How to Get a Girl to Admit She Likes You

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How to Get a Girl to Admit She Likes You
How to Get a Girl to Admit She Likes You

When we start to like someone, we get into a frenzy of excitement and nervousness towards the desired person. That's why it might not be so easy to get a girl to admit she's in love, especially if you're not ready to do the same either. Treat her well, flirt with her, and be honest about how you feel. In time, she will find the courage to tell her that she is up for it. The "X" of the matter is to make her feel at ease, without pressure.


Part 1 of 3: Having an honest conversation with the girl

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Step 1. Tell her how you feel

If you've already tried to make it clear, but she still doesn't want to admit that she likes you, try to be more direct. Girls love honesty and don't like games. Take the initiative to share your feelings. Maybe she also finds the courage to tell you that she likes you.

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Step 2. Ask if she likes you

If she is hesitating a lot, ask her directly if she likes you. Just don't ask out of the blue, right! First, tell her that you like her, that you feel this and that. Then ask if she feels something like that too. Say that some of her attitudes have given to understand that she is in love with you.

Another way to approach the girl: "I love the connection between us when we go out and talk. I like you and I want to know if you have feelings for me too."

For example:

"It's not today that I like you. I wanted to know if you like me too. What's up?"

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Step 3. Ask her out

Asking the girl on a romantic date is a great way to find out if she likes you. If she accepts, the odds of being in the mood are high. Even if you're not brave enough to make the invitation, get out of your comfort zone. It will be worth it.

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Step 4. Don't pressure the girl to say something that doesn't come from the heart

Nobody is forced to reciprocate with anybody. If she says she doesn't see you the same way, respect her choice. It's not okay to get mad and yell at someone just because they don't like you.

  • If the girl says you don't feel the same way, but you still want to be her friend, say something like, "Okay, I understand. Still, you're great. Let's keep our friendship."
  • If she says she doesn't see you as a future boyfriend and you're not sure if you can maintain a mere friendship, don't go overboard. Say something like, "It's okay. Thanks for being honest."

Part 2 of 3: Investing time in the girl

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Step 1. Do something together

If you're in the mood for a girl and you think she's in the mood too, ask her for a walk or talk with you alone. It's nice to hang out with friends and all, but that kind of hangout doesn't provide a connection on a personal level. From time to time, get away from friends and call her to talk in a corner. Get to know each other better and have deep conversations.


Ask her what her goals, dreams, and plans are for her personal life, family, and things she likes. By showing that you have a legitimate interest, you make things easier and she can feel more comfortable in your presence.

Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 2

Step 2. Have fun together

Do fun things together to mark her memory. Ask her what she likes to do and do it! She will notice that she has had a lot of fun in your presence and will be more comfortable telling you that she likes you.

By creating good memories with her, you brand her. She will often remember how much she likes your presence

Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to the girl's body language

If you're still in doubt, pay attention to what her body says. How does she act and behave in your presence? Even if she's too shy to say she likes you directly, it's possible that body language will give the game away.

  • Does she direct her full attention to listening to you? In groups of people, it is common for people to get distracted and not pay full attention to each individual. Notice if the girl makes a point of paying attention to everything you say, as this is a very clear sign that she is in the mood.
  • Does she play with her hair next to you? Girls often flirt (even if unconsciously) through body language when they're in the presence of someone they like. If the girl keeps twirling her hair around her fingers or tossing it from side to side, she might like you. However, don't confuse things. If the hair is really getting in the way for the girl to see, she'll get it out of the way. It's also possible that she's simply straightening her bun.
  • Does she always manage to get close to you or touch you? When they're into a guy, girls physically approach him. Does she take your arm when she laughs? Do you always sit next to you?
  • Does she flirt with you? If so, she's probably into it. Flirting is one of the most obvious signs.
Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 4

Step 4. Find out if she's been telling her friends about you

Girls rarely manage to keep it to themselves when they're into a guy. If she likes you, chances are, her friends already know you through and through too. If she doesn't tell her she's been talking about you to her friends, it's still possible to find a way to find out.

  • Tell the girl you've been telling your friends about her. Say, for example, "So I told a friend that you've watched the Lion King ten times. He told me to watch out for you!" If you tell her something like that, she'll be more inclined to share something like that.
  • Ask her if she told her friends about a conversation between you. Suppose, for example, that you have talked about the differences and similarities between the book and the American Gods series and disagreed amidst many laughs. Ask her, "Do your friends already know that you have a hard time understanding the differences between one type of media and another?" If she says she talked to them about it, chances are her friends already know about you.

Part 3 of 3: Making the Meaning That You Like Her

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Step 1. Flirt

Are you very shy and can't tell the girl how you feel? Then flirt with her! Praise her, play games, and occasionally throw in a silly but romantic comment or two about the two of you.

  • For example, when she tells about a bad romantic date she had in the past, say, "Wow, how terrible! I bet it would be very different for me!", and open a smile.
  • When you notice that she is wearing a new perfume, comment: "Look, she even changed her to a new perfume to see me". Say all this lightly and calmly.
Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 6

Step 2. Remember the things she says

Pay attention when the girl talks to you and learn what she likes and dislikes. That way you can act on what you already know about her. By remembering these things, you show that you like and care about her, which will make the girl more comfortable telling her that the feeling is reciprocated. If you are unsure whether you like her or not, the girl will be hesitant and may not say anything.

  • If she says, for example, that she loves Brigadeiro, bring one for her the next time you see her.
  • When she says she's struggling with a subject, offer to help her.
Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 7

Step 3. Show kindness through actions

When we do things to please girls, they notice. Just don't overdo it, so as not to suffocate the girl! Praise her and give her a few presents from time to time. Maybe a little gift or two a week is fine. Use common sense.


praise her, buy flowers, give her a back or foot massage (where it hurts), give her presents, buy a snack, etc.

Get a Girl to Admit That She Likes You Step 8

Step 4. Ask her about dating

Ask some questions about the romantic universe. What does she think is most important in a potential boyfriend? What does she hate most guys doing? If she likes you, she will tell you some of the qualities you have. Pay attention, as it is possible that she may imply that she likes you between the lines.

This approach may even lead her to make a formal confession that she likes you


  • Be yourself. Don't try to be a person who isn't just about impressing the girl. If she likes you, she'll tell you when she feels the time has come.
  • If the girl says she likes you but only as a friend, give her a little space. Everyone has the right to choose. So don't force anything.
  • Some girls are complicated. If she says she doesn't like you the first time, give it time. After about three months of good coexistence, try again. Detail: when approaching her for the second time, be careful not to be shaking all over, as this would reduce your chances.

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