3 Ways to Choose a Good Skateboard

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3 Ways to Choose a Good Skateboard
3 Ways to Choose a Good Skateboard

If you're a beginner skater, you probably don't know what to buy. This article will help you choose the best equipment you need. Please note that the prices quoted are for comparative purposes only as they are subject to change.


Method 1 of 3: Choose what to buy

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 1

Step 1. Decide what to buy

If you think about a good skateboard, but have little money, better buy a ready-made skateboard (also called complete or assembled). However, if you're looking for a much better skateboard and have the money for it, it's best to customize.

Keep in mind that custom parts may even be cheaper. You can buy more affordable models and build a skateboard within your budget

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 2

Step 2. Decide between a longboard, a classic or a street/vert

  • A longboard costs between R$400 and R$1000.
  • A classic costs between R$100 and R$500.
  • Street and verts cost between R$100 and R$300.

    Choose a Good Skateboard Step 2Bullet3

Method 2 of 3: Buying a Finished Skateboard

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 3

Step 1. If you are going to buy a ready-made skateboard, it is best to look for a reliable seller

Internet shopping may be cheaper, but look for a skate shop in your neighborhood first. The extra money you spend helps the store and the local community. Develop a good relationship with the store, which often saves you money in the long run. Ready-made skateboards aren't as good as custom ones, but they cost a lot less.

  • A finished skateboard costs between R$70 and R$200.
  • A custom skateboard costs between R$150 and R$1,000.
  • ready Price in USD Brand
    Red Mini-Logo $99, 00 Mini-Logo
    classic $149, 00 Surf One
    Twisted Dragon $59, 00 Powell Golden Dragon
    Sunrise Wave $149, 00 Surf One
    Kickflip Red $59, 00 angelboy
    Andy Mac Fist $59, 95 Andy Mac

Method 3 of 3: Buying a Custom Skateboard

Choose the Shape

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 4

Step 1. How much do you want to spend on a shape?

It has shapes with no print or no print on the bottom; they are generally much more affordable than the pros and work just as well. However, if you stick to your favorite skateboarder's print and have enough money, go for it.

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 5

Step 2. Buy a quality board

The shapes available at a department store are generally of low quality and have cartoon character images at the bottom. If you want a complete skateboard but don't know exactly which one, buy one directly from the company or go to a skateboard store and ask the employee to show you the products. If walking on the street, choose a 7, 5 or 8, 0 shape; if you want to do vertical, 8.0 and up are probably better.

  • Another thing to consider when choosing a shape's width is its height and the style you want to practice. More technical skaters (those who do advanced tricks like Rodney Mullen) tend to prefer between 7, 5 and 7, 75, regardless of their height. The advantage of thin shapes is that they allow for quick rotation. On the other end of the spectrum, we have "go big" skaters (Jamie Thomas is a classic example). Most "go big" prefer size 8.0 for more. The advantage of a wide, heavy board is that it's more stable under your feet when in the air and during landing. This is especially useful for skaters with big feet. If you're small, stick with a 7, 66 or smaller.
  • Shapes Price in USD Brand
    SuperLight $37, 50 Mini-Logo
    silver $49, 95 powell
    On Ka Oi Longboard $75, 00 Surf-One
    Hill Bulldog $62, 00 Powell Peralta
    Street Issue $58, 00 Powell Classic
    Quicktail $100, 00 Powell Peralta

Buying the trucks

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 6

Step 1. Trucks are the second most important part of a skateboard

When buying trucks, pay attention to the following features.

  • The length does not exceed 25 centimeters.

    Choose a Good Skateboard Step 6Bullet1
  • The width of the shape must match the trucks. So, for a 7, 5 shape, buy a 7, 5 truck.

    Choose a Good Skateboard Step 6Bullet2
  • The design should be to your liking. Choose one without drawing if the money is short.
  • The skateboard should be light.
  • The skateboard should slide easily too.
  • Design isn't everything – skateboarding may look nice, but that doesn't mean it will be good quality.

