3 Ways to Make Your Flirt Like You (for girls)

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3 Ways to Make Your Flirt Like You (for girls)
3 Ways to Make Your Flirt Like You (for girls)

The attraction between two people is a mystery. There are times when it just happens with no effort on either side, but other times it just comes with more time together. In some cases, no matter how hard a person tries, the chemistry just doesn't catch on. There is no recipe for making someone like you, but a few tricks can help a lot!


Method 1 of 3: Getting the Flirt's Attention

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 1

Step 1. Try to get attention without overdoing it

It's normal to be in love with someone and want to declare yourself, especially if the person hasn't noticed us yet. However, approaching a stranger saying you're into him can sound bizarre and have the opposite effect.

  • Don't follow him around. To get noticed you will have to be in the same places as he is, but it is important not to appear to be chasing him. This is also weird and can send the wrong message.
  • Take care of something when he's around. The idea is to show that you have interests of your own and not that you are trying to get attention.
Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 2

Step 2. Be outgoing

When they're in the same room, show that it's the life of the party. Laugh, chat with friends and be spontaneous. Appear to be a happy person with an active social life.

Be accessible on common occasions. Don't try too hard to appear calm so that you don't end up feeling tense and withdrawn. Have a friendly and open attitude

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 3

Step 3. Show yourself

Expect the perfect opportunity to show off a skill or knowledge in front of the kid. Do you know how to play an instrument? Grab the first chance you get for a "straw". Do you know how to play football? Play a no-strings match when he's around.

The idea is to look successful and not pretentious. Do not imply that you are unscrupulous. Always demonstrate skills without belittling others

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 4

Step 4. Use your eyes

Look at him subtly, without staring. Simply show that you noticed him, don't stare at him for attention.

Quick glances from time to time are ideal

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 5

Step 5. Look (and smell) the best you can

When you know he will be on the same occasion as you, straighten up. Wear nice clothes, do your hair and make your nails presentable (cleaning them is enough, but putting on nail polish doesn't kill anyone).

Smell is also important. Always be clean and fresh, apply a little perfume to leave an impression on the environment. Don't overdo it: Research has revealed that subtle scents are more appealing. Too much perfume is cloying and can infest the environment

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 6

Step 6. Start a conversation

Once you're noticed, talk. Introduce yourself and talk about anything.

Method 2 of 3: Establishing Contact

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 7

Step 1. Learn more about it

Ask about the things he likes to do. Find out which books, music, and movies he prefers. These are some of the best topics to start talking about. Anyone likes to talk about their interests.

You can also ask mutual friends about their tastes. In addition to the information itself, a louder friend may end up telling him that you're curious, that is, halfway there to get noticed

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 8

Step 2. Discover mutual interests

You two probably enjoy something in common. Finding out what these things are will yield good ideas to start talking about and even programs to do together.

  • Don't pretend to like things you don't know to impress you. First of all, you won't be being honest with yourself; second, as soon as he has the opportunity to talk more deeply about it, he will find that this is not true, possibly burning his film.
  • If you like the same band, you will have a lot to talk about. If you don't know his favorite band, just say "I don't know" and ask about them. That way you don't pretend to be something you're not and the conversation can go on pleasantly.
Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 9

Step 3. Spend time together

After the first conversation, look for occasions and events to do things together.

  • Explore common interests. Cheering for the same team (or liking football) is a great excuse to watch the Brasileirão; if you both like the same video games, why not play a little?
  • Initially it's better to hang out with him and the gang, but when you get to know each other better you can invite him to do things just with you.
Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 10

Step 4. Be positive

Everyone prefers high-spirited people. When you are together, be cheerful and confident. After all, you should be having fun with him.

  • Don't belittle yourself. You don't have to be boasting, but it's not nice to be belittling yourself either. You want to show that you like yourself (and if you don't, it's time to learn). When he praises you, say "thank you!"
  • Don't be complaining. It's normal to have a rough day here and there and let off steam with friends, but this should be the exception. Most of the time, prefer to be pleasant and fun.

Method 3 of 3: Starting to Flirt

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 11

Step 1. Make eye contact

After you get to know each other better and have spent some time together, start showing that you're into it. Express yourself through your eyes.

  • Start by looking him in the eye for a few seconds and then look away. Notice if he does the same.
  • Don't stare too long. This is weird.
Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 12

Step 2. Smile

When the look is returned, smile to yourself. Don't show all your teeth so you don't look like you're crazy; a mischievous little smile will show you are happy with his company.

Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 13

Step 3. Be yourself

Choose your preferred method of flirting and be true to yourself. As stated earlier, don't pretend to be who you are not just to impress him – if he never really knows you, he will never really love you.

  • Take it easy on the flirting. Don't be laughing at everything and praising the guy every five minutes, blink normally and not pose. Be genuine and stay calm.
Get Your Crush to Like You (for Kids) Step 14

Step 4. Use touch

If, after becoming friends, he responds to the xaveco, it's time to break the physical barrier. Touch it lightly from time to time, in a fun way:

  • When he makes a joke, laugh and touch his arm briefly, or give him a friendly punch.
  • As you pass him somewhere, bump his shoulder and make it look like it happened by accident.
  • Run your fingers lightly over his hand or arm.
  • Stay close to him, but at a comfortable distance for both of you; if he walks away, respect him.
  • Give a hand to lead him to certain places.
  • Very lightly run your hand over his arm, to cause a shiver.
  • Hug him when you greet each other.
  • If you suspect he's into you too, kiss him on the cheek when you're alone and see how he reacts. If he doesn't show any signs of interest, don't do it so you don't experience an embarrassing situation.


  • Start by simply spending time with him if you're too shy. When you feel more comfortable in his presence, start talking about more personal things.
  • Teasing can be fun and seductive, but try not to be mean or he won't like you. Make him laugh, not cry.
  • Choose the perfect place to flirt with him and do it when you get to know each other better.
  • Be nice to him. Do things like help him with school subjects or ask for help. This will create closer bonds and he will know he can count on you.


  • Never try to kiss him or touch him if he says no. This is a tremendous lack of respect and can be considered a crime. Don't do for others what you wouldn't do for yourself.
  • Get to know him better before going on a date. Expectation can frustrate you; maybe he's the perfect boyfriend, maybe you don't even like him all that much.
  • Don't go overboard on flirting. Being too insinuating can be unpleasant and he will distance himself.
  • None of this guarantees he'll be hooked on you too. If these tips don't help, it may be a case of letting go.

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