3 Ways to Flirt Online

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3 Ways to Flirt Online
3 Ways to Flirt Online

Want to start flirting via internet chat? We can help you. You can increase your skills in flirting and chatting with potential partners online, as well as how to get a date and make connections on the internet to get the best chances of meeting someone.


Method 1 of 3: Chatting and Flirting

Online Flirt Step 1

Step 1. Start the conversation with something interesting

If you want someone to talk to you, you have to have a subject. Regardless of whether you meet the person in real life or just from a dating site, it's impossible to make a "connection" if all you have to say is "hi", "okay" or "you're cute",

  • Don't start the conversation with "hello" or "how are you?" this leaves no room to develop it. Start by asking an interesting question, observation or comment. Even if it's something simple, do it like this: "Nooooooosa! There's no way I can't ask about this profile picture. Is it a waterfall? Share it, please!"
  • Don't start with an overused sentence. Insinuations or dirty jokes are not very effective ways to attract someone's interest. Read the next section for more specific advice on choosing topics to talk about.
Online Flirt Step 2

Step 2. Get the other person to talk

Everyone likes to talk when it's easy; if you want to have a fun and flirtatious conversation, make the other person's task easier by asking questions and being a good listener when they respond.

  • Follow up on the subject after your questions. If the person answers that the profile photo (with the waterfall) was in Cancun last summer, ask about the trip. How was it? What was the funniest thing she saw there? What's the worst food?
  • Don't be curious. Asking questions like "Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! I wouldn't dare try bungee-jump. Did you like it?" It's a thing. But answering "How can you afford a bungee jump working as a cashier in a grocery store?" it's none of your business.
Online Flirt Step 3

Step 3. Be playful

It's hard to define what flirting is. A lot of people just want to bond, a kind of "tune in" with others. On many occasions, this has to do with your sense of humor and whether you are very laid-back. Unleash your sense of humor. If you think it's funny to refer to obscure Wu-Tang Clan songs or cite random facts while chatting, go ahead. Don't change your way of being. If someone doesn't find this as fun as you do, they'd better find someone else.

Sometimes light banter can spice up the conversation or make you look like a cad. For one person, it might be funny when you say "That's a nice picture at the waterfall. You probably froze, and those plants over there look like marijuana seedlings… but the attempt was good", while others will find something totally boring

Online Flirt Step 4

Step 4. Respond in a timely manner

To flirt, someone needs to be "on the other end of the line", or the conversation won't "call". Reply to as many messages as you can, showing the other person that you enjoyed the conversation between you.

  • "Keep them waiting" is the rallying cry of people with no one to talk to. If you want to chat online, you need to enter a website or chat room; if you want to ignore people's messages, go do something else.
  • If someone doesn't answer you, leave the person alone. There's no point in throwing out lots of interesting, well-formulated questions if they're going to respond with "that's nice."
Online Flirt Step 5

Step 5. Be the person who ends the conversation

The best flirtatious conversations are the ones that leave the other person wanting a lot more. It is necessary to leave the other thinking about you, wishing to see that your username is logged in again to continue the chat. Before the conversation "runs out of steam," it's a good idea to end it first to get the individual thinking about you.

Look for a "high point", which can be hard to beat during the chat, to say goodbye. If you make someone laugh a lot but can't think of anything to continue, simply end the conversation: "It was nice talking to you. But I need to go feed my dog ​​- he's about to eat me!"

Online Flirt Step 6

Step 6. Be persistent

Invest time and effort into flirting, but don't expect much payoff in the beginning until you create a "connection" with the right person. If you can't start a conversation with anyone, there's no way to chat. Flirt, have fun, talk to everyone, always approaching light subjects.

On the other hand, don't give up without a lot of effort. Online chats take a lot of time to get to know someone. As stated earlier, the conversation should be light and always easy to approach

Online Flirt Step 7

Step 7. Stop trying to show that you are the "good guy" and just be yourself

If you want to flirt and find a real "tune in" with someone, it's important to be who you are and not be promoting your "Facebook" version. It's very easy to appear perfect online, just talking about yourself and your achievements. So avoid this and don't change your way of being.

