How to Be a Good Pointer in Soccer: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Be a Good Pointer in Soccer: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Be a Good Pointer in Soccer: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you want to know how to be a complete forward, which will help your football team a lot? In this short guide, you will discover some ways to improve your skills and become a better Ponta.


Part 1 of 4: Improving Your Speed

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 21

Step 1. Improve your speed

The most basic physical attribute a Prong should have is speed. With it, you will be able to go to the end line through the sides of the field, as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi do. To improve your speed, follow the steps shown in this section.

Relieve Tension in Your Shoulders Step 11

Step 2. Ask a friend to place both of their hands on your shoulders

Fix a Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder Step 13

Step 3. Try to run with all your determination towards your friend as he tries to prevent you from doing so by using your hands on your shoulders

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 7

Step 4. Ask your friend to let go of you and move away from you

Move after about 10 seconds. The result should be you running much faster.

Begin Mixed Martial Arts Step 7

Step 5. Repeat this method at least 10 times a week

You will notice that your speed will increase in about a month. This method is widely used by athletes to increase their speed.

Part 2 of 4: Increasing Endurance

Break a Headfirst Fall or Dive Step 16

Step 1. Work your stamina

Another physical attribute a good Ponta must possess is endurance. One way to strengthen your endurance is to swim, in addition to running slowly for long distances at high altitudes. The first way increases the strength of your lungs, while the second increases the amount of red blood cells your body produces. These types of exercise increase the amount of oxygen your lungs can support when breathing.

Part 3 of 4: Ball Control and Agility

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 4

Step 1. Increase your agility

No Ponta would be a complete player without ball control and a lot of agility. How to improve these aspects? Simple - follow the suggestions in this section.

Half Volley to Soccer Ball Step 13

Step 2. Practice ball control daily, carrying it through tight spaces

A good place is your home - but avoid any damage to objects in the place or people.

Impress Soccer Coaches Step 6

Step 3. Make several turns with the ball and get used to the leg movements

The more you do them, the better your ball control will be, which is essential for a wing.

Dribble a Soccer Ball Past an Opponent Step 7

Step 4. Run

As far as agility is concerned, you can sprint weekly. Time your time and always try to improve it.

You can also learn some moves and dribbling by watching tutorials and videos on YouTube

Shoot a Soccer Ball Step 15

Step 5. Train your non-dominant foot

You need to be able to pass, dribble and kick with both feet. Many of the best strikers in the world have the same skills on the ball with both feet. They are capable of grabbing and kicking or passing the ball in a curve. Work so that your non-dominant foot can handle the ball perfectly. It may feel awkward at first, but with training, every move will become more natural.

Part 4 of 4: Positioning

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 13

Step 1. Look for space when your team has possession of the ball

Run into space and do this often.

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 12

Step 2. Use your eyesight to help find spaces without getting in the way

Place yourself in these spaces regularly at the right times.

Improve Your Game in Soccer Step 17

Step 3. Have someone make the pass for you in this space on the field

If you are on the edge, cross or try to invade the area, complementing with a dribble or pass.


  • Zigzag the cones to increase your ball control.
  • Touch the ball every day. This is essential for you to become a good football player. The more you get used to the ball, the better player you will be.
  • Throw the ball up and try to control it with your foot while it is in the air.
  • Practice juggling with both feet and the ball.

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