How to Show Commitment When You Don't Want a Wedding Ring

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How to Show Commitment When You Don't Want a Wedding Ring
How to Show Commitment When You Don't Want a Wedding Ring

Are you going to marry? After discussing the matter, did the couple decide not to wear rings? Whether it's because you don't like wearing wedding rings, can't afford one, or don't want to disclose your marital status to the world, think about it: are there other alternatives?


Method 1 of 2: Exposing Your Reasons

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 1

Step 1. Be firm in your decision

While alliances symbolize unity, they are also surrounded by traditions that may or may not apply to you. Not everyone appreciates the symbolism behind the rings, nor does they apply it to their wedding ceremony. If you are not a traditionalist, and have thought carefully about the purpose of your marriage, rings may not be necessary to represent the extent of your commitment to your loved one. Remember if:

  • It's not the alliances that make the commitment, it's you. You shouldn't have to wear one.
  • Alliances can be uncomfortable for some people; they will even wear one at the ceremony, but will rarely do so again. Some people just don't like jewelry because they play sports or outdoor activities, or they just don't like the look of wedding rings. In some cases, it's a matter of modesty or belief. Whatever the reason, the ring will end up in a drawer.
  • Temporary alliances may work for some couples. For example, wedding rings made of fabric, linen, or the like can be worn at the wedding as a symbolic gesture and discarded after the wedding. This can be even better if there is any cultural or personal sense related!
Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 2

Step 2. Make sure there is an agreement between the couple

It would not be fair for a partner to want to wear a ring, but to be deprived by the other to do so. It is acceptable for one member of the couple to wear a wedding ring and the other not. In some Western cultures, men wearing a wedding ring reflect a recent addition. Even if one of the partners doesn't want to, both can incorporate the rings into the wedding ceremony without further damage.

In some cases, brides prefer to wear a bracelet to signal marriage, an important promotion, or even the birth of a child. This may be a suitable alternative when both agree on an outward sign of commitment other than an alliance

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 3

Step 3. Confront any fear-related issues of showing your commitment to your partner

Some people feel that the alliance is a way to publicly show a bond with someone. It could be that your denial has to do with a fear of committing yourself, or even appearing like someone you're not. Perhaps your problems go back to the very heart of marriage. If so, ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for marriage? And for the long-term commitment it represents? Be honest with yourself!
  • Is the alliance a tangible sign of deeper concerns? If so, consider having a long conversation with your partner about the matter.
  • Let go of your doubts about marriage. Before committing to something so important, you need to be absolutely sure.

Method 2 of 2: Finding Other Signs of Commitment

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 4

Step 1. Consider how other cultures represent unity

Some of them do not value the wearing of wedding rings. Read about the alternatives provided by these cultures. Do an internet search, and many results will come up right away.

  • In India, the bride and groom have a big wedding so that the whole city knows there was a union without a wedding ring being necessary. In these conditions, it loses its purpose (Wealthier Indians often wear wedding rings, simply to adhere to Western traditions).
  • The Amish receive a blessing while their hands are intertwined in the ceremony, but they do not use external symbols of union. Some communities use different types or colors of dresses to symbolize commitment.
Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 5

Step 2. If you really want a physical symbol but find wedding rings uncomfortable, consider wearing other types of jewelry

Would you be more comfortable with a chain around your neck, symbolizing your love? Chains, like rings, also symbolize attachment and commitment. You and your partner don't need to wear the same type of jewelry, as long as you both have something in common.

For people who work with their hands, such as mechanics, wearing a ring attached to a neck chain is a preferred and safer option

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 6

Step 3. Show your love through art

How about getting a tattoo? Maybe you're the type who never approved of the idea of ​​having one, but think about it for a moment. In general, people don't get tattoos because they think their tastes will change. But isn't the idea of ​​marriage that it lasts forever? Tattooing doesn't have to be extravagant. Just tattoo your loved one's name on some discreet part of your body: around your ring finger, hidden under your hair, or somewhere else like that. Be creative. Nobody needs to see it. It's just for you and your loved one.

  • Married people also have the infinity symbol tattooed.
  • Consider wearing an ear piercing or some other more prominent place. When someone asks why, you can proudly say it's because you're married!
Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 7

Step 4. Instead of a wedding ring, offer something unique and special

Use your creativity to express your commitment. For example, a small book describing 10 reasons why you love your partner, a heart-shaped item or a photo album that shows the good times the couple had so far. Only your creativity would limit you in creating this physical symbol of your love and commitment.

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 8

Step 5. Frame your marriage certificate

Display the document proudly in your home.

Depending on where you are married, it is possible to pay a little extra to have a prettier official document than usual, and this can serve your purposes well

Show Commitment when You Don't Want a Wedding Ring Step 9

Step 6. Reaffirm your love regularly

Rings don't make a good marriage. Marriage is much more about striving to maintain an intimate relationship, and being there for your love in good times and bad. One way to declare your commitment is to promise to reaffirm your vows on each wedding anniversary, using words, poetry, pictures, or any other way that requires personal effort. You could even make this public reaffirmation at a family party, with some friends and relatives as witnesses of your love. Some couples like to renew their vows by celebrating a new marriage every few years or on specific occasions.


  • Some women prefer to wear the engagement ring than the wedding band. For them, the initial commitment signals the ongoing intention.
  • Be prepared to put an end to any kind of flirting by letting you know immediately that you are married. Feel flattered by this kind of attention, but don't let the flirting continue. The person will think much better of you this way.
  • Ask your friends for more ideas. This may prevent them from pressuring you to wear a wedding ring!
  • The minister who will officiate at your wedding may have some alternatives to offer. Talk to him for more ideas.


  • Don't think about it too much. If you don't want to wear a ring, don't. That simple. Let other people deal with their own traditionalist justifications. It's not your problem.
  • Be aware that other people may question your commitment if you decide not to wear a ring at all. Classics include: "So are you in an open relationship?" or "He couldn't pay for a ring?" Get ready. The size of the alliance does not indicate the strength of the bond between two people.
  • Know how to avoid pressure from people around you. Judging someone's relationship by the lack of an alliance shows a closed and narrow mind. Also, there are better ways to find out if a person is married or not. Asking for example! If this is the only reason people insist that you exchange rings at the ceremony, it's not worth paying attention to.

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