How to Forget a Passion (with Pictures)

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How to Forget a Passion (with Pictures)
How to Forget a Passion (with Pictures)

Do you find it difficult to go for an hour - or even a minute - without thinking about that special someone? If you know things aren't going well between you, thinking about him all the time will only bring more pain and suffering. The good news is that if you really try, you can spend more time doing the things you love, being around people you care about, and loving your life again. It may take time, but with enough determination, you'll soon forget about that unrequited passion.


Part 1 of 3: Adjusting your mind

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Step 1. Release your emotions

If you want to forget about a crush, the first thing to do is admit that you have strong feelings for it. If you're in denial about how much the guy means to you, you'll just keep all these intense feelings inside instead of letting go of them. Take this time to cry, talk to a close friend about it, admit how hurt you are, and acknowledge your feelings.

  • Write down what you're feeling, if that helps. If you don't want to open up to a friend, use a journal to make yourself feel better.
  • If you're upset for a while that things didn't work out, that's fine. Let your friends know you're going to be quiet for a while, and don't force yourself to be overly social if you don't feel like it.
  • After that phase, after a few weeks or so, it's time to get off the rocks and start practicing some form of social interaction. If you spent a lot of time alone with your feelings, you may feel worse.
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Step 2. Forget about anger and bitterness

You may have many reasons to feel angry or bitter. Maybe your crush has hurt you too much. Maybe he was too confident that things would work out and they didn't. Maybe your crush ended up dating one of your friends and you're feeling angry at both of them. These feelings naturally accompany the situation you're in, but that doesn't mean they're healthy or that they can help you move forward.

  • Write down all the reasons you are feeling angry and bitter. Recognizing pain is crucial to forgetting it. When you have discovered the source of all your negative feelings, you can then begin to deal with them one by one.
  • If you end up in contact with your crush, don't let her see the anger or bitterness you may be feeling. The best thing you can do is act completely nonchalant, as if you don't care about that person at all. If you keep feigning indifference, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll actually begin to feel it.
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Step 3. Focus on the boy's worst qualities

Stop thinking about how cute or funny or sweet he is whenever you think of him. Instead, focus on all the bad parts, like weird fashion sense or the ability to be mean to strangers. Make a list of all these faults, if that helps. When you start thinking about it, conjure up all those negative thoughts instead of the positive ones. That way you'll remember that your crush isn't such a great person after all.

  • If you think the guy is perfect and you can't really think of anything bad about him, guess what? You don't know him very well. There is no such thing as a perfect person and everyone has flaws.
  • The more you think about all the bad aspects of passion, the sooner you'll see that you weren't born for each other after all.
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Step 4. Know that you deserve better

You might think they would be the most perfect couple in the world, but that's not true. If they really belong together, then they would, wouldn't they? For some reason it didn't work out, and it's probably because it's too good for him. The boy is not his soul mate, and once he realizes that, he'll be able to find someone who deserves it.

You've probably heard all your friends say you deserve better many times, but it won't work until you realize it for yourself

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Step 5. Remember how amazing you are

If you're feeling depressed that the relationship didn't work out, then it's likely that you need to turn around. You're probably feeling sad about yourself and feeling unworthy in some way because you're not dating the guy, but that's far from true. Remember your best qualities, focus on all the great friends and opportunities in your life, and remember your favorite personality traits. Keep telling yourself that you are an amazing person, that you only deserve the best - and "the best" is simply not your passion!

The key is to stay positive. By focusing on all the good things in your life and yourself instead of the things you don't have, you'll be able to move on much faster than if you only saw the worst in every situation

Part 2 of 3: Erasing the boy in your life

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Step 1. Stop talking to him

It may seem obvious that you should stop talking to the guy if you want to forget about him, but you might still be talking to him, even though you know it's not good. There's no need to be rude, but it's a good idea to avoid him as much as you can. Stop texting, calling or just stopping by to say hi to him. The sooner you stop seeing him and hearing his voice, the sooner you'll be able to really erase the boy from your life.

If you have to be in the same place as him, like in a class, for example, be kind and polite without making any effort. It doesn't have to be mean, it won't make you feel better

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Step 2. Stop talking about him too

While talking to a close friend about forgetting the guy can help her move on, if you talk about him to every person you meet or every mutual friend, you won't feel better anytime soon. You don't have to deny your feelings, but if you keep bringing it up, you're just opening old wounds and remembering the very thing that hurt you.

If you have mutual friends, avoid asking how the guy is doing. How will it make you feel better?

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Step 3. Avoid the guy on social media

If you're visiting Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking sites to see if he's dating someone or dating that pretty girl from school, take a break from the networks. If you love Facebook, at least avoid the temptation to click on his profile and use the tool to keep in touch with the people who really make you feel good. Seeing pictures of the boy will make you feel worse, so stop torturing yourself.

Give yourself a time limit - say you'll only be spending 15 minutes a day on Facebook. If you want to spend that time chasing the guy, you won't be able to see what the people who really care about you are doing

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Step 4. Avoid places where he might be

While you don't have to change your schedule completely, if you really want to forget about it, try to avoid all the places you know you'll see it. Don't go to his favorite restaurant or movie if you're sure he'll be there on a Friday night. If you know he's going to a certain party and you're still feeling depressed, then find something else to do.