  • Write the same way you talk. There's no need to make you look like a know-it-all by trying or using words you wouldn't normally use to flirt. Ultimately, the person on the other end will only get the impression that you are fake and weird.
  • On the other hand, self-deprecating humor can be funny (in some cases), but it can also be irritating or give the impression that you are desperate. It's good to talk about yourself, but in a positive way.

Method 2 of 3: Knowing what to say

Online Flirt Step 8

Step 1. Keep the conversation light

Flirting is like talking normally, but in a funnier tone. Chat hoping you'll laugh and have fun, not like you're already going out with the person or making them fall in love with you. It's weird behavior, so just relax and chat like she's a friend.

  • Take advantage of the internet as a resource. Read a funny article, see a really cool-g.webp" />
  • Each person likes to talk about different things. For one person, it may be considered flirtatious to tell long stories and talk about serious matters, while for another individual it may be boring. For the latter, flirting may be telling "tales" of parties, while for others it may be unpleasant. "Read" each person and make adjustments.
Online Flirt Step 9

Step 2. Take it easy

Online flirting is a marathon, not a sprint. There's no reason to be in a hurry and say what you want, already plan a date or think about where they will live with all the 5 children they will have. Wait a minute, take it easy! Think first about laughing, having a relaxed conversation and seeing if you like someone.

  • Don't go straight into inappropriate sexual references. A little innuendo might work with the right person, but only when you know them well. If it looks like pornographic, it's not flirting.
  • Avoid saying "I love you" after five minutes of conversation and after seeing a user's profile picture. This discourages any attempt at relationship. It's okay to tell the other person that you find them beautiful, fascinating, and loving, but words of love should be avoided at least until they get to know each other very well. If you wouldn't say it in real life, don't say it online.
Online Flirt Step 10

Step 3. Talk about common interests

If you're chatting with someone in your class, talk about the classes; if you live in the same city, chat about your favorite neighborhoods or the best restaurants in the area. Anyway, always address an event that you have in common so that there is a "tuning" between you.

If you don't have anything in common or can't figure out what you both like, ask questions until you find something, even if they're silly, like "What's your favorite month? Why?" or "What's your sign" and you can start talking about something

Online Flirt Step 11

Step 4. Recall a funny fact that happened to you today

For sure, everyone you talk to on the internet will have already been subjected to the same battery of silly questions: "What do you do for fun?", "What are your hobbies?" and flirtatious questions that everyone already knows. But if you tell a story about your neighbors fighting to find out which dog peed on the other's porch, there's already one more hook to pick up another topic, asking "What do you think about dogs?" or "Do you like dumb neighbors?"

Don't overdescribe your whole life. Talking about your everything that happened during your lifetime is a good way to make someone think you're obsessed with yourself. Share only interesting details

Online Flirt Step 12

Step 5. Don't tell unnecessary details

People don't need to know the intimate details of past facts, problems and their most private desires and thoughts. Leave this for later, after all, it's not flirting, it's talking without thinking.

  • Don't be pessimistic when trying to flirt. If you are having a bad time, don't say this as it won't help you much in this task and it will only convey an image of despair.
  • take very careful when talking about serious things like marriage, children, monogamy and such matters, especially if you don't know the person you're chatting with. All of these topics "kill" attempts at flirting, so it's best to wait to meet him in person to talk about these topics.
Online Flirt Step 13

Step 6. Play a "association game"

It may sound silly, but if you can't think of anything else and still want to flirt, you can propose to the person to play this association game from random questions, arguing about unimportant subjects. Talk about your best meals, your favorite animals, if Katy Perry is a music icon, or if your songs are more boring than watching cricket. Good questions, even if they are silly, will show your funny side:

  • "Tell me more about the best sandwich you've ever had."
  • "Which member of Metallica, One Direction or the Beatles best represents you as a person?"
  • "If you could go to any country, which one would it be?"
  • "Which is better, sleeping or hot tubs? Or Netflix? Or… hiking? I say trails to show I'm not lazy, I swear! Sorry, you can answer."
Online Flirt Step 14

Step 7. Praise the other person from time to time

Praising can be a good way to "open doors" to find more things to talk about. Pick something you like or have noticed about the individual and use it to compliment them, making this something that can be used as a discussion topic.

