How to Be a Secret Agent (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Secret Agent (with Pictures)
How to Be a Secret Agent (with Pictures)

They may be among us, working for government agencies, corporate entities and private organizations. The job is to gather information and make a report based on it. If your desire is to play this game full of secrets and intrigues and you think you have what it takes to do this job well and be accepted by a secret intelligence agency, this article is tailor-made.


Part 1 of 3: Working With Your Espionage Capabilities

Be a Secret Agent Step 1

Step 1. Have charisma

Who would have thought, but the famous James Bond is not considered a good secret agent for his strength or intelligence. He wouldn't even be a good action movie hero, but he makes up for it all with his ability to adapt to the situation and environment he's in. Plus, he has plenty of charisma. The secret of a good secret agent is knowing how to captivate complete strangers and manipulate them into doing their bidding. If your goal is to make high stakes in poker in Morocco, you have to have a Xaveco capable of doubling the security, the porter and on top of getting into the game wheel. But how to do all this? Answer: charisma.

To exercise charisma, ask complete strangers in public places to telephone. Pass the conversation on to people you don't know to do what you want. Practice your sense of humor, short, to-the-point answers and natural charm

Be a Secret Agent Step 2

Step 2. Spend time perfecting your gift for acting with different types of people

Go to places where you are not very welcome and try to be accepted in that environment. Learn everything you can from those already there. Could you pass for a farmer in southern Brazil, sweating to pay the bills at the end of the month? Or pretend to be a Canadian diplomat? And a riponga musician and composer? A good secret agent should take all of this out of the picture.

Learn about all cultural levels. In a week they can send you to mingle with senior officials involved in illegal smuggling operations. You will need to talk about the best wines and opera with some of them. The following week, you may be assigned a job in a coal mine. You'll have to drink with real sugarcane and know how to talk about the idols of country music or funk, for example

Be a Secret Agent Step 3

Step 3. Learn to detect lies and to lie without getting caught

When an undercover agent is spotted by security guards crouched in a dark room with a flashlight in his hand, he needs to come up with a great excuse and, on top of that, convince. All this in a split second. The opposite situation also demands of you: if you catch someone in a suspicious attitude, you need to quickly identify whether the person is lying or not. The advantage of knowing how to detect lies is that this skill makes you a more convincing liar.

  • Pay attention to body language. Liars tend to keep their arms crossed and their bodies facing away from others, as if they want to run away. Those who tell the truth, however, have a more "open" posture.
  • Liars often repeat the lie word for word to buy time to craft a convincing story. To avoid making this same mistake, practice your excuses and lies beforehand so they don't realize you're lying.
  • When lying, try to relax. If you know you have to lie, relax. Most liars get caught for getting agitated or overly anxious. If you are calm when it comes to lying, you will appear more convincing. An interesting article on lie detection is How to Detect Lies.
Be a Secret Agent Step 4

Step 4. Keep fit and be athletic

An undercover agent's job may include getting through barbed wire fences, hanging from a helicopter in mid-flight, or entering the sewer system of a major food industry. And, in any case, it's essential to be able to run, and really fast. You must always be prepared for whatever comes and goes.

  • Focus more on aerobic exercise than strength work. Most undercover agents look nothing like the beefy strongmen of the cinema, but they manage to run like an Olympic athlete when it comes to evading guard dogs, security guards, etc.
  • Amazingly, the secret of many agents may lie in yoga. The ability to control one's body, squirm through narrow corridors and be physically fit as a whole. Yoga can provide all of these benefits and more.
Be a Secret Agent Step 5

Step 5. Learn to fight

If the situation gets out of hand, it may be necessary to roll up your sleeves and go to the melee. If you're not good at fighting, you'll end up in the back of an abandoned house, being tortured and interrogated by the people you were spying on.

