4 Ways to Be a Spy

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4 Ways to Be a Spy
4 Ways to Be a Spy

Regardless of whether your dream is to become a professional spy or whether you want to spend time playing spy, learning how to observe other people and decipher a sequence of events definitely has its uses. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Method 1 of 4: Becoming a Spy

Be a Spy Step 1

Step 1. Build courage

Once you begin your spy duties, you'll be forced into situations that won't always be safe (collectively known as the “danger zone”); could have serious consequences; and will definitely be full of unknowns. Can you handle it all? Did we mention that your only weapons might be quick thinking and creativity?

If the answer is “yes”, you can take it. Start putting yourself in different situations right now – the more capable you are of dealing with different things, the less likely you are to be shocked by the information you will learn and the strange people you will encounter

Be a Spy Step 2

Step 2. Get smart

This is more than a thinly-veiled reference to 1960s spy shows - you need to have a superior intellect to spy even minimally well. The profession's actions are not called “gathering intelligence” for nothing. Expand your skills and become a master of various knowledge. After all, knowledge is power.

  • Know a little bit of everything. That way, when your target says something like, “Wow, I love Picasso's blue period so much,” you can say something pertinent, keeping the conversation going and further deepening your knowledge of the target. The more you know, the more easily you will be able to follow potential sources of information.
  • Read non-fiction spy books. Basing all your spy skills and knowledge on the James Bond canon won't get you very far in the real world. Movies are fun but unrealistic; choose books and websites that detail what real spies learn and put it into practice. TV shows may offer some reflections as well, but watch these programs sparingly.
Be a Spy Step 3

Step 3. Increase creativity

It's in your best interest to start trusting yourself when it comes to responding to something. You probably won't be equipped with trinkets from headquarters for a while; therefore, being able to process situations and problems using only the objects at your disposal is the key to success.

Techniques and recommendations can still be found on this page, but a simple flash of creative thinking serves as a first step into the world of espionage. Anything can be a clue, and everyone can be helpful. How can you manipulate the environment to get closer to your goals?

Be a Spy Step 4

Step 4. Get a normal job

Remember how Clark Kent had a job at the Daily Planet even though his activities as Superman took up all day? You will do the same. Unfortunately, as with most spies, you will need a job that gives the characteristics and habits of a normal person. If you lie to someone saying you “do” something, eventually that clue will eventually lead others to find you at work. In fact, this is a story with “evidence”, not really a lie.

But that doesn't mean you'll be working all the time. This is the life of a spy. Nobody said it would be easy – but they may have already said it will be amazing. So push yourself, get a regular job, and start cultivating your John Smith/Jane Doe personality

Be a Spy Step 5

Step 5. Get in shape.

Although physical confrontations are something spies avoid at all costs, staying in shape will still be necessary for you to stay on your feet all day, losing someone or making a quick getaway. Emphasize long distance walking/running. Try to strengthen your arms and legs and, if you can, try to learn something about self-defense.

Parkour has its place in espionage, too. Not only will you be able to overcome the obstacles that appear in front of you, but you will also learn to think more respectfully about the world. When a problem presents itself, what is the fastest path you can take to solve it? Just as you would train your body with Parkour, try to exercise your mind

Method 2 of 4: Going Unnoticed

Be a Spy Step 6

Step 1. Hide in plain sight

A spy's number one goal is to blend in with others. Don't try to wear a “spy outfit” (expensive suit and sunglasses); have several everyday clothes for certain places and situations. Put on a dark and aged outfit if you want to chase someone in a punk environment; bring a fanny pack and camera if you want to mingle with a group of tourists.

If you are not obeying the “visual” of a certain scenario, this is when your daily work enters. You're just a regular guy taking a walk after work. Get the papers, the briefcase and nothing will be suspicious. Fill your wardrobe with necessary, everyday accessories

Be a Spy Step 7

Step 2. Load a minimum of equipment

The less equipment, the more mobility you will have. Carry only essential items vital to your operation and survival. Do not carry weapons, which are not only dangerous and illegal, but would also incriminate you and reveal your secret identity in case you are caught.

