How to Become an MMA Fighter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Become an MMA Fighter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Become an MMA Fighter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you want to team up with fighters like Randy Couture, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Anderson Silva and become an MMA fighter? With the right direction and skills, it is possible to become the kind of balanced competitor the UFC seeks. Learn to fight, gain experience, and find out how to become a professional. Read this article to find out how.


Part 1 of 3: Learning to Fight

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 1

Step 1. Get in shape.

Mixed martial arts are a test of endurance, strength, agility and willpower. You must be a balanced fighter to fight a fight in the sport. If that's your ambition, you'll need to be in shape.

  • Gain muscle mass and lose fat instead of dieting to lose weight. It is ideal that you gain mass and become stronger. Developing a healthy weightlifting and aerobic exercise routine to get into a competitive rhythm will ease the process of transitioning to specific training.
  • If you don't have time to go to the gym, work out at home. Create a routine with running, sit-ups, crunches and stretches.
Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 2

Step 2. Learn boxing

MMA fighters are a mix of boxers, martial artists, wrestlers and many other fighting styles. One of the simplest ways to start gathering the skills you need is to learn boxing, which teaches you how to throw punches and defend yourself with your guard up and standing.

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 3

Step 3. Study wrestling (wrestling).

If you are a newbie and just starting out, consider joining a wrestling club to gain a good foundation and gain experience fighting in a controlled environment. It may not be as flashy as what happens in the UFC, but learning the basics of amateur wrestling will make you a stronger fighter as you build your ground fighting skills and endurance. Plus, it's also a great way to monitor your weight and get in shape to compete.

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 4

Step 4. Learn martial arts

When trying to get into MMA, it's beneficial to have experience (even at the amateur level) in wrestling and other martial arts. You can go straight to learning the basics of MMA, but being a balanced fighter, able to fight both standing and on the ground, is the difference between a top fighter and a mediocre one. The martial arts that can help you become familiar with MMA are:

  • Karate and kung-fu are excellent for learning accurate kicking.
  • Judo is an excellent fight to learn how to take down your opponent.
  • Jiu-jitsu is studied by most successful MMA fighters. The art takes solo fighting to a new level
  • Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing or “the art of the 8 limbs”, specializes in throwing punches with the knees and elbows.
Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 5

Step 5. Look for a gym in your area that specializes in martial arts

Learning to fight in the Octagon will require more than just knowing different types of martial arts individually and fighting. You'll have to learn to combine them and train with other MMA fighters, simulating combats and developing your skills. You will learn the basics and have good resources in the communities that join the gyms.

Part 2 of 3: Gaining Experience

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 6

Step 1. Start developing and specializing in your style

There are many types of fighters, from technical boxers to street fighters, from wrestlers to masters of the art of kicking. Which competence is most natural to you? To become a great mixed martial arts fighter, you will need to identify your specialty and develop that skill until you can effectively use it against your opponents.

In part, doing so can also develop other skills you acquired prior to MMA training. If you are a wrestler, develop your solo fight, and also work in boxing to become a more balanced fighter. If you started with boxing, train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu to improve your ground fighting. Become a complete fighter

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 7

Step 2. Find and compete in the appropriate weight category

You should find your healthy weight range rounding up, and then consistently stick to it. The UFC classifies fighters according to the following categories:

  • Straw weight: up to 52, 2 kg
  • Fly weight: up to 56, 7 kg
  • Rooster weight: up to 61, 2 kg
  • Feather weight: up to 65, 8 kg
  • Light weight: up to 70, 3 kg
  • Medium-Average Weight: up to 77.6 kg
  • Average weight: up to 83.9 kg
  • Medium Heavy Weight: up to 93.0 kg
  • Heavy Weight: up to 120, 2 kg
Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 8

Step 3. Get past your first fight

When you have enough training experience, ask one of your trainers to schedule a fight for you. This will give you a sense of what it's like to fight MMA. If everything goes well and you like it, keep marking fights at a pace that doesn't get in the way of your training. Trust your trainer to schedule fights with opponents who are the same level as you.

Fight brokers often schedule fights using an inexperienced fighter as bait (in this case, you). They schedule a rookie fight against an experienced opponent to witness a bloodbath. Try not to fall for that kind of blow in your first fight. It would be disheartening to have to fight a much more experienced fighter in his first fight

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 9

Step 4. Develop your mind game

When starting to compete, learn to ignore defeats and victories. Always focus on your next fight, stopping only from time to time to analyze your trajectory and results in the ring. Worrying about the old fights will only do you good if you study them and learn what you can improve to increase your chances of victory in the next fight.

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 10

Step 5. Keep training

Keep working hard at the gym and using the techniques you've learned. Assemble a good training team, including other more experienced fighters and trainers who will help you identify areas where you need to improve. Strive to become the most balanced fighter possible and keep winning fights.

Part 3 of 3: Going Professional

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 11

Step 1. Start networking

Get on the internet and start spreading your reputation as an amateur fighter. Participate in UFC events and acquire contacts in the sport. Join forums on the subject and interact as much as possible with the community. If you want to become a professional MMA fighter, you will have to make your life revolve around the sport.

  • The websites “Tapology” and “Fight Network” are popular with MMA fans and fighters. Interact and learn everything you can.
  • Participate in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Promote your fights and appearances. Also, keep in frequent contact with your fans.
Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 12

Step 2. Get a sponsorship

If you have gained a good reputation and achieved good results as an amateur wrestler, contact companies that have a history of career management. Negotiate a deal with them.

It is important to understand that companies are only interested in the winners. Keep winning fights against strong opponents. They are always looking for experienced and promising fighters that they can profit from, not just aspirants with a little talent. Increase your chances by winning as many fights as possible

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 13

Step 3. Be unique

Mike Tyson had the chains and Muhammad Ali had the rhymes. In the MMA world, Chuck Lidell wore a mohawk and discredited his opponents, while Anderson Silva adopted an unshakeable posture. If you want to stand out from the rest of the fighters, you'll have to develop an interesting and eye-catching personality.

A flashy appearance is more natural for some fighters than for others. Don't waste your time with hairstyles and tattoos. This would be better spent training. Still, it might be worth thinking about your personality for a while. Think of a scary nickname and use it

Become an Ultimate Fighter Step 14

Step 4. Take part in a test for the UFC

If your goal is to become an MMA fighter, you will need to audition for the UFC. Invite representatives to your fights and keep in touch with them. Let them know you want a chance. The organization works basically like a VIP nightclub: you have to be invited to join. However, it's okay to let everyone know you're interested.

Consider applying for a spot on the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter." The program usually runs tests once a year at a predetermined location. It's common for them to limit participants by weight category or region to tailor the attraction to a certain theme, but keep checking the show's availability as you make your fights and win them


Keep fighting and winning


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