That doesn't mean he "won" and you can't do anything fun anymore; means you have to avoid it for a while until you feel better

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Step 5. Vary your routine

If you want to erase this passion from your life, then it's time to change things. Have a different breakfast. Go to lunch with a new friend instead of the same old friends. Choose a new hobby. Go to school or work a different route. While these changes are not directly related to the boy, simply working to break out of the mindset that has trapped him in him can help him begin to look at the world in a different way and stop focusing on the same thoughts that revolve around him.

Think about it: are there certain times of the day when you think about the boy the most? If so, can you do something different during this time so you don't think about it or forget about it? For example, if every time you look out the window of the bus home you think of sad things, find a new band to listen to during your return so that it becomes a positive experience instead of a moment when you think. on the boy

Part 3 of 3: Moving Forward

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Step 1. Count on your friends and family

A great way to forget about your crush is to spend as much time as possible with the people you care about. Your friends and family have been by your side through good times and bad, and they will make you feel better about your romantic situation just by being there. Although your social schedule doesn't need to be so busy that you don't have a minute to yourself, make an effort to spend more time with your loved ones so you can be grateful for all the positive relationships in your life - instead of being obsessed with the relationship that didn't work out.

Don't spend your Friday or Saturday nights alone, or you'll want to be with the guy. Instead, go out with your friends and friends, and you'll have so much fun that you'll totally forget about him

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Step 2. Do what you love

Spending time doing something that means a lot to you is a great way to banish all thoughts of the guy from your mind. Spend more time practicing your favorite hobby, whether it's running, painting, exercising, reading or just doing what makes you happy. Maybe you think you're too busy to make time for the things you enjoy. If so, make time by cutting something out of your life; if you're committed to following something you love, then all thoughts of the boy slowly drift away.

Maybe you're feeling depressed because you don't have a lot of things you really like. Now may be the time to find out what your true passion is by stepping out of your comfort zone, enrolling in a photography, ballroom dancing, performing arts or singing class, or just trying something completely new that you think you can do. her happy

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Step 3. Enjoy your time alone

While spending time with friends and family and doing your favorite activities can help you forget about the guy, if you really want to find your peace, you need to be comfortable spending time with your favorite person-you. If you get sad and discouraged the second you're not keeping busy, a sign that you haven't gotten over your crush yet. Take time to be alone weekly and do something you really love - or to just relax and watch your favorite TV show, or take a long hot shower. No matter what you do - what matters is that you really enjoy doing it yourself.

Don't let last minute plans with friends get in the way of your time alone. You should treasure this time as if it were a date with your favorite celebrity

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Step 4. Leave the house

Don't hibernate in your dark, dreary cave thinking about all the reasons why the relationship didn't work out; get out and breathe some fresh air. Just being in the sun and breathing fresh air will make you feel more alive, alert, energetic and happier. If you have work to do, don't lock yourself in your room, but go to a cafe or park. Just being around other people, even if you're not talking to them, you'll feel happier and probably won't be thinking about the guy.

Leave the house at least once a day, even if it's just for a half-hour walk. Staying indoors for an entire day makes anyone unhappy, regardless of whether the person is trying to forget someone or not

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Step 5. Love the single life

If you really want to get over your crush, then you can't just be miserable alone and wait for someone new to show up. You should be really content on your own, doing your thing, hanging out with your friends and occasionally flirting just for fun. You should appreciate the freedom that singleness brings and know that while dating is fun and rewarding, it shouldn't determine whether it's happy or sad.

Give it time. It may take weeks, or even months, for you to enjoy being single, but when you do, you'll see that you never really needed that guy in the end - what you needed was an idealization of the guy who thought would lead you to happiness, but it wasn't the answer you were looking for in the end

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Step 6. Get ready for a new crush

Once you've done all the right things-adjusted your perspective, got rid of the boy's memories, and moved on to do the things that make you happy-then you can really congratulate yourself for forgetting your crush. You've already seen how good your life is on its own, how amazing it is, and how lucky you are for the life you have. If you've really put an end to your crush, then you can slowly start to open your heart and fall in love with someone new.

If you've really gone ahead, celebrate your victory and cheer yourself up with all the love to come


  • Avoid digging through the boy's social media pages. Don't ask your mutual friends for details about his life. No need to keep an eye on what he's doing all the time. You have your own life to live.
  • If you feel like you're ruminating, remember: there's no reason to waste your time with someone who doesn't realize how special you are. You deserve better.
  • There are many people in the world you could be happy with. Maybe this person was one of them, maybe not. Anyway, there are many people, including many you haven't met yet, who are and will be special to you. It's time to shift your focus to them.
  • Trust that no matter what happens, this passion will fade over time.


  • Don't try to rush the process. You're human and it's okay to feel hurt sometimes.
  • Don't let yourself fantasize about this person forever - there are other things you can do with your time.
  • Don't talk behind the boy's back. Saying bad things about other people makes you look bad, not them.

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