  • Improvise your own weapons in case you get attacked; better yet, practice some martial art to defend yourself (only amateurs go on the attack).
  • Trust your words if you feel a conflict is about to break out. Spies are masters of manipulation who can make anyone believe anything. You can even try smiling and greeting everyone to pretend better.
Be a Spy Step 8

Step 3. Participate in activities around you

If people around you are eating ice cream, drinking coffee or making hot dogs, buy one of these elements to blend in with. Even people observing the environment is a permissible activity, but don't overdo it. Make a simple activity choice so you don't look like you're hiding (especially if you can't do it right). Following this same concept, you won't be able to make a quick escape if you're caught in a very tricky situation – like being stuck in a room with locked doors or having to walk through a crowded place.

When mothers give birth to their babies, they often report sleeping with "one eye open." You'll need to observe everything hidden behind all the glory of your hot dog as you follow a questionable bearded man to the right. Practice these actions with your friends and see if anyone reports that you sounded distracted or, less eloquently, weird. Monitor your own body to avoid indiscretions

Be a Spy Step 9

Step 4. Sum up from the Internet.

Staying incognito in the real world won't do you any good if someone can check your online profiles, photo albums, and blog posts. Always be on the internet, but do it with great discretion. You cannot let anyone recognize you.

It's doable. You can live without Facebook. It may not sound easy, but you can do it. If people ask, you simply need to say that the cane called technology, which is so sought after by modern man, is not necessary. In most cases, the questions will end here

Be a Spy Step 10

Step 5. Never run in the middle of a group of people

This is the universal sign for Look at me! I'm trying to get away. If you need to run, try to act like a hurried worker who must arrive at the office soon to start a meeting, saying things like "I'm late for work, excuse me please!"

Really, you should attract very little attention. It's safe to assume that this might even mean becoming a less attractive person. After all, the more people look at you, the harder it will be to escape their gaze. But know that not attracting attention doesn't mean staying still and silent – ​​it means staying still enough and quiet enough to go unnoticed

Be a Spy Step 11

Step 6. Don't be nervous or react if you are seen

Remaining calm and casual can go a long way in convincing people to let go of their suspicions. If you find yourself being watched, automatically getting up and leaving may only make your problem worse. Wait for an opportunity to be able to escape without any problems.

  • The human mind is malleable. If you think someone is following you, just change your tone. Maybe you hid behind a newspaper and your furtive glances over it were a little subtle – that's when you call your friend Joaquim and ask him where he is – after all, you've been waiting with that damn newspaper for 30 minutes!

    Another alternative is to walk up to the suspect and ask what the problem is. With good intentions, of course. Being direct will likely reassure that person, turning the tables in your favor

Be a Spy Step 12

Step 7. Know when silence is needed

Absolute silence is key if you've been following someone for 25 blocks. Don't breathe too deeply; don't walk fast; do not wear clothes that make noise. You can blend in with the ambient sounds (in open and public areas this will be easier). However, when you're alone in a park – well, it's your responsibility to analyze the risks.

To make things easier for you, before starting the quest, study the area for things like loose boards and noisy doors. Look for animals, cameras and, in general, familiarize yourself with the environment. This will come in handy later

Be a Spy Step 13

Step 8. Get a disguise

Okay, this is an optional detail, but it can be useful – since the cover doesn't even have to be good! In fact, simply looking extravagant can remove all sources of doubt or suspicion. If the event requires disguise, consider it as an option.

Wear ugly sweaters, oversized glasses, and if you have noticeable hair (red or blond, or long black), consider wearing a brown, poorly cut wig. This will make you even more fun

Method 3 of 4: Using Espionage Techniques

Be a Spy Step 14

Step 1. Learn to focus your hearing

It's hard to reconcile listening to a close conversation with no one around, but it's even harder to select individual voices while blending in with a large audience. Learning to focus voices will help you gather data in the most complex places.

Technology will be your best friend. Put on a pair of headphones or “entertain yourself” with a game like Candy Crush. Do something, but make as few noises as possible – otherwise you'll hardly be able to even hear yourself

Be a Spy Step 15

Step 2. Learn to read lips.

