How to Get Someone Fired: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Get Someone Fired: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Get Someone Fired: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Everyone gets fed up with their coworkers from time to time, which is normal. If, on the other hand, you work with an incompetent person, who puts the safety of other workers at risk or who harms the morale of the work environment, maybe it's time to take action. Below you will find tips on how to deal with this unpleasant situation.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing to act

Step 1. Find out if you have a legitimate reason to get the person fired

The fact that you don't like someone is no reason to try to get them out of your job. Remember that even if they don't get along, they still need money to take care of their own family. Think about whether you would really like to be responsible for taking that out of someone's life. You have good reason to try to fire her if the person is doing any of the following:

  • Impairing your ability to work.
  • Impairing someone else's ability to work.
  • Harming the company by arriving late or not working properly.
  • Creating a counterproductive or hostile environment.
  • Has verbally, physically or sexually harassed someone.
Get Someone Fired Step 2

Step 2. Get help

Your points will be better received if you have the support of other professionals in the company. Talk to co-workers and see if anyone has a similar mindset to yours.

  • Be diplomatic. Don't spread rumors or try to convince anyone to hate your coworker. Ideally, ask questions or comments like "Hey, what do you think of Jonas?", "It's interesting to hear Lucas talking to customers on the phone." Or "Did you see what time Marcos arrived?"
  • If someone agrees with you, ask if the person would be willing to make a formal complaint.
Get Someone Fired Step 3

Step 3. Keep an eye on each other

Pay attention to your co-worker's behavior and record incidents so you have substantial evidence when filing a formal complaint.

  • Keep a record of dates, times, and detailed descriptions of incidents so that your argument sounds even more valid and helps your supervisor make a decision. If you work at the same time and place, it will be easier to keep an eye on him.
  • Try to separate minor infractions from serious issues that affect the entire work environment. Not cleaning the coffeemaker is not a good reason for a layoff, while arriving at work drunk is a good reason.

Part 2 of 3: Complaining formally

Get Someone Fired Step 4

Step 1. Make an appointment with your superior

Use common sense to find out who to talk to about the situation and, if possible, meet the person face-to-face.

  • Take your notes and call other co-workers who want to formalize the complaint.
  • Ask for the complaint to be made anonymously. This way, the other person will not see you as an enemy and will not try to retaliate.
  • Do not file the complaint via email as it can be ignored and is not considered to be as formal. Plus, you'll leave traces of what you've done, which isn't a good idea.
Get Someone Fired Step 5

Step 2. Plan well what to say

Think of everything you would like to display and practice in front of a mirror. If you're out of control and nervous, your boss will think the complaint is personal and unreasonable. By speaking calmly and in a clear tone, you will make it clear that you are thinking for the good of the company.

  • Reinforce the person's positive points: "I like João. He's funny and has a good heart, but I'm a little worried."
  • Obviously, don't ask them to fire the person. If your superior asks what you believe should be done, feel free to say what you think, but remember that it's not your decision.
Get Someone Fired Step 6

Step 3. Let the boss handle the situation

Having made the complaint, there is not much else to do. It is no longer necessary to keep an eye on each other and make no further comments. Focus on your work and your life and let superiors figure out what to do with your coworker. If he bothers you, ignore him.

Part 3 of 3: Using Indirect Means

Get Someone Fired Step 7

Step 1. Create situations that make it difficult for your coworker to be present

Before resorting to sabotage, try having an incompetent colleague create problems of his own.

  • If the person is late for work, ask him out for a night out during the week. Then set up a meeting the next morning with your supervisor, saying that the colleague will be in attendance. Arrive early, ready for work, and feign surprise when the other doesn't show up for the meeting.
  • If your colleague is used to swearing in front of customers, invite your religious grandfather and friends from church to come to the store during office hours. Let them complain to the manager about the professional.
Get Someone Fired Step 8

Step 2. Try out more creative options

If you want to get rid of someone, now's the time to act like you're on "The Office". Obviously, be careful with the pranks, or you could end up getting fired.

  • Buy adult and inappropriate products and have them delivered to your work address, using your colleague's name.
  • Log into his computer and send inappropriate emails to your boss.
  • Open a pornography page on his computer when his computer is vacant. Then text your boss, calling him to meet at the office before your colleague has a chance to close the window.
Get Someone Fired Step 9

Step 3. Help him

As much as your idea is to get rid of your coworker, you don't need to harm him. If you know of a vacancy available that is suitable for him, please nominate him. Another option would be to complain about the service to the point of making him realize he wants something else out of life.


If you don't get along with someone, ask to change offices or desks. Only resort to dismissal attempts as a last resort. Whenever possible, try to avoid the person and let them work normally


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