How to Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like

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How to Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like
How to Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like

Passionate kisses are addictive. They can be cheap and make us want the loved one like a glass of water in the desert. It's the same feeling as passion; when we kiss, the blood vessels and pupils dilate and the heart races. This power of attraction and desire has been explored in many types of artworks since time immemorial, and while getting a girl's first kiss is both exciting and terrifying at the same time, a few tips can help you in this task.


Part 1 of 3: Planning your first step

Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 1

Step 1. Design something exciting to do together

Activities that involve any kind of adrenaline make the heart beat faster, an effect similar to kissing and passion. If you do something exciting together, she will assimilate the emotion to you and the chances of falling in love will increase…

  • Couples who go on adventures together are happier. Furthermore, mental arousal provides sexual arousal for a short period.
  • Make programs before departing for privacy. Go out dancing, hiking or going to concerts together. The more adrenaline the better!
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 2

Step 2. Choose the best time and time to set the mood

Darkness and ambient lighting make dusk the best time for romance, as they intensify attraction, communication, bonding, touch, and sexual desire. Besides all this, if you are in a special or unknown place, the kiss will be even more unforgettable.

Think of places like a walk under the night sky, a candlelit dinner or a floodlit gym during lunch. Arrange for privacy as she may not want an audience when she kisses you

Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to your appearance

Clean clothes, combed hair and deodorant are important, but give special attention to oral hygiene. Brush your teeth, floss, and do not eat anything with a strong odor (such as garlic) before or during the date. Take mints with you, just in case.

  • Apply lip balm or cocoa butter for smooth lips.
  • Wear something red. This color has the power to make people more attractive.

Part 2 of 3: Getting to Know the Girl

Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 4

Step 1. Talk to her

Your first goal is to make friends, so talk about subjects that make them laugh together. Tell jokes and fun stories, laughing is a great way to break the ice and anxiety that are characteristic of a first date.

  • Start with small talk, like a common teacher, and praise her hair, clothing, or smile.
  • Talk about movies and music to discover her tastes and preferences. This will help you get a feel for what she likes and how she feels about romance.
  • Keep your face tilted slightly upwards while talking, looking up and down. According to some studies, this makes men look more masculine and attractive.
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 5

Step 2. Get more intimate

The idea is to be closer than her other male friends. For this, she must feel at ease and close to you. Talk about emotional and personal aspects to deepen this bond. Women often use kissing to generate and ensure intimacy.

  • Some questions and phrases that would help with this are: “Describe the perfect day.”; “What makes you feel the most gratitude in your life?”; “What has been your biggest achievement so far?”; “What is your favorite memory?”; “What is your worst memory?”; "If your house caught fire and you could only save one object (your relatives or pets are already safe), what would it be?"
  • Show that you like her with smiles and look her in the eye.
  • Say what you feel. She may not have realized that you want to be more than a friend and the best thing to do in that case is to tell her.
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 6

Step 3. Learn to identify body language

Pay attention to how she behaves with you to decide whether to wait for the kiss and when. A positive attitude is a good sign that she enjoys your company, while a negative attitude indicates otherwise. Look at combinations of these behaviors to decipher how she feels.

  • Examples of a receptive posture are facing you, legs uncrossed, arms outstretched, playing and fiddling with your hair or earring, smiling, and maintaining eye contact.
  • Negative language has characteristics such as turning the body and feet in another direction, legs and arms crossed, hands with palms closed or facing down, nervousness, frowning, and looking too much sideways.
  • If you feel that her posture is not in your favor, changing your approach or trying it at a more appropriate time when she is in a better mood can help.
  • However, if she makes physical contact such as touching your hand, touching your knees, lightly bumping or patting your shoulder, these are signs that she is in the mood too.
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 7

Step 4. Make physical contact

To be intimate enough to kiss, you'll need to step into personal space and find out how she reacts. This approach will depend on trust; if she seems comfortable with it, you'll know you're more likely to get a kiss. What's more, the touch reinforces her interest and shows that you like having her around.

  • Be kind. Pull the chair out for her in the restaurant and push her back when she's sitting down; this is a great opportunity to touch her shoulder, arm, or back.
  • Hold her hands. If there's no objection, that's a great sign.
  • Touch the hair. Lightly stroking the hair is an act of closeness, but it's not as intimate as kissing. Watch how she responds; cringing and pulling away is a sign that you're not ready or in the mood for a kiss. On the other hand, if you look comfortable, you can probably go for it.
  • Kiss her on the cheek first. Lean over and give her a smacking kiss on the cheek to assess whether she feels good or bad about it. After confirming that she is also interested, try kissing her on the mouth.

Part 3 of 3: Getting a Kiss

Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 8

Step 1. Choose the right time

You will have to make it happen, find the ideal spot to overcome the tension and give the kiss. Waiting too long is not a good idea, as she may think you are not interested. When they are closer, touching each other more naturally and if there are no distractions, go deep and try to kiss her.

  • In general, both should be more likely to kiss a little before the end of the date; avoid tension at the door of the house or inside the car.
  • Be spontaneous. The best kisses happen when everything falls into place; there is no set time for this, it may be before entering the restaurant, over the dinner table, at the cinema, on a walk in the park under the moonlight…
  • Don't ask anything before the kiss. Asking for permission demonstrates a lack of trust and can ruin the moment. As stated earlier, her body language will be your guide, but if you really don't know that well, you can ask.
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 9

Step 2. Take the initiative

This is a time that requires self-confidence (which can be very attractive in this situation), so go ahead. Look at her lips, run your tongue over yours to moisten them, and lay your head slightly to the right. Lean forward and give it a peck. Do this so that she meets you halfway.

  • Use touch to make the kiss more interesting. Gently hold her by the back of her head or face, stroke her hair and gently push it back or place your hand on her back.
  • Ideally, close your eyes when the kiss is about to happen, but you can also make eye contact until your lips are touching.
Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 10

Step 3. Don't be aggressive or sloppy, be sensual

The first kiss will likely be a peck, not much saliva and no tongue. Close-mouth kisses initially and pull back when she does, maintaining eye contact and touch.

It's time to follow her cue and mimic her movements and intensity. Watch her breathing, give her room to breathe

Get a Kiss from a Girl You Like Step 11

Step 4. Learn to handle rejection

It could be that the girl you're in love with doesn't reciprocate your feelings. Realize that this is not necessarily your fault; she may have too many problems to deal with, dating or even eating garlic for lunch.

  • Don't go into generalizations if she doesn't want to kiss you. Being rejected in a specific situation doesn't mean that your fate will be that way forever, or that there's something wrong with you. Remember that this does not influence your value as a person.
  • Give yourself time to recover and get over your feelings for her. When you're ready again, get on with your life and try it with another girl – don't give up.


  • If she seems too nervous about your attempts, ask directly, "What would you say if I asked her out?" or “How about hanging out with me?”. Some girls don't feel comfortable kissing a guy before they're serious.
  • If she pulls away or doesn't kiss you back, it can happen for a variety of reasons. She may have bad breath and hasn't had time to brush her teeth, this may not be a good time, etc. This is not to say that she has no interest in you. Try again another day if you get the chance.
  • Don't be pushy, girls don't like that.

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