How to Improve Your Basketball Pitch: 8 Steps

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How to Improve Your Basketball Pitch: 8 Steps
How to Improve Your Basketball Pitch: 8 Steps

If your goal is to play basketball on a high school, college or even professional level, it's critical to perfect your pitch. The better he is, the better his chances of getting a spot on a team; for this it is important to train regularly, improving your kick. There are several techniques that can be used to increase the accuracy of the shot, such as improving the ball's throwing motion and the fundamentals of increasing speed.


Method 1 of 2: Training the Throwing Movement

Step 1. Begin training to catch the ball in a ready-to-shoot position

By doing this, it will be much easier to train the throwing action; being ready for the kick as soon as you catch it – instead of having to get your body ready for it – will give your shots much more speed and precision.

To catch the ball in the throwing position, bend your knees and body slightly forward at the hips. It's like you're getting ready to take a leap. The kick will have more force

Step 2. Identify the throw height that is most comfortable

It is necessary to know in which part of the body the player already feels comfortable releasing the ball on the pitch, something different for each one. Find the best time and perfect the action.

  • For example, you may feel more confident releasing the ball when it is at mid-forehead level, to the right of your head, or even just above your head.
  • Remember that each player has a different spot for the right pitch. Concentrate on finding the right height and work the movement from there.

Step 3. Position yourself

The position of the arm, hand and head can also influence the accuracy of the kicks. The throwing arm and hand should form a letter “C” once you're getting your body ready to throw. Ask a friend to check that you are taking the right action or do it in front of a mirror.

It is important to look straight ahead during the throw

Step 4. Complete the move

When throwing the ball, it is very important to finish the movement by bending the elbow to propel it. Hold the position until the ball contacts the basket; this is critical as making a consistent move every time you throw the ball will improve your accuracy.

The body must also assist in finishing the movement. With your knees bent and in the ready-to-shoot position, start the action by jumping and releasing the ball. Keep your body in the extended position so that the action is completed after the ball leaves your hands

Method 2 of 2: Training the Elbow on the Throw

Step 1. Stand with only one leg

To make this foundation that aims to strengthen the elbow, it is necessary to hit throws while keeping balanced with one leg, helping to improve your balance while the difficulty of the kicks increases. Start at the free-throw line and use only one leg to stand.

You can use your left or right leg initially, but it's important to change your leg after a while. It is essential to perform this exercise with both

Step 2. Hold the ball with both hands

In the beginning, balancing with just one foot should make things quite difficult, so it's okay to use both hands during the first shots. It's important to keep your elbows pointed toward you and your fingers toward the center of the basket when shooting.

Also, remember to find the right place to release the ball, make a “C” with your upper limbs and finish the movement after the throw

Step 3. Change the shooting location

Shooting from one position can actually make you very good shooting from that spot on the court, but it's a good idea to vary distances and parts of the court. Try switching between different locations to challenge yourself in different ways.

For example: start training from the free-throw line, then to the left and right of the basket and repeat

Step 4. When you feel ready, increase the difficulty

Once this exercise is simpler to perform and you feel ready for more complicated throws, use only one hand. As always, it's very important to complete the move as when using both hands, but you may need to start calmly until you perfect your one-handed kicks.

If you can't complete the throwing move well because you're using only one hand, go back to using both


  • Train every day for best results.
  • Count the number of shots you hit each practice to see how much you improve.

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