Regardless of whether the target is beyond hearing range or his voice is drowning in the noise, lip reading can have great advantages. You might even be able to follow distant conversations by sweating a pair of binoculars or camera lenses.

For practice, watch a movie on the mute with subtitles turned on to get used to the way your mouth forms words. Once you get good at it, remove the subtitles and see what you can capture. Use a movie you know well to get started

Be a Spy Step 16

Step 3. Master the art of lying and detecting lies

After all, the intelligence gathered doesn't mean much if it's filled with false information. To read people comprehensively, it will also be helpful to learn to read body language.

The hardest part here is that you cannot accuse someone who has lied of dishonesty. The same goes for body language – you can't ask the person if they're stuck in such a way that they're talking to their lover – and not their wife. To find out if your suspicions are correct, you'll have to listen to the victims a little longer

Be a Spy Step 17

Step 4. Learn to follow someone without getting noticed

People don't sit still for long – so find out how to follow a suspect who moves. What is your reason for following the same path as him?

Always have a backup plan in case you are seen. For example, try to keep objects like drinking fountains or newspaper stands on the way so you can “do other things” while following the suspect

Be a Spy Step 18

Step 5. Steal things without getting caught

The suspect may be carrying evidence that could be a very useful clue, or, if you want to be more dark, it may be necessary to steal something from the subject to blackmail him into giving information. As mentioned, you will need to use the environment in tricky situations, so it's useful to be able to steal a useful tool to get out of a tricky situation without attracting too much attention.

  • Try to steal something small from your friends, like a pen or a folder, and return it without them noticing for practice.
  • Don't use this as an excuse to steal. This article encourages espionage for good, not evil.
Be a Spy Step 19

Step 6. Mix with technology

You don't have to resort to hiding in corners or lip reading with binoculars. All the technology at your disposal can practically save you the trouble of spying.

  • Although you may have to face certain legal issues (fair notice), install cameras in places frequented by your target and view footage later. Get to the room early, install everything and get out. Evidence? Check.
  • Spy with your computer. These days, breaking into a computer is not something reserved for the best hackers in the world. If you get access to someone's personal files, you're unlikely to have to chase that person down with your Chevette. All this while hiding behind the keyboard.
Be a Spy Step 20

Step 7. Improve your night vision.

The best hiding place is always covered in darkness – so it's nice to be able to see what's going on. Even if you are human (…right?) and subject to poor night vision, there are some things you can do to revise your ability to see in the dark.

Start working in the dark. Your eyes will, over time, adjust a little faster and you will be less nervous if your sense of sight is canceled out by the darkness. This will allow for more agile movements and thoughts

Be a Spy Step 21

Step 8. Improve your memory

All the intelligence in the world won't help you if you don't have a mind like a metal trap. Consistently work with memory games and ask yourself questions regarding event details. In time, you will be able to observe things better and facts will begin to be fully memorized.

There are numerous tricks (summaries, rhymes, mnemonics) that can be employed to your advantage. If your memory is like that of a goldfish, don't be scared. You will not need to tattoo the information onto yourself

Method 4 of 4: Establishing a Protocol

Be a Spy Step 22

Step 1. Have predetermined locations to find your members. Not make all your meetings in one place, as this will attract suspicion and unwanted attention. People think that spies are found in dark alleys and places like that – so prefer casual corners (cafes, cafeterias, libraries, etc.) or public areas (parks, museums, etc.).

  • There are many reasons for arguments, but a “business” meeting is always a good excuse. In fact, this is when a noisy environment will help you; the last thing you want is to be heard.
  • Remember that public places will keep you safe. Most public places are too big for soundings (controlling such corners is impossible) and full of potential witnesses. Avoid areas with security cameras.
Be a Spy Step 23

Step 2. Have another change of clothes on hand in case you get chased

This will allow you to be able to blend in with people. At the very least, carry a hat or jacket – accessories that can be easily put on.

