4 Ways to Apply for a Job

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4 Ways to Apply for a Job
4 Ways to Apply for a Job

While the process of applying for a job can be quite stressful, there are a number of tips and techniques that can increase anyone's chances of success: from putting together a good resume to writing a convincing cover letter and, of course, standing out of the others interested in other specific moments. You may need to apply for several vacancies before you get something concrete, but don't give up! Dedicate yourself and be patient to see results sooner than you think.


Method 1 of 4: Creating the Required Documents

Apply for a Job Step 1

Step 1. Look for job openings that match your skills

Most companies post job advertisements on the internet, and the main pages in this regard are LinkedIn and Catho. They work like online classifieds and you just need to use keywords that match your area to see what comes up on offer. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of looking at classifieds in traditional newspapers.

In times of COVID-19, you can think of roles and positions in areas that are essential in combating the pandemic: delivery services, supermarket vacancies, healthcare, distance learning (and other remote and non-contact functions) and so on. against

Apply for a Job Step 1

Step 2. Do a good research about the company before applying for a position

Access the company's website and find out more about the mission, ongoing projects and vacancies that are open. Also visit her social media profiles and read interesting and relevant news. Think about which of this information you can include on your resume and cover letter.

  • If the site gives the name of the person who is responsible for hiring (probably someone from the HR industry), find their profile on LinkedIn and social media and find out more. Take advantage of the data you find to get more attention. For example, if you notice that you attended the same college as her, quote the name of the institution in your cover letter.
  • Pay attention to the company's current needs and goals. For example: many companies have had to review their needs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Incorporate these facts into the job application process.
Apply for a Job Step 3

Step 3. Build a curriculum that highlights your academic and professional skills and experience

Next, ask a trusted person to reread and review the document for errors that have gone unnoticed. Include the following information in the curriculum:

  • Name, contact information and email address (at the top).
  • Academic and internship experiences.
  • Professional experiences, including responsibilities and achievements.
  • Special knowledge and skills.
Apply for a Job Step 4

Step 4. Adapt your resume to each job post

You may even find it more practical to use the same resume with every position you apply for, but your chances of success will be much greater if the document is adapted. Read the ads carefully and incorporate keywords from each to the text. Always focus on skills and experiences that directly relate to the job and company in question.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, see if it is possible to talk about your experiences of studying or working remotely.
  • Use the right verbs to describe your professional experiences or volunteer work you have done: "implement", "create", "innovate", "analyze", and so on.
Apply for a Job Step 5

Step 5. Include three references in the curriculum

Most companies ask the candidate to list some professional references that can evaluate their work. Think of former supervisors and colleagues who have followed your daily trajectory closely, but ask for permission before putting their name on your resume.

Include the person's full name, contact phone number, email address, current title, and company

Apply for a Job Step 6

Step 6. Write a good cover letter (if necessary)

The cover letter is your chance to explain to the person in charge of the company why you want to fill the position and why you are the ideal candidate. Use an animation tone in the document and again adapt it to the specific situation. Include the following details:

  • Why are you interested in the job.
  • How are you able to contribute to the success of the company or organization.
  • Why you are the ideal person for the job.
  • What do you hope to learn in the company.
Apply for a Job Step 7

Step 7. Update your LinkedIn profile (if you have one)

Not every candidate needs a LinkedIn profile, but it can be a good source of more information for HR reps. Therefore, include up-to-date and accurate data in your profile, taking the opportunity to make room for what doesn't fit in your resume and cover letter.

  • For example: Include more information about projects you've participated in and volunteer roles you've done that didn't fit in the curriculum.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, use keywords linked to remote work experiences and technology skills.
  • Speaking of COVID-19, the pandemic is increasingly popularizing virtual networking practices. Adapt your profile and try to meet more people in your area.
Apply for a Job Step 8

Step 8. Adjust your internet presence

Many companies do a good research on job applicants on the internet and already eliminate some of them according to the information they find. Take a look at your social media profiles, change your privacy options for a while and, if necessary, delete old posts that might lessen your chances.

