How to Make a Punching Bag (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Punching Bag (with Pictures)
How to Make a Punching Bag (with Pictures)

Punching bags are used to increase strength and endurance in athletes. Martial arts or boxers use them to improve their techniques; however, they can be quite expensive, which can be problematic for someone who is training on a shoestring. An inexpensive solution to this problem is to make your own bag.


Method 1 of 2: Using a PVC Pipe

Make a Punching Bag Step 1

Step 1. Cut a PVC pipe so that it is 90 cm long

Measure it and draw a line where you will cut it with a marker. Use a pipe cutter or a hacksaw to cut.

Make a Punching Bag Step 2

Step 2. Drill two holes in each end of the PVC pipe

One set of holes will be used to secure the base, and the other set will be used to hang the bag.

Make a Punching Bag Step 3

Step 3. Create the base

Trace the outline of where you will cut with a compass. You can also trace the bottom of a 20 L bucket. Draw two circles, one 10 cm and one 10 cm in diameter, and cut them out of the plywood.

Make a Punching Bag Step 4

Step 4. Attach the 10 cm circular piece of plywood to the PVC pipe

Place the circle inside the pipe so that it lines up with the holes you made. Thread screws through these holes to secure the plywood to the pipe.

Make a Punching Bag Step 5

Step 5. Attach the larger circular piece of plywood to the PVC pipe

Place the 25.5 cm piece at the bottom of the pipe where the 10 cm piece is. Drill holes through the two pieces of plywood to connect them.

Make a Punching Bag Step 6

Step 6. Use a utility knife to cut the carpet

It will need to be about the size of the PVC pipe. Leave about 4 inches of pipe uncovered at the top of the punching bag so the holes you made are exposed.

Make a Punching Bag Step 7

Step 7. Wrap the carpet around the pipe

Start by attaching one edge of the carpet to the pipe and then slowly roll the pipe until the carpet is all wrapped around it. After that, use masking tape to secure the loose end of the carpet.

Wrap the pipe as tightly as possible, as the bag will need to be solid when punched

Make a Punching Bag Step 8

Step 8. Cover the carpet with tape

Attach a piece of tape still attached to the roll to the part of the carpet that is closest to the base. Wrap the tape around the carpet in the pipe, overlapping the layers so they are snug. Cover all exposed parts of the carpet.

Apply as much tape as you can to the top of the carpet, but don't worry about covering it completely

Make a Punching Bag Step 9

Step 9. Thread a piece of rope through the two exposed holes at the top of the pipe

Make the two ends the same length and tie them together.

Make a Punching Bag Step 10

Step 10. Hang the bag

See where you want to hang it. If you want to hang from the ceiling, do this from a beam so the bag doesn't come loose and hurt you.

Method 2 of 2: Using a Concrete Base

Make a Punching Bag Step 11

Step 1. Combine three 5 x 10 x 20 cm boards

They will support the punching bag. To create the shape you need, place two one on top of the other and then place the remaining one along the 2” sides. Glue the boards together by running wood glue along the 2-inch sides. Once they are glued together, screw them on.

Make a Punching Bag Step 12

Step 2. Drive large nails through each board

They need to stick out so they can help keep the structure in the concrete mix.

Make a Punching Bag Step 13

Step 3. Nail a square piece of plywood to the underside of the planks

The plywood needs to be big enough to support the three standing planks.

Make a Punching Bag Step 14

Step 4. Allow the rack to dry overnight

The glue needs to dry completely before you can proceed to the next steps.

Make a Punching Bag Step 15

Step 5. Clip two tires together

Stack them evenly; they will form the basis.

Make a Punching Bag Step 16

Step 6. Pour the concrete into a wheelbarrow using a rake

Use four bags of the mixture so you have enough to fill the inside of the tires.

  • The wheelbarrow allows you to easily mix the concrete.
  • You can use a shovel instead of a rake.
Make a Punching Bag Step 17

Step 7. Add water to the concrete

With the mixture on one side of the wheelbarrow, pour the required amount of water on the other side. To find out how much is needed, read the concrete mix bag. Adding more than what is needed can spoil the mix.

Leave about 4 cups of water nearby in case you need to add more to the mix

Make a Punching Bag Step 18

Step 8. Mix the concrete slowly

Using a rake, gradually mix small amounts of concrete into the water and continue until the mixture is completely wet. As you mix, make a pile of wet mix on one side of the cart.

Make a Punching Bag Step 19

Step 9. Add the concrete mix to the tires

Place the support inside the tires and fill them completely with concrete, leaving no empty spaces. While the mixture is still wet, leave the support aligned and centered on the tires. Smooth the top of the concrete.

Wear gloves and safety glasses when pouring and handling concrete as the mixture can burn your skin

Make a Punching Bag Step 20

Step 10. Let it dry for two days

If you go to the next steps with the concrete still wet, the support will be uneven. After the mixture is dry, the base will become very heavy. To maneuver the stand, tilt and roll it using the tires.

Make a Punching Bag Step 21

Step 11. Cut an old futon in half

It will be used to pad the punching bag. Lay down the stand and secure one end of the futon to it using masking tape. Wrap the remaining part until it is completely around the bracket. Secure the loose end using tape and keep it tight so that the bag has structure.

Check your local classifieds or online to find a futon if you don't want to buy a new one

Make a Punching Bag Step 22

Step 12. Cover the futon with duct tape

Now that it is attached to the bracket, wrap the exposed area with duct tape, overlapping the layers of tape so that they are snug. You'll cover the entire exposed futon along the stand to secure it completely and make it suitable for punching.

Make a Punching Bag Step 23

Step 13. Place a piece of foam under the tires

It will keep the bag quiet when being punched.

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