what went wrong, reflect; these people may have more experience and wisdom to help you when you are lost and don't know what to do.

  • Talk to your parents, older siblings, uncles, grandparents and anyone you feel comfortable talking to about the topic – maybe even a teacher or community leader is a good idea!
  • Don't trust just anyone. Be careful not to open up totally to a mutual friend who might tell him what you say. Gossip will make the situation worse and it will be harder to get over it with ease.
Forget About the Guy You Like Step 3

Step 3. Remember he's just another guy

There are so many guys you can still fall in love with; while he seems like the man of her life right now, that doesn't mean there aren't other great catches out there. This will not be the only love of your life!

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 4

Step 4. Learn from experience

Reflect on the reasons why this passion didn't work; maybe he has a girlfriend or he's into another girl, maybe you said something that turned him away, he might have done something he didn't like, etc. No matter what, you can't go back in time and change things, so learn from what happened and live your life.

  • Think about what you would have done differently. When the next romance of your life comes along, you'll be more successful in remembering what went wrong this time and avoiding the same pitfalls.
  • Think about the kind of guy that interests you. This guy may not be right for you, however attracted you are. Think about the qualities you are looking for in a man and what distance you want for your next flirt.

Part 2 of 3: Overcoming

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 5

Step 1. Avoid the boy temporarily

Don't go where you know he eats daily, find a new place. Staying close to him will make it difficult to overcome this passion and you will keep thinking about him. Go away to recover for a while.

  • Spend less time with the friends you have in common, at least until you forget about it. This doesn't mean that you should abolish your social life, but pay attention to other friends, someone who doesn't have much contact with them.
  • If they take classes or work together or go to the same places, it will be harder to get over it. In these situations, pay more attention to other group members, try to have a more platonic interaction with them.
Forget About the Guy You Like Step 6

Step 2. Be brief when talking

When he talks to you, try not to be charmed and be succinct for a while, at least until you're more relaxed. Give short answers, talk about what's needed, and get on with your day. The idea is not to be rude, but to keep a healthy distance until you're calmer. If both are part of the same social circle, you will have to learn to socialize and interact with him as a friend.

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 7

Step 3. Don't visit his social media

You will need discipline and willpower, but it will be worth it in no time. Reading his updates won't help her forget him at all, on the contrary; you will become more and more attached to an idea and it will remain oblivious to you, not feeling the same.

  • To help you, Facebook has the unfollow function. You won't stop being friends, but you won't be notified when he makes updates, they'll stop appearing on your timeline.
  • Condition your mind not to think about him. When you see him on social media, don't log in and go to the next update. With patience and persistence, it will cease to be of interest to you.
Forget About the Guy You Like Step 8

Step 4. Get rid of physical memories

Pictures of you together, a CD or any other trinket he has given or borrowed, etc. Return, donate, sell or throw these things away. If you are willing to forget about it, you cannot maintain material attachments. This makes it easy to move forward without thinking about him.

Part 3 of 3: Living Happily Forever

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 9

Step 1. Prioritize the important things in your life

You can't get over the boy if you keep thinking about him all the time; what lacks your attention right now? A hard test, an upcoming trip, a job interview? Dedicate yourself to your passions and obligations, keep yourself in the present and it will eventually lose its importance.

Try to keep the anticipation going on a daily basis, even if there isn't a big event coming up. Reflect on how lucky you are to see your friends always, think about the satisfaction of playing music, playing a sport and improving every day in the activities you love

Forget About the Guy You Like Step 10

Step 2. Give yourself time before getting back on track

Depending on the level of passion you are at, it may take weeks to get back into balance. Before pursuing a new date, pay more attention to activities in other areas of your life, such as friendships, careers, studies, hobbies, and anything else you love to do.

  • Consider whether you are really ready when you fall in love again. The love game is a delight, but it involves too many emotions and that's not always good.
  • With that in mind, try not to fill the emotional void with a different guy. Be honest with yourself, ask yourself if you're not replacing love for So-and-so with love for Beltran, and take it slow if you see that you are.
  • There are those who say that hooking up with a new guy for sheer physical attraction but not getting attached is the best medicine, but be careful if you do. Don't play with someone's feelings on a whim. It is possible to do the best for yourself without harming others.
Forget About the Guy You Like Step 11

Step 3. Learn to be his friend and that's it

The proof that you went through the most difficult phase will be talking to him without feeling anything, neither love nor shame. Plan to see him as a friend rather than a potential partner. It's even possible for you to become great friends, can you imagine? And if this is a friendship that already exists, you'd better learn to see him as a brother if you don't want to lose her.

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