  • To throw a good punch, keep your fingers closed but not too tight. Leave a little slack and tense your fingers just in time to deliver the blow. Keep your thumb under your other fingers.
  • Hit the target with the middle of your hand (with the bone of the middle finger, not the ring finger). The ideal is to strike using the first two joints (of the index and middle fingers), hitting the middle of your opponent's face (the nose and eyes). At the same time, avoid the jaw and head. Because they are tougher parts, they can end up breaking your hand. Punch straight and hard.
  • Practice the defensive posture. Keep your fists by your face as if you were boxing. Go towards the opponent, even if he is trying to punch you. That way it is possible to turn the game around.
Be a Secret Agent Step 6

Step 6. Learn to speak several languages

If you want to carry out your work around the world, you must know how to speak the language required by a given mission. This skill is even more important when it comes to corporate espionage, missions involving official government agencies and countries experiencing serious turmoil. The most requested languages ​​in the world of espionage include:

  • Arabic.
  • Farsi (one of the languages ​​spoken in Afghanistan).
  • Russian.
  • Mandarin.
  • Pashto (one of the Iranian languages, spoken among other countries in Pakistan).
Be a Secret Agent Step 7

Step 7. Learn to read lips

One of the most important skills of a budding secret agent is knowing how to decipher body language. Learning to identify information that a person gives without even realizing it is an essential skill for an undercover agent.

To practice lip-reading, try watching movies without sound and carefully observing the shape of the actors' mouths. Compare the mouth movements with the caption. Then turn off the subtitle function and try to decipher what is said. Go to public places like restaurants to practice listening without being noticed

Part 2 of 3: Joining a Secret Intelligence Organization

Be a Secret Agent Step 8

Step 1. Get a solid background in Business Administration, Foreign Languages ​​or Law

Contrary to what some imagine, a secret agent is not recruited on the streets, and not by chance. Academic qualification required.[[Image:Be a Secret Agent Step 8.jpg|center|550px]

  • You can find agents with different backgrounds, but the most valued areas are usually business, languages ​​and international law. It is necessary to study something that involves him in international politics. Experience in the military area is also valued.
  • In Brazil, you must pass a public examination to join ABIN (Brazilian Intelligence Agency). There are cases where civil servants from other areas of the government are relocated to the agency.
Be a Secret Agent Step 9

Step 2. It is necessary to be aware of ABIN's public tenders through specialized newspapers (available at all newsstands)

The agency does not hold public tenders every year, as it needs the approval of the Public Ministry first. The contest usually consists of three stages. One with objective and discursive evidence. The next consists of social and functional investigation, accompanied by a medical evaluation. The third consists of the ABIN Intelligence training course.

To take the public exam for secret agent, you must be Brazilian or Portuguese, have a university degree in any area and have completed 18 years of age

Be a Secret Agent Step 10

Step 3. Prepare to have your life turned upside down

In addition to criminal records, they will investigate every step you have taken in life, as well as interview family and neighbors.

  • The sieve is fine. In addition to having to pass the rigorous tests in Foreign Languages, Economics, Law, Psychology and other subjects, the candidate can take a physical assessment test (which may include swimming). To increase your chances of being accepted, stay away from any drugs or alcohol or anything that could cause legal problems. Any psychological or legal problems could end your dream of being a secret agent.
  • For the few who pass, the routine at the School of Intelligence is very demanding. Students must always wear a suit and tie to classes (starting at 8am and continuing until 6pm) and are monitored at all times. You can't fool around.
Be a Secret Agent Step 11

Step 4. Set priorities in your life

If you manage to be one of the few approved, congratulations! However, this is where the real hard work begins. You have to be ready to move to a completely different country, being always available to the secret service.

  • It is also necessary to let go of material goods and lead a somewhat frugal life. Avoid creating bonds that bind you if you have to disappear for a while on the orders of a mission. If you are a secret agent, your job is your life.
  • Being a spy means giving up a personal and affective life. Not even your best friends or closest family can know what you really do. Could you live like this?
Be a Secret Agent Step 12

Step 5. Learn about the opportunities that industrial and corporate espionage offers

If you have the necessary skills but have a defect or another in your history, an alternative is to work for large companies that hire this type of professional to spy on competitors.

  • If you end up not working for the government for one reason or another, it might be a good idea to start as a private investigator. It's a smart way to get a good reputation as a spy and be in demand by big companies.
  • Espionage from the business world is not necessarily illegal. However, it can cause a lot of headaches if you sign an absolute confidentiality agreement. You are more likely to work for company X as an undercover employee at company Y to be an informant type.

Part 3 of 3: Going Unnoticed

Be a Secret Agent Step 13

Step 1. Study the cultures and political landscape of the places where you will carry out a mission

Once the place, the target, or the task to be facilitated has passed, learn as much as you can about the political landscape of the place. For example, a mission to the UAE to spy on an oil tycoon will require a completely different approach than a mission to dismantle a militant group at a tourist spot.