  • Praise is always great, but it's also almost always tricky to respond to. Try turning them into a conversation: "That picture of you in the waterfall is so beautiful! You look great in it. What happened that day?"
  • A compliment per conversation is enough. By speaking highly of the other person, you can give the impression that you are being obsessive and false. When you judge an attractive individual, he will be glad to know this, but you don't have to say the same thing fifty times every 5 minutes.

Method 3 of 3: Looking for Online Dating

Online Flirt Step 15

Step 1. Register with an online dating site.

Online dating sites are becoming more common and almost necessary, especially in big cities, being a great way to meet people nowadays. If you want to flirt on the internet and look for interesting people, create a profile on one of the following sites and start your search. It's a cool way to chat and flirt on the web:

  • match
  • okcupid
  • Tinder
  • MeetUp
  • Plenty of Fish (POF)
  • eHarmony
Online Flirt Step 16

Step 2. Your profile must be honest, meaning no exaggerations or omissions

If you want to chat with someone, fill in the profile information without lying and in an attractive way. Make yourself feel like you really are to attract like-minded people.

  • Don't stick to the basics and the shake. All other profiles have phrases like "living life to the fullest" and "I like to travel". Be frank and creative, finding something to say.
  • Think carefully about how you will "summarize" yourself in the profile. Highlight the most distinctive, interesting, and truest features about yourself to put into it for everyone to read.
  • Being honest doesn't mean desperate. If you haven't dated for 20 years, you don't have to tell everyone just to get attention.
Online Flirt Step 17

Step 3. Use a nice photo on your profile.

Having a "connection" with another person is more important than looks, it's true. But when flirting with someone online, good images of their face and body (in clothes) are also important. If you can't take proper pictures on your own, ask a friend or professional to capture a beautiful portrait of you.

  • Don't change your way of being in these photos. Don't try to be a "tough" and bizarre version of yourself with scantily clad images (when you hate it). Show yourself as a genuine, normal and pleasant human being with a photo that captures you at your best.
  • No nude photos or where you're drunk. It's not a good idea.
Online Flirt Step 18

Step 4. Make a little mystery

There is no reason to "show yourself" fully. Keep your privacy, even on online dating sites, taking the time to get to know the other user better before disclosing intimate details and, even so, making the first meetings in busy places. By sticking to this rule, the rest of internet flirting comes down to fun!

  • Meeting someone who looked cool at first but who has turned into a really weird person who repeatedly asks for your phone number or address is not a pleasant thing, on the contrary - it's scary.
  • Avoid putting thousands of photos on your profile to show off. Any user you flirt with will think you're too vain.


  • Letting the person be in control of the interaction (and the relationship) is the result of a lot of praise given, such as “you are so hot”. Every idiot sends things like that to others – don't be one. If the person is that beautiful, he must already know it! By sending messages like this, such an individual will know that it is not worth taking you seriously.
  • When talking, the “actions” will let the person know what kind of guy you are. Did she praise you? Give thanks, and if you're feeling flattered, put on a "blush" emoticon. That way the person will be able to better identify their reaction, let's say.
  • Some dating experts suggest that women should seek out as much of a man's personal information as possible, not putting in too much of their own data as a security measure. Use instant messaging as a way to get needed information. Search the other user's identity on the internet to see what else you can find.


  • People lie on the internet. Sometimes you will be disappointed and at other times you will be surprised.
  • The meeting should always take place in public places until they get to know each other well enough. It is highly recommended that the first date be in a busy location.
  • Women, take friends with you if the date is at night.
  • Photos of yourself from the 1980s show that your mindset is still stuck in that era. Avoid them at all costs.
  • Try not to use photos that include an ex (even if you cut it out of the photo).
  • Avoid photos where you are focused from far away; let potential boyfriends see you up close.

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