3 Ways to Request a Raise by E mail

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3 Ways to Request a Raise by E mail
3 Ways to Request a Raise by E mail

Asking for a raise can be a pretty daunting experience. Putting your order in a carefully worded e-mail can help you clarify expectations and organize your thoughts. Improve your chances of achieving that goal by writing a clear, concise email. Spend time putting together a compelling application and decide when the best time to send it will be.


Method 1 of 3: Writing Your Email

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 1