How to Achieve Full Leg Extension: 11 Steps

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How to Achieve Full Leg Extension: 11 Steps
How to Achieve Full Leg Extension: 11 Steps

This article can be useful for anyone, but it's mostly made for beginner dancers or dancers who can't take lessons. Here you'll see how to achieve full leg extension, but don't think it will be like magic. You have to be very flexible to do this, so if you don't go, you're going to have to stretch a lot! Anyway, I hope the article helps!


Get Your Leg Extension Step 1

Step 1. First, you have to believe in yourself and believe that you can do this

You will need to stretch daily to achieve this, and this takes a while, but you have to work hard enough!

Get Your Leg Extension Step 2

Step 2. The main step in achieving full leg extension is to have the ability to open a split in the first place

As this article is aimed at beginners, not being able to open a split is to be expected. You don't need to know how to open a split fully to get a reasonable leg extension, although this helps. So, the next step will be stretching and tips to get a split open. If you can already do this, skip the steps below.

Get Your Leg Extension Step 3

Step 3. To open splits, you need to have some flexibility, so start by doing some simple stretches to warm up

Get up and touch your toes with your legs together, then get up and touch the floor with your palms, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Repeat this movement while sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you.

Get Your Leg Extension Step 4

Step 4. After doing these stretches, it's time to start the split stretches

The first one is the butterfly stretch. Sit on the floor with your knees bent out and the soles of your feet touching. Press your elbows against your legs, you should feel an intense stretch in your thighs. The goal is to get your knees flat on the floor, but you don't expect to be able to do this right away as it is a very difficult and advanced stretch. If you experience pain, you should keep your legs as far as you can without pain and not strain them any further, as this could result in serious injury. This stretch loosens the thigh muscles, which will help in the last phase of your split, so do it, as without it there's no chance of making it.

Get Your Leg Extension Step 5

Step 5. Another good stretch is the sink

Bring one leg forward and bend your knee to a 90° angle, also bending your back knee just above the floor. This move also helps a lot in the split. Start doing it for ten seconds on each side and gradually until you reach sixty.

Get Your Leg Extension Step 6

Step 6. When you feel that you are close to being able to open a split, it is time to work on the leg extension

Look for a piece of furniture as high as your waist. A barbell is ideal for this exercise, but if you don't have one, a sturdy piece of furniture works just as well! Lift your leg and place it on the piece of furniture at waist level. This should be very easy, as your leg will only go up to your waist. Progress to larger furniture gradually, but if you feel pain at a certain height, do not use a taller piece of furniture to place your leg. Keep working at the same height and eventually you will be able to lift it painlessly. Continue this until you are able to do and split and you will have a leg extension with the support of the furniture. Also be aware that it is possible to learn the split during the leg extension exercises, so after you practice leg extension, don't forget to practice the split splits to see how much you improve!

Get Your Leg Extension Step 7

Step 7. Once you are able to raise your leg to head height with the support of the furniture, you will need to work your muscles so that you can lift your leg without the aid of the furniture

You don't need to balance yourself if you don't want to, holding your leg with your hands is also impressive, but if you want, follow other stretches that will help your muscles.

Get Your Leg Extension Step 8

Step 8. Deep and deeper

The sinks really help, so do as much as possible!

Get Your Leg Extension Step 9

Step 9. Kick your leg up and keep it that way, your muscles will slowly get used to it

Make sure that muscles participate in this movement, as the quadriceps cannot go beyond 90°. Soon you will be able to keep your leg above your head!

Get Your Leg Extension Step 10

Step 10. Finally, congratulations on stretching, because even if you don't get the result right away, you'll get it right away

Get Your Leg Extension Intro

Step 11. It's over


  • Don't give up if you can't get it right away. Try, try and try again!
  • Always stretch before trying tricky tricks and dance moves, as you risk being seriously injured.
  • Good luck with full leg extension; if you try, you will soon be successful!


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