On the other hand, you may want to wear several layers of clothing that can be removed later. If you see this as a useful act, wear disposable clothing – you may have to throw them away

Be a Spy Step 24

Step 3. Do not carry any form of identification with you

If the situation calls for it, upload false information designed to mislead. Keep in mind that there are technologies and vehicles associated with you – so if you need to be with those things, your excuse will have to be a good one.

Don't create fake ID cards or anything that is easily verifiable – this can lead to legal problems.Try carrying a postcard or mail with your fake name and address to say you left your ID at home

Be a Spy Step 25

Step 4. Gather intelligence before going on a mission

Use hours, days, or weeks to casually survey the area, learn common routes, and get others used to your figure. You will be more comfortable within the environment.

It's good to have satellite maps of the area to discover relevant areas; at the very least, familiarize yourself with Google Maps. You can even see porches and backyards of possible targets – what more could you want?

Be a Spy Step 26

Step 5. Learn your targets' habits

This will allow you to anticipate their next moves. Know what type of car they drive, their license plate number, their associations, etc. If you can always stay one step ahead, so much the better.

Search for them on the Internet too. Depending on their connectivity, you can get more details about their involvement in various activities – which could lead you to the right places

Be a Spy Step 27

Step 6. Be aware of the environment at all times

Learn to think in the act and be creative, preferably while maintaining a casual (or even a little silly) look. Try practicing new and useful ways to use objects within your reach, or replace them with ones that perform various functions.

Be a Spy Step 28

Step 7. Always have a backup plan or lie ready

Even the best plans run the risk of failing. You will want to be prepared if you end up being questioned. Trust can get you out of trouble.

If you feel like you need to run away, do so. You could end up being exposed if you wait too long. However, by aborting the operation before things get complicated, you can try again the next day

Be a Spy Step 29

Step 8. Consider finding patterns

It's good to have more than one spy around – this fellow could observe the area and provide cover. Teamwork is crucial for all spies. Communications make this possible; simple everyday gestures, predetermined actions or communication devices are recommended. Anything discreet and unremarkable favors you.

With partners, plans need to be elaborated in more detail. Alone, you can, to some extent, improvise. But with partners, it will be necessary to establish points of view, communication protocols, possible movements and a Plan B. However, there is strength in numbers


  • Don't be surprised to learn things. Especially shocking things. A spy's job is to discover these things and report them to the "boss". If you're spying for a cause (such as causing environmental damage), document everything with photos, notes, etc., as you'll need convincing details.
  • Don't necessarily act right away when you hear random information. Always suspect such information to be lies before obtaining legal evidence. Just because you're a good guy doesn't mean the villain is an idiot.
  • Black clothes don't help if your mission takes place in the dark; wear dark clothing such as grey, dark blue or purple. Black makes you look like a spy and makes you stand out – unless, of course, all workers wear black (usually in central business districts). Brown is even better because people don't notice this color very much.
  • Learn to sketch quickly; it is helpful to know how to draw certain areas that need to be revisited. When taking pictures, don't do it too obviously.
  • Instead of avoiding being seen by the police or people who might suspect your character, go to them and act like a fool asking for directions. If people don't see you as a threat, they won't look at you as a suspect.
  • Develop hand signals that only you and your team can understand. Don't make gestures that are too complicated or suspicious.
  • Try wearing something soft (or just socks) on your feet to move silently if you're spying inside a building.
  • Learn to open locks.
  • Headquarters must be in an isolated or extremely hidden area. Try private offices, presentation rooms and computer rooms.
  • Write things in a notebook, transcribe them to the computer and delete the original papers. Keep in mind that your computer can be stolen or hacked - so consider storing data digitally secretly.


  • If you are spying to gather evidence, avoid committing crimes by doing so, such as trespassing; property damage, etc. It will be obvious who did these things if you start publishing information on the subject on the internet or in newspapers.
  • Remember, you may face moderate or complex legal repercussions when participating in most forms of espionage. You can, for example, be sued for stalking someone. Be careful.
  • Be cautious even with your closest friends. You never know who will approach you in certain situations, and your friends can reveal your location and identity. The bad guy might even be your boss! Be careful - don't trust anyone.
  • Always obey the law. Going to jail while claiming he was “trying to help” rarely earns him any respect.

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