  • For example, you can hide or delete the most embarrassing photos from your Instagram profile, as well as delete those bland tweets you posted years ago.
  • Ask some friends to also take a good look at their profiles and see what they find offensive or boring.

Method 2 of 4: Applying for a job online

Apply for a Job Step 9

Step 1. Read the job announcement carefully and see if you are qualified

Reread the text at least twice and see if you understand everything the company is asking for. Think about your academic and professional qualifications and the skills you've developed over time, and be aware of key words in the curriculum.

"Remote working", "entrepreneur", "innovative" and "collaborator" are good keywords, while "Zoom proficiency" and "ability to work well in a team" are interesting skills

Apply for a Job Step 10

Step 2. Read the requirements the company asks of candidates if you are using a classifieds site

These sites are handy for job seekers, but sometimes the information in the ads doesn't quite match the requirements of the job openings themselves. When this happens, you may send interesting materials and documents or leave important information aside for lack of clarification. It is for these and others that it is important to read as much as possible on the company's website!

For example, the company website may send your cover letter and resume directly to the person interviewing candidates, but it may also ask you to include some specific data in the document (such as salary requirements)

Apply for a Job Step 11

Step 3. Fill in all fields on the application form

Don't get frustrated if the form asks for the same information that is on your resume: this will likely help the system to compare this data and run automated surveys faster, which makes life even easier for HR reps. Answer each question and provide everything you need in as much detail as possible.

  • Type the answers into a Word document or other word processor so you can proofread everything before submitting. Just copy and paste everything later.
  • Include any other relevant information that you feel is important to pass on to the company's HR representatives in the respective fields. Maybe he doesn't have access to this data in his resume.
  • Do not use the auto-complete feature on the form as there is a risk that the system will include incorrect information in some fields.
Apply for a Job Step 12

Step 4. Upload your resume and cover letter (if necessary)

Many companies ask applicants to submit their resume and cover letter along with the application. See if this is the case on the page you are filling out and, if so, click on the appropriate buttons to upload the documents. And remember to take one last look before clicking "Submit"!

Submit the correct document for each vacancy you are applying for. If possible, give a different name according to the company you are hiring to so you don't get confused when filling out the form

Apply for a Job Step 13

Step 5. Take a last look at the form and see if there are any errors going unnoticed

Any silly mistakes in the form already indicate that the candidate has not paid as much attention to detail and therefore may reduce the chances of success. Reread the entire document, see if there is anything going on and fix what is necessary, besides incrementing parts that seem incomplete.

Check for typos, spelling, grammar, etc. Some companies may even ignore your form altogether if they notice too many mistakes of the type, especially if everything is done by the system

Apply for a Job Step 14

Step 6. Submit your application form to the website

Click "Submit" (or similar button) when you're ready to submit the documents. It will probably stay at the bottom of the screen and complete the process.

It is very likely that you will not be able to change any of the information on the form, resume or cover letter after clicking "Submit". See if everything is in order before

Apply for a Job Step 15

Step 7. Send the documents by email (if applicable)

Some companies prefer that candidates send their resume and cover letter directly to their HR representative. In this case, do the following: type his email in the address bar and see if everything is ok; fill in the "Subject" field; include documents as attachments; and write some brief message to the recipient to show your full interest.

  • Fill in the subject field with something like "Application Documents for IT Vacancy", "Resume and Cover Letter for Gallery Assistant Vacancy" or "Reply to Vacancy Ad".
  • Write a message such as "I gladly send my application documents for the position of gallery assistant at the museum. As a student of Art History, I spent countless hours in galleries, museums and other cultural centers. So this would be the ideal opportunity for me. My résumé and cover letter are attached for consultation if you are interested."

Method 3 of 4: Applying for a job in person

Apply for a Job Step 16

Step 1. Wear appropriate clothing, as if you were going to be interviewed for a job

Giving a positive first impression to the company's HR representatives makes all the difference! So wear professional attire that shows how serious you are about the matter.