    Choose a Good Skateboard Step 7
  • trucks Price Brand
    Unit Phantom II Truck (White) $17, 99 Phantom
    Grind King The Low Truck (Silver) $16, 99 grind king
    Thunder Creepy Crawl Truck $16, 99 thunder
    Randal 180 $24, 00 Randal
    Tracker 184 $24, 95 Tracker Trucks
    Tracker 129 $14, 99 Tracker Trucks

buying the wheels

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 8

Step 1. Choose the right wheels for the type of skateboard you have

Prefer a street shape with longboard wheels.

  • Longboards use big, soft wheels.
  • Street skateboards use small, hard wheels.
  • Choose the same brand for the wheels and the shape (eg Zero shape with Zero wheels). People might think you're a poser if the brands are different. If you have an Almosts, DGKs shape, you can choose the wheel of any brand.
  • Wheel price in dollars Brand Diameter
    S-3 Black $16, 80 Mini-Logo 50mm
    Strobe Gold $32, 00 powell 53mm
    Wave Black $33, 00 Surf-One 65mm
    Mini Cubic $35, 95 Powell Peralta 64mm
    ripper $32, 00 Powell Classic 56mm
    G-Bones Blue $32, 00 Powell Peralta 64mm

Buying bearings

Choose a Good Skateboard Step 9

Step 1. Check if the bearings are suitable for you

The higher the note the better, which means the bearings last longer, spin more accurately and faster, and obviously move much smoother and are quieter. The best equipment for your first skateboard should have ABEC 5 or 7. If you start with ABEC 1 wheels (considerably cheaper) and change them in the future, it will be difficult to get used to as the skateboard will be much faster.

  • Bearings are classified under ABEC code 1-9 (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9).
  • If you keep the bearings clean and lubricated, they will last much longer.
  • If you have money, buy bearings with ceramic balls. They last much longer and do not need to be re-greased. Ceramic balls also do not absorb as much heat as steel balls, which improves performance.
  • bearings price in dollars Brand
    Bones Red Bearings $16, 99 Bones Bearings
    Bones Ceramic Bearings $94, 99 Bones Bearings
    Swiss Labyrinth Bones $37, 99 Bones Bearings
    Bones Original Swiss Bearings $34, 99 Bones Bearings
    Bones Super Swiss Bearings $39, 99 Bones Bearings
    Bearings Mini-Logo $8, 99 Mini-Logo


  • Before you buy a board, take it off the shelf and climb onto it to make sure the width and length are adequate. Have the shoes you plan to skate in so you can feel what it will be like.
  • The best thing to do when purchasing a new board is to go to the skate shop and talk to the people there. They usually know what they're doing. The guys at the store will tell you which shapes will suit your needs. Remember that people have different opinions about brands. Some say Plan B is good, but others say it isn't. Some like DGK, some don't. Just test the shape and see how you feel. It's good to test several times if you want to be meticulous in your choice.
  • Some skate shops sell undesigned boards that handle well and will last a long time. They are also less expensive than branded shapes.
  • Before buying a new board, make sure you're going to skate a lot; otherwise, it's not worth spending more than R$200 on equipment you won't use.
  • Some good wheel brands are Spitfire, Ricta, Bones and Autoban.
  • Don't buy a board just because it looks cool; choose the one you feel good about.
  • Buy a Grip Gum so you don't ruin your sandpaper. They are imported and cost US$14.
  • If you want a nice design on your shape, spray it. A stencil works perfectly. This option respects your style as you can put whatever you want.
  • Skateboarding doesn't require the precision of a machine. Therefore, you will probably never need bearings with a high ABEC. Some companies, like Bones, don't even rate their bearings. The general rule of thumb with bearings is: you get what you pay for, and quality is expensive.
  • Grind King, Independent, Krux, Thunder and Silvers are probably the best trucks on the market.
  • A great combination of deck for street (but not for longboard):

