How to Win at the Iron Arm: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Win at the Iron Arm: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Win at the Iron Arm: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Most people consider arm wrestling to be a battle of strength, but champions of the sport know that technique is fundamental in competition. In fact, winning at arm wrestling has more to do with positioning your body and torso relative to your opponent than with brute strength. Rather than trying to push your opponent's arm down, use the strength of your arm and shoulder to pull his hand down.


Part 1 of 2: Positioning the body and arm

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 1

Step 1. Position yourself with your dominant foot forward

Put your right foot forward if you use your right arm on the iron arm; otherwise, put your left foot forward. Standing with your dominant foot facing your opponent will allow you to focus your body and torso weight on your arm.


if you are competing seated arm wrestling, sit with a slight inclination so that your dominant foot is closer to the opponent.

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 2

Step 2. Position your body so that your hip touches the table

Whether you are standing or sitting, keep your stomach as close as possible to the arm wrestling competition surface. This means that if you keep your right foot forward, your right hip will be against the table.

  • The closer your body is to the table, the greater your ability to pull your opponent's arm down.
  • If you are standing or sitting at a distance from the table, you will not be able to use your shoulder muscles during the arm wrestling match.
Win at Arm Wrestling Step 3

Step 3. Keep your upper arms in front of you and close to your body

Ideally, depending on how your body is positioned, your elbow should be only 8 to 10 cm away from your chest. For maximum strength, keep your arm centered in front of your body during the game.

As a reference point, position your arm so that your thumb is directly in front of your nose


with your arm in this position, you will apply shoulder and arm strength simultaneously, rather than just using arm strength.

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 4

Step 4. Hold your opponent's hand with the joints as high as possible

If you can, bend your wrist slightly as you lock hands with your opponent. If your hand is slightly elevated over his, you'll have more leverage and can pull his arm harder once the game starts. If your hand is in a good position, your fingers will be directly over the nail of the big toe.

If you are competing arm wrestling in an official competition, the judge may insist that you keep your wrist straight, not bent

Part 2 of 2: Dealing with the Match

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 5

Step 1. Bend the palm inward to weaken the opponent's wrist

Once the arm wrestling match starts, focus on weakening the opponent's wrist. Slowly bring your palm toward your face to turn your wrist toward your shoulder. This will bend the opponent's wrist forward and strengthen your grip, making it difficult for the other person to grip.

If you don't have enough physical strength to do this, just keep your wrist straight

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 6

Step 2. Make a quick move to surprise a stronger opponent

If you know your opponent is stronger than you, make a surprise move as soon as the game starts. Bend your palm inward and try to force your opponent's arm down before he can apply force. This can help you overcome your opponent's strength.

  • Remember that you can get tired quickly if you don't succeed with this move.
  • Have a strategy! In the iron arm, hand placement and technique are more important than strength.
Win at Arm Wrestling Step 7

Step 3. Let your opponent get tired if you think you are losing

Sometimes the other person is too strong for you to be able to apply your technique. If this happens, put your wrist back to make your opponent's action difficult. Then hold your position until he gets tired. When he appears to be struggling, push his arm down.

Pretend you're confident you're going to win. Your opponent doesn't know you think you're going to lose, so appearing confident can make him fold

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 8

Step 4. Perform a “top roll” as soon as the strongest opponent gets tired

When your opponent gets tired, pull your hand closer to your body to weaken his arm and gain more advantage. Slide your hand up so that the middle of your palm grips the top of your opponent's hand. Then, as you push his hand towards the table, pull his opponent's wrist back. His palm should rotate towards the ceiling.

When performing a “top roll”, you can draw your body back to further attract the opponent's arm


this movement depends more on momentum than brute force. Applying pressure to the opponent's hand will force it to open up, limiting his use of muscles.

Win at Arm Wrestling Step 9

Step 5. Use the hook if you and your opponent are matched in terms of strength

To apply the hook, bend your wrist inward. This will extend your opponent's arm, but it will require you to apply a lot of force with your biceps. Lean your body - especially your shoulder - over your arm and keep them close together. Bring the opponent towards you while pulling their arm down.

  • This technique is useful if you are as strong as your opponent, whether in your forearms or biceps. You'll force his wrist back for more advantage.
  • Keep your wrists in contact throughout the game. This will cause force to be applied to the wrists rather than the hands.
Win at Arm Wrestling Step 10

Step 6. Force the opponent's hand down to win the game

To finish the opponent, rotate your body and position your shoulder in the direction you want your arm to go. This way, you can apply the strength of your shoulder and the weight of your body on the opponent's hand. Keep pulling and force his hand towards the table!

So if you compete with your right hand, lean over your right shoulder towards your opponent. Otherwise, lean over your left shoulder.


If you know you're stronger than your opponent, you can try to apply all your strength in one quick move to overtake him and win in just a few seconds. This tactic will keep you from getting tired over a long game


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