  • You can wear a button-down shirt and pants or skirts and dress shoes. A nice jacket or cardigan makes a great finishing touch.
  • Depending on the area, you may have an "improvised" interview right then and there.
Apply for a Job Step 17

Step 2. Ask to speak with the person responsible for new hires

Smile and greet the first person who speaks to you at the company. Then say that you would like to speak with the person responsible for new hires (the HR representative) and wait.

  • Say something like "Hi! I came to talk about the job announcement. Is the hiring manager meeting?"
  • If the person is not at the company, ask when you can come back: "What would be a good time for me to come back?"
  • Leave to talk to the representative at another time if you notice he seems busy. You won't make a good first impression if you insist at the wrong time.
Apply for a Job Step 18

Step 3. Tell the hiring manager that you are interested in one of the open positions

Take the opportunity to explain why you want to work at the company and find out more about what's available. Depending on the situation, ask if you can fill out an interest form.

  • Say "Hello! My name is João da Silva and I am a regular customer of the company. Therefore, I have a lot of knowledge of your products and I think it would be a good addition to the team. I would like to know if there are any vacancies open at the moment!"
  • It may be that the company does not have any vacancies open at the moment. In that case, just submit your resume.
Apply for a Job Step 19

Step 4. Give a copy of your resume to the company representative

Take your resume in case you talk to someone who is responsible for new hires. Who knows one or more of the companies don't ask for a copy of the document? What if there are any specific opportunities open?

  • Bring only one or two copies of your resume, or the company representative will think you're distributing the document left and right. As much as the case may be, it's not nice to give that impression.
  • Don't give up if the rep doesn't have time to read your resume right away.
Apply for a Job Step 20

Step 5. Fill out the company's job application forms

The hiring manager can deliver a printed form to you or give you instructions for filling out a virtual document. Anyway, fill in all the fields and see if no errors are happening. Smile while talking to the person.

You can hand the completed form to the person and say "Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

Apply for a Job Step 21

Step 6. Thank employees for their time and attention before leaving

Smile and show your appreciation for the politeness they showed you during their interactions, however brief.

Say "Thank you for taking this time to talk to me" or "Thanks for your help."

Method 4 of 4: Continuing the Process

Apply for a Job Step 22

Step 1. Contact the company one week after formalizing your application for the position

You can follow the progress of the process after submitting your resume, cover letter and completed form. Call, email or send a message via LinkedIn to the person responsible for hiring. Ask if everything is ok and if there are any questions.

  • Contact all the companies you have applied for.
  • Some companies have retired the HR department or adopted the home office regime due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't be frustrated if you don't receive an immediate response during this time, but always be polite and brief.
Apply for a Job Step 23

Step 2. Use a friendly, positive tone when speaking with the company representative

It's normal for you to be anxious to know the answer, but be careful not to give the wrong impression. Be polite and patient with everyone and accept whatever responses you receive.

Never use authoritarian tones like "No one has contacted me yet" or "How long do you guys take to review applications?" It's better to say things like "Do you guys have any information about the application review period?"

Apply for a Job Step 24

Step 3. Tell the company representative that you understand that COVID-19 can affect their internal processes

Many companies are being forced to adjust their teams due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the economy. In addition, many professionals are working in a home office and accumulating extra duties and responsibilities. Explain that you understand the situation and know that circumstances call for certain adjustments. This will show your cooperative side and your willingness to do whatever it takes.

Say something like "I understand the pandemic could affect the company's hiring, but do you have vacancies open for [the position you're interested in]?" or "I know the pandemic has changed the company's situation a lot, but do you have any predictions about when you'll be hiring again?"


  • You'd better create a quality resume and cover letter to apply for a few openings than go around desperate.
  • Always seek to acquire new skills that make your curriculum more interesting and complete: take distance courses, enroll in workshops and so on.
  • Test your computer's webcam and microphone if you have to do a virtual interview. This has been increasingly common since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Honesty is the best tool for every candidate for any job opening. Never lie or distort information on your resume and cover letter.

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