    • Deck: any Powell-Peralta shape (old-school style), preferably between 25 and 75 centimeters. You can find it on the website powell-peralta.com.
    • Trucks: 9.5 inch (169mm) from Independent.
    • Wheels: from Rat Bones 90th or 85th. For a street, don't go for small, hard wheels (hard is approximately 92y and up; small is 60 millimeters). Soft wheels don't rattle with cracks, and the 90/85a wheels are dense enough to go fast.
    • Bearings: Any Bones bearings; choose Reds if you don't have a lot of money.
    • Sandpaper: MOB is awesome!
  • If you're into maneuvers, you'll need a skateboard with good concavity and pop, good trucks, quality bearings and soft wheels. If you just want to walk, start with a longboard.
  • Most shapes you buy will cost around R$100. The difference is not in the quality, but in the brand and the product. High quality shapes generally last longer and are more expensive, but a basic model will do the same job. The average price of a finished skateboard is between R$250 and R$500. Try to get the best shape possible if you are a beginner, so it lasts a long time.
  • If you want to pay a little more on hardware (screws), go for Lucky. Another suggestion is Shorties if you want it to last a long time.
  • Some good shapes include Flip, Zero, Baker, Almost, Plan B, Girl, Chocolate and Alien Workshop. Any big brand works because they're all made in pretty much the same way.
  • Bones, Flip HKD, Black Panther and Speed ​​Demon are some of the best rolling brands.
  • If you're thinking about buying a second shape and have reached the point of asking yourself "do I want to walk street or vert?", here's a good combination:
    • Shape: Any Chocolate, Girl, Almost or Flip of 7, 75 (7, 75 is the basic size for a street and vert combination).
    • Trucks: Royal, Thunder, Independent or Grind King from 7, 75.
    • Bearings: FKD, Element or Destructo by ABEC 7. By ABEC, 3 is the lowest note and 9 is the highest. I suggest 7 for a combination of street and vert.
    • Wheels: between 52 and 54mm of any brand. Grade 97 hardness is recommended; that way, you won't feel much bumps and rocks in the street.
    • Hardware: Shorties of any kind. This brand is the most trusted.
    • Sandpaper: any one you like. Avoid colored ribbons as they pick up dirt and start to look shabby and ugly over time.


  • DO NOT expose your skateboard to elements such as water or extreme heat. The shape will start to fall apart.
  • Skateboarding takes time and a lot of practice. Don't do risky tricks like hardflips or 360 front flips until you learn the basics: ollie, kickflip, 10 sec manual, boardslide and heelfip.
  • Generic bearings are the worst in the world, and can easily come loose in a few weeks, even after you tighten them. They are cheaper, but if you want to become a professional skateboarder, have professional equipment.
  • Don't buy these supermarket skateboards. They don't hold back maneuvers and can break with just a botched ollie. They are cheap, but two cheap skateboards a week for a few weeks is the price of 2 or 3 expensive skateboards. They are also heavier and slower, which makes it much harder to maneuver.
  • Don't start skating if you don't want to spend time or money. You will normally need a new skateboard every five or six months. If you don't want to go through that, look for another sport.
  • Practice every day for at least 1 hour.
  • Remember: no skateboard lasts forever. Each shape has a different term of use, regardless of the brand. Doing flips tends to break the board if you practice too much. Shapes from Almost and Girls generally have greater durability. If you want a board that lasts a lot longer and has the money for it, choose Uber. Almost offers three Uber skateboards signed by Mullen that cost US$70 (the shape). The basic ready-made skateboard costs between $150 and $250. If you want the perfect skateboard, then we're dealing big money.

    Uber skateboards are pros; so if you're a beginner, don't buy one until you've practiced for at least a year and are ready for regular pro skateboarding. Uber skateboards are actually two shapes inside each other. As a result, it is much softer and requires a lot of balance

  • Skateboarding is dangerous. If you want to try insane maneuvers, a helmet is recommended to avoid head injuries, and elbow and knee protectors.
  • Wear long pants, as your ankles will get in trouble if you do spin maneuvers in shorts.
  • Never do a maneuver if you can't complete it.
  • Skateboards purchased from a retail store are very bad, not suitable for practice, and are called poser skateboards by dedicated skaters. The best place to get a good skateboard is a specialty shop. The second best place to shop is a chain of stores like Vans. BlackHoleBoards has every brand you can think of.

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