  • Study both the contemporary setting and the history of the place. Learn about the culture and try to understand the spirit and mentality of the people who live there. What makes them smile and let their guard down? How do they differ from you?
  • Find out about the geography of the place. If you're in Iraq and you need to know how long it takes to get from Baghdad to Kuwait and back before nightfall, there won't be time to waste digging through the iPhone without stopping to figure it out, right?
Be a Secret Agent Step 14

Step 2. Create a convincing fake story and establish local contacts

You are likely to be given a fake ID to carry out the mission. For example, that of a senior executive working for a large Asian food company to determine which cities offer the best infrastructure for factories. Your superiors will give you a general script, but you are the one who will have to work out the details of your fake life.

  • Face everything as if you were an actor. Your life may depend on it. Any detail that allows them to trace your data back to your true identity could make your enemies discover the hoax.
  • On most missions, you will need to find someone who can give you good references. That someone must be part of the local scene. Strive to establish as many contacts as possible at the mission location.
Be a Secret Agent Step 15

Step 3. Know your target well

Keep it close. Most of the time, you won't be spying on your targets from a distance with binoculars to catch shady deals. Instead, you'll be face to face with them, digging through their computers and then disappearing. That's why you need to captivate and earn your targets' trust.

  • Learn everything you can about their habits, routine, preferences and dislikes. For example, if you discover that the under-the-counter marijuana general is into overpriced whiskeys, all you need to ingratiate yourself with is a bottle of Laphroaig.
  • However, if you have to stick close to the target, you may need to keep a good distance and plan a perfect escape if all goes wrong. Have you ever thought about being caught in a chase inside the supermarket? Planning is necessary.
Be a Secret Agent Step 16

Step 4. Mingle with the crowd

If you want to spy, it's essential to go unnoticed by crowds and the local community as if you were one of them. Have a great reason to be there, besides dressing up like the locals. Avoid drawing attention at all costs.

Spend a lot of time blending in with the local scene before taking action. In most missions, you won't need to do anything extraordinary. On the contrary, they will ask you to just keep an eye on the situation. Your main objective should be to go unnoticed

Be a Secret Agent Step 17

Step 5. Always be aware of your surroundings

Learn to think fast and be flexible in any situation imaginable and possible. Try to find new uses for everyday objects or always carry a multipurpose tool with you. Here are some skills that could save your life as a secret agent:

  • repair engines in general
  • Throwing knives.
  • Fix a radio.
  • Free yourself from handcuffs.
Be a Secret Agent Step 18

Step 6. Work as a team with the intelligence agency

Watch out for any events or details that are out of the ordinary in your target's routine, mission location or situation. Even if you don't know exactly why you find something strange, report what you noticed to the agency.

Develop your intuition while you're in action. During the entire career of a spy, it's very rare to hear the enemy on the line flagging down saying something like, "We'll bring the cocaine tomorrow at noon." Criminals aren't dumb, and you'll need to identify patterns of behavior that lead to more evidence related to illegal business or the information you want

Be a Secret Agent Step 19

Step 7. Obtain the necessary equipment for professional espionage

It is essential to your work. Currently listening devices are tiny, and you will probably learn to use them during the ABIN course. Depending on the nature of your mission, you'll need to spend a lot of time monitoring listening devices, listening only to static noises or a rather boring conversation between the president of a weapons complex talking about horses with his mistress.

Be a Secret Agent Step 20

Step 8. Prepare a "to-go" bag

A good secret agent must always be ready to disappear into the world if necessary. Always carry a bag with a survival kit, versatile clothing to fit in any weather, and an emergency tracker (a device that responds to radio frequencies) so agency personnel can locate you after you've fled of enemies.


  • Always remain calm and act naturally.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Try not to tell anyone that you are a secret agent.
  • Be aware that if someone is really nice to you, they might know more about you than you expected.
  • Know how to talk and the same time.
  • Master the technique of reading lips very well.
  • Use the element of surprise to your advantage.
  • You can inspect areas too!
  • Trust only your teammates.
  • Buy more formal clothes.
  • Have more than five secret agents. That way, you can take turns spying.
  • Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.
  • Follow the code of conduct of the espionage world - ask, observe and listen.


  • Your self-confidence and ego must be under control.
  • You must be aware of the laws and not do anything illegal, or you could end up in trouble with the police.
  • If you carry a firearm in public places, you will end up in trouble with the police. It's better to use objects that don't cause more than one bruise!
  • This is not like James Bond or Inspector Gizmo! Every day, real-life secret agents die.
  • Remember to always be aware of what is going on around you.

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