How to Look Good for Your Passport Photo: 14 Steps

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How to Look Good for Your Passport Photo: 14 Steps
How to Look Good for Your Passport Photo: 14 Steps

Are you going to leave the country? It's time to get your passport! One of the necessary steps is to take a recent photo, and to look good in it, you'll need some information. As the passport will be valid for the next ten years, be prepared to live with her for a long time.


Part 1 of 3: Getting Ready for Photo Day

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 1

Step 1. Fix your hair

Don't do a fancy hairstyle that you wouldn't normally wear. The reason for having a photo in your passport is to identify you the way you normally look, so it should be a faithful representation of you on a daily basis. This way, you will avoid being detained while traveling.

Do not wear hats or other accessories that cover your head unless you wear something daily for health or religious reasons. If this is your case, the face should be completely exposed, without covering the hairline or shadows anywhere

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 2

Step 2. If you wear makeup, apply the same amount as usual

However, if you don't have this habit, don't go overboard to take the photo. Remember to look the same as always to avoid problems.

  • Use a little compact powder to remove the oil and shine from your skin, if you like. Focus on nose and forehead.
  • It is recommended to apply a little powder or concealer to hide possible dark circles, even if you do not usually use them. These marks can be flashy and look tired.
Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 3

Step 3. Dress accordingly

A passport can be used in more than one situation, from traveling to getting a job and even voting, so wear clothes that are acceptable for any occasion. Wear clothes with a plain print in sober tones.

  • Prefer comfortable clothes that make you feel good.
  • Don't wear anything too bright so that the focus of the photo is you and not your clothes.
  • The shirt is the most important part, as it will appear in the photo. Tops with a canoe collar or V-neck are great options. Thin-strap blouses, strapless blouses, and oversized necklines and bottoms can make you look like you're out of clothes, so choose one that has a visible collar.
  • The background of the photo will be white or black, so choose different colored clothes. Choose those that match your skin tone.
  • Don't overdo the costume jewelry.
  • Uniforms and the like (such as camouflage clothing) are not allowed, except for religious attire worn daily.
  • There are cases in which the photo is rejected by the Federal Police because it looks too much like the previous photo, which means that they were unable to decipher whether the photo is recent. Therefore, if you are renewing your passport, wear different clothes than you used for the previous version.

Part 2 of 3: Taking the photo for the passport

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 4

Step 1. Take care of your teeth

Brush them the morning you take the photo and leave them immaculate. Before taking the picture, go to the bathroom or use the powder mirror and check that there is nothing stuck in them.

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 5

Step 2. Take off your glasses

This is not mandatory, as clear-lens glasses are allowed, but they can cause reflections. Unless you really don't give them up, it's preferable to take them off at the time of the photo.

  • If you need to use them and reflection is difficult, lower them slightly or ask if the photographer can turn off the camera's flash.
  • Touch up makeup. If you have oily skin, it's a good idea to apply a little powder to soften the shine. Make sure your lipstick is well ironed and your eyes are smudged.
Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 6

Step 3. Fix your hair

Long hair can be worn loose and resting on your shoulders. Spend a little mousse or gel and spread it on the last minute rebel strands. Colored hair or black power is not a problem.

For very long hair, one option is to wear one side over the shoulder and the other behind it. Make sure they don't cover the straps of the blouse, so you don't look like you're not wearing any clothes

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 7

Step 4. Follow the photographer's instructions

You will likely take your picture with a professional photographer and they know the best angle for your picture; do what he says and don't change your position without being asked. The proportion requirements are millimeters for the passport photo, help him to get them right…

  • It will likely ask you to look directly at the camera as this is one of the requirements. Keep your shoulders square and look straight ahead.
  • The head should be 2.54 cm to 3.49 cm and should cover approximately 50% of the photograph. These measurements should go from the tip of the chin to the top of the hairstyle.
Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 8

Step 5. Stand erect

Your posture should be open and confident, your shoulders should be relaxed and back. Don't try to avoid the “double chin” by looking up and down, it will widen your neck. A more appropriate alternative is to place your chin slightly forward, just a little more than you would normally allow.

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 9

Step 6. Smile

Wear a natural, discreet smile without showing your teeth, or use a neutral facial expression. You should try to look your best without overdoing it and be sure to follow the photographer's instructions; it will warn you if the photo is unnatural.

  • Federal police can deny your photo if your eyes are squinted too tightly, or if your expression is awkward, delaying the entire process.
  • If you prefer not to smile, think of something that cheers you up so that your eyes have a friendly and serene expression.
Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 10

Step 7. Talk to the photographer

The professional will likely allow you to look at the photos and will indicate the best ones, the ones that are prettiest and that fully meet legal requirements. Although you can give your opinion, decide on one that meets the required criteria.

Part 3 of 3: Preparing ahead

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 11

Step 1. Go to the federal police

In the past, it was necessary to go to a photo studio, one of those that take 3x4 photos, to take the passport photo. Currently, the federal police itself does this, on the same day they take their fingerprints and do the interview.

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 12

Step 2. Cut your hair a week or two in advance

Cutting it off at this time will make it look more natural, so plan ahead. A week or two is enough to make you look good and healthy. Of course this depends on your taste; if you prefer the fresh cut look and trust the hairdresser's skills, save it for the day before.

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 13

Step 3. Do your eyebrows if you are in this habit

The ideal is to do them the day before the photo, to allow time for the redness to pass and the new hairs have no time to grow. You can do this with tweezers or wax, yourself or with a professional. Anything goes for that special occasion.

You can use fresh, moist teabags or aloe vera where it turns red

Look Good for Your Passport Photo Step 14

Step 4. Get enough sleep

So that the dreaded dark circles don't show up and your eyes don't turn red on that big day, try to sleep as best you can over the past few weeks. Your skin will look better and healthier.

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