How to Get a Girl You Like to Like You Back

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How to Get a Girl You Like to Like You Back
How to Get a Girl You Like to Like You Back

An unrequited crush might be a cool movie story, but it's pretty boring in real life. If you like a girl who doesn't seem to feel the same way about you, know that it's not time to give up yet. Stop and reassess your thinking so you can state your romantic intentions and flirt with her in a respectful and subtle way. Finally, invest in her interests and what happens in her life to show that you can be a good partner. Below, we'll give you some tips on how to interact with that special someone, in real life or on the internet. Come on?


Method 1 of 2: Flirting Respectfully

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Step 1. Look into her eyes when they are together

To make your crush aware of your interest, take a good look at it. Don't stare, of course, but be aware that eye contact can show interest and investment in a conversation, especially if you periodically nod your head.


If you look away and focus on different things in the environment, a sign that you don't have confidence or that you don't care what she has to say, which is not at all attractive.

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Step 2. Find out if you share values

Observe the girl and see which personality traits and personal values ​​she likes the most. Does she prefer studious, serious and morally grounded people, or does she like more impulsive and spontaneous individuals? Are her preferences compatible with your personal values? If that's not the case, you could end up in a broken relationship.

  • For example, if she prefers to spend her evenings at home, but you are a party type, it will be difficult to find things in common.
  • Don't change your personality or your interests just to win someone over. It's okay to want to get involved in her hobbies, but it's no good building a relationship by pretending to have common interests.
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Step 3. Be a gentleman

See if the girl likes it when you act chivalrous, like holding the door for her to pass. If she responds well, try to be a little more formal, but be careful to be very subtle, not showing your romantic feelings too much for now.

Not all girls are into chivalry. It's important to know what she thinks of this before you put her more old-fashioned side on display

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Step 4. Don't be afraid to take the first step

Take risks and ask her if she wants to eat or go to a movie with you. It may seem too risky, but just be careful to demonstrate your interests well. Ask her out once and accept her answer. If she doesn't want to go on a date, so be it.

  • Try to think of a specific plan for the date. The term "going out" can be a little ambiguous for some girls.
  • For example, say something like, "Hi! I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me on Friday. I know a good Italian restaurant downtown. How about that?"
  • You can ask her out in person or via message.
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Step 5. Make an effort to get along with her friends

Watch who she spends the most time with, at school or at work. Be careful not to look like a stalker, but show genuine interest in meeting her best friends. The idea is to have a light and cordial chat with them to make a good impression.

  • If you only chat over the internet, this can be a little more complicated. If you choose to contact her friends, do so with basic, friendly greetings, without taking too long.
  • Make it very clear that you are not trying to flirt with her friends, as this could give the wrong impression. Whenever you're talking to them, talk about completely casual subjects, without any indication of romantic interest.
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Step 6. Listen to her whenever she speaks

During your conversations, give the girl your full attention, regardless of the subject. If you show an interest in the more mundane aspects of her life, you will appear to be a more sincere and caring person. As the girl feels more valued, your chances of winning her increase.

  • Make an effort to actively listen to her whenever they are talking.
  • For example, say something like, "Hi! How did you do on that chemistry test we were talking about yesterday?"


Do your best to remember any big events she mentions, such as exams and upcoming appointments.

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Step 7. Memorize her favorite things

Pay close attention to what she likes, such as her food preferences and the girl's favorite color. The next time you see her, take a snack or a drink that tastes good. Another great idea is to ask for recommendations or suggest songs for her to listen to, as this can yield great conversations.

For example, ask something like: "I was listening to a playlist these days and I heard a really cool song by a new indie band. Do you like indies music?"

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Step 8. Praise her sincerely

Make a nice comment about her style, personality, or work ethic. As you talk, try to weave a heartfelt compliment, whether you're going to talk about her new hairstyle or the kindness with which she treats other people.

  • For example, say something like, "You are a very kind person. I really admire the way you always put others first."
  • Physical praise is valid, but be very careful not to objectify the girl. No mention of specific parts of her body, for example - instead draw attention to some point of her clothing.

Method 2 of 2: Keeping the Right Mindset

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Step 1. See yourself in a humble yet confident way

Think about your own goals and achievements, analyzing where you would like to be in the future as an individual. Remember that these interests will always be yours, and they won't go away if a romantic relationship doesn't work out.

  • Nobody likes arrogant people. Arrogance often indicates that a person is insecure, so try to live your life calmly and securely - women find this much more attractive.
  • Don't feel the need to brag about your achievements. Your results will speak for themselves.
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Step 2. Be patient while approaching her

Remember that a relationship doesn't take shape in a day and take it easy. When interacting with the girl, pay close attention to signs that she might be interested in you. By trying to rush the relationship, you may end up pushing the girl away and destroying your future chances.

  • For example, don't try to ask her out right away. Wait a few weeks or months to see if she likes spending time with you.
  • If she shows interest in staying with you, it's a sign that she enjoys your interactions and will be receptive to an invitation.
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Step 3. Take your life and your future seriously

Don't see your own life as a joke and don't believe that the only reason to exist is to date. Make a plan for your future, thinking ahead about the kind of career you would like to pursue. When you take yourself seriously, the girl will also see you in a more sober and adult way.

When talking to her, in person or over the internet, don't be afraid to mention your plans for the future. If possible, ask her to share her life goals and dreams with you

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Step 4. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself

We have already said that the ideal is to maintain a confident and secure attitude, but it is important to have the security of laughing at your own mistakes. If you cannot recognize your weaknesses, you will be seen as a pretentious and conceited guy.

For example, if you don't pay much attention to your look, you can comment on how you look like you dressed in the dark

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Step 5. Don't be needy when interacting with her

It's important not to appear too eager for a relationship. Don't try to force a relationship with the girl, or it will seem like you only value dating and not her friendship. Give her some space!

  • If she seems needy or needy, you will certainly lose her interest.
  • Some needy behaviors that should be avoided: constantly sending messages without receiving replies; looking for it all the time at school or at work; ask her to go out with you all the time.


If you show your romantic interest and get cut off by the girl, accept her decision and get on with your life. Insisting will not change her mind.


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