How to Toast Marshmallows: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Toast Marshmallows: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Toast Marshmallows: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Right now, thousands of people are warming themselves around a good fire on beaches, camping in the woods or in their backyards, throwing pine cones and sticks to feed the fire. None of these people should go through this experience without toasting a marshmallow skewer.


Part 1 of 2: Roasting a marshmallow

Roast Marshmallows Step 1

Step 1. Make a fire.

Ideally, it has been lit for an hour when it starts to roast so that the charcoal is just right. The perfect fire needs items that go beyond a proper hole and something that produces fire, specifically three things:

  • The wick, which is the material used to start the fire. Paper, charcoal, dry brush, dry pine cones, wood chips, etc. can be used.
  • Twig, which must be mounted from the outside to the inside and up, leaving room for air.
  • Dry branches about the size of your arm, which will be added gradually after the fire is lit. They will keep the fire going longer.
Roast Marshmallows Step 2

Step 2. Define what will be used as a skewer

Wear something long (arm length fits here too), firm and with a point. Try one of these:

  • Barbecue skewers made of metal. They will feel warm to the touch, so it's good that they have a wooden handle.
  • Big strong branches, sapless and sharp.
  • Wooden BBQ sticks. Be careful not to burn yourself as they can be small for a fire.
Roast Marshmallows Step 3

Step 3. Spike a marshmallow

The tip should go through the candy so that it doesn't slip; if this happens, don't point the skewer down into the fire, so the marshmallow doesn't fall in there.

Another idea is to skewer several marshmallows, but it will be more difficult to make the crunchy cone on all of them. In that case, it's better to toast one at a time is better

Roast Marshmallows Step 4

Step 4. Roast the marshmallows over the hot coals

After the fire has burned for a while, the firewood will turn to red embers; hold the marshmallow just above the embers. The heat from the makeshift grill will not produce soot, making it perfect for caramelizing the sugar and leaving the marshmallow immaculate.

Roast Marshmallows Step 5

Step 5. Slowly rotate the skewer

While holding the skewer over the fire, turn it so that the candy burns evenly. When the cone is brown on one side, go to where it's still white, until it's completely baked.

The marshmallow will start to lose firmness and you can twirl it with the stick. In such cases, it is necessary to use a second skewer to hold it straight

Roast Marshmallows Step 6

Step 6. Bringing the marshnallow closer to the fire will roast it too much and it may even catch on fire

Even if you can blow it out, it's the end of the treat. Unless you like charred food, don't put the skewer near the fire.

Do not shake or pull the skewer sharply if the marshmallow catches on fire. This sounds like a joke, but a projectile that size can cause severe burns

Roast Marshmallows Step 7

Step 7. Be careful when holding the marshmallow above the fire

Embers simply radiate heat, but flames also emit gases from burning materials with smoke. This type of heat, called convection, burns the mashmallow much faster. Therefore, even if the flame is well below the skewer, it is possible to burn just one side and even set it on fire. Prefer to use the embers.

Roast Marshmallows Step 8

Step 8. Eat the marshmallow

Some people prefer to take the crunchy part and eat it first and then devour the white cream that is inside. This means that if your marshmallow caught fire, you can still extract some delight from it. Another risk is that all your friends detonated the bag of marshmallows while you were reading this article.

Be careful to eat the candy as it will be hot like lava inside. Leave it on the fire for 30 seconds to a minute

Part 2 of 2: Variations and Other Recipes

Roast Marshmallows Step 9

Step 1. Bake the marshmallows in the oven

Anyone who has a wood-fired oven at home can enjoy this recipe, but a conventional oven will also work, especially if it has a higher flame. Make a row of marshmallows on an aluminum baking sheet, bake over medium heat or on the third shelf of the oven, and don't take your eye off. In a minute or two they will turn brown, turn them over to brown evenly.

Raise the roasting pan to the top shelf or raise the heat if it takes too long

Roast Marshmallows Step 10

Step 2. Roast them on the stove

This Method is similar to the campfire, but you will use the flame from a stove top. It has contraindications, such as the difficulty in browning completely, and if you go past the point, the marshmallows will drip on your stove and make a mess. Hold the candy on the edge of the fire so it doesn't melt.

You can use a fork for this method, but it will turn black if it gets too hot. Also, the fork will be hot as an ember, so wait for it to cool before putting it in your mouth

Roast Marshmallows Step 11

Step 3. |Make ‘’S'mores’’

This recipe is an American classic, there are no children (or adults) who do not like it and it is very easy to make:

  • Use a Maria cookie and break it up to the size of the marshmallow, if necessary. If you can't find Maria biscuits (which is practically impossible), others of this type will do. The chocolate version is a good option.
  • Place a square of chocolate on top of the cookie.
  • Take a freshly roasted marshmallow and place it on top of the chocolate.
  • Cover the filling with another biscuit and squeeze the sandwich, spilling marshmallow around the edges. His heat will melt the chocolate and turn it into a cream of the gods.
Roast Marshmallows Step 12

Step 4. Make a ‘’banana boat’’

Here's another quick and delicious way to enjoy your marshmallows:

  • Make an opening along the banana skin without taking it off.
  • Spoon the banana through the opening.
  • Fill this space with chocolate chips and marshmallows.
  • Wrap in aluminum foil and place on a grill over the fire, grill or in the oven; use a baking sheet and bake at 150º C.
  • Leave it there for between five and 15 minutes, looking at it from time to time. The longer you leave it, the more caramelized and golden the banana will be.
Roast Marshmallows Step 13

Step 5. Add marshmallow to hot chocolate, coffee or dessert

Forget the tedious version of putting raw marshmallow balls in the hot drink, experiment with them baked! In ice cream and chocolate and vanilla milkshakes they are also amazing.


  • Do not throw marshmallows that burn out. Just take off the roasted shell and enjoy what's inside. Don't give up, this isn't the end of your chef's career.
  • If your marshmallow falls and it hasn't turned cream yet and the skewer sits too long on the ground, run it through the fire to burn the debris and sterilize it.
  • “Green” or live branches will not catch fire before you are done. They usually stay on the ground, avoid pulling them directly from the trees.


  • Be careful with children near fires
  • Bonfires are not allowed in any park or reserve.
  • Keep the fire under control and bury the remains of the fire before going to sleep.
  • Leaving flammable materials near a fire unattended can start a fire.

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