How to Be an Exemplary Babysitter (with Pictures)

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How to Be an Exemplary Babysitter (with Pictures)
How to Be an Exemplary Babysitter (with Pictures)

Looking to earn extra money? Babysitting might be a good option for you. This job requires patience and maturity, but it can also be a fun experience. Are you new to the business and don't know how to find clients, how to be a good babysitter and how much to charge? Do not worry! Follow the tips below to get ready! With a little dedication, this job will be nice and rewarding! Come on?


Method 1 of 9: What are the best tips for a first-time babysitter?

Babysit Step 1

Step 1. Know the rules and schedules of the child you will be caring for

Record well what the little one can eat and at what times, what tasks he needs to do and when he should go to sleep. Follow the schedule given by the parents whenever possible so that the child is happy and healthy.

Step 2. Find out what is allowed and what is prohibited

Each house has its own rules, and it's important to find out what parents like and dislike. Ask if the little one can watch television, play video games, play in the backyard, etc. It is also good to find out if any place in the house is prohibited for him. If you are taking care of more than one child, find out if there are specific rules for each of the little ones, as they may be different.

Method 2 of 9: What are the main responsibilities of a nanny?

Babysit Step 3

Step 1. Keep children comfortable and safe

The most important role of all nannies is to watch the little ones and ensure their safety. Feed them at the right times, have them do chores around the house or tidy things up if necessary. Then help them have fun!

Step 2. Distract the children and let them have fun

Your work doesn't always need to focus only on the rules. Play with the little ones, watch a movie or read a book with them. If everyone has fun, they will certainly look forward to the next time you stay at the house.

Method 3 of 9: How do I keep children safe?

Babysit Step 5

Step 1. Write down emergency contact information

Get the parents' phone numbers, find out where they will be and ask how you can reach them in an emergency. Also have medical information about the little ones at hand, such as the medicines they take and what to give them in case of problems, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Step 2. Write down any allergies the children have

If there are any drinks or food they can't eat, write it down so you don't forget. Never give little ones anything they can't eat, even if it seems like a silly rule to you.

Step 3. Take a training course for babysitters

This is not mandatory, but this preparation can help you in case of an emergency. Look for a course that teaches first aid and CPR.

Method 4 of 9: How do I make work more fun?

Babysit Step 8

Step 1. Plan activities or games

Board games, puzzles and coloring books are some activities you can do with young children and older ones alike. These games will make work more fun for you too, so don't just rely on the TV or video game!

Step 2. Take the little ones to a park or library

Talk to the parents and ask for their permission to go out with the children around the house. For example, you can go to a park, a library or a community center during the day. Obviously, don't take your eyes off the child for a minute.

Step 3. Order a pizza

If parents give permission, order a different meal for you and the children. If that doesn't work, try baking a pizza ready so they can have fun while they eat.

Method 5 of 9: What Should I Not Do While Working?

Babysit Step 11

Step 1. Never leave children alone as they can get into dangerous situations

As a nanny, your job is to keep an eye on the little ones at all times, especially when they're eating or showering. It's okay to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, but don't let the little ones out of your field of vision for too long.

Step 2. Don't call anyone home during work

Unless the owners of the place allow it, don't ask a friend to stay with you while you take care of the little ones. Some parents may let you do this after the kids go to bed, but that's not always the case.

Step 3. Never answer the door unless you know who it is

It's possible it's a friend of the family or a neighbor, but you shouldn't take the risk. Unless parents say they were expecting someone, keep the door locked at all times.

Method 6 of 9: What should I bring to work?

Babysit Step 14

Step 1. Bring some fun activities to do with the kids

The little ones probably have plenty of toys already, but you can bring something new and different, like a puzzle or coloring book. The novelty is sure to make them like you right away.

Step 2. Take your cell phone for emergencies

It is important that the device is well charged and has a signal inside the house. If you don't have a cell phone, talk to parents and ask if they have a landline that you can use in case of emergencies.

Method 7 of 9: How do I work at night?

Babysit Step 16

Step 1. Feed the children

Ask parents what you should prepare and what time to feed the little ones. You can probably make something simple and easy, like hot macaroni or cheese.

Step 2. Bathe the children and put them to sleep

Check with the parents if they want you to bathe the little ones - this usually only happens with babies and younger children. Then help the children put on their pajamas and put them to sleep. If they are older, you can read a little story until they fall asleep.

Step 3. Stay awake until parents get home

Children will go to sleep, but you need to stay awake as they may wake up to go to the bathroom or from a nightmare. Read a book or watch TV, but be careful if the little ones call you.

Method 8 of 9: How do I find a family to hire me?

Babysit Step 19

Step 1. Talk to your parents' friends and your neighbors

Know someone who has small children? Offer your services and let us know when you are available. It's easier to get a job if you're known to your parents, so share your work!

When you have more experience, sign up for a babysitting service that connects professionals with families looking for the service

Method 9 of 9: How Much Should I Charge?

Babysit Step 20

Step 1. Nannies usually charge from R$15 to R$40 off

The work rates depend a lot on the region where you live (usually, they charge more in larger cities), your experience (if you have taken courses or have worked with this for a while, you can charge more) and the number of children (usually a fee is added for each small one).

Don't lower your value too much, even if you're just getting started. It covers a competitive price, but one that is fair to your time


  • If the child appears to be in pain or sick, stay with him and call the parents if symptoms continue or worsen.
  • If the little one gets up, take him back to bed right away and keep an eye on him to see if there is any problem or if he just wants to curl up so he doesn't sleep.


  • Remember not to accept jobs that you feel uncomfortable with, whether because of the location, the age of the little ones or the number of children.
  • If you're bathing a young child, don't leave them alone for a few seconds. Get all the necessary utensils for the bath before putting the little one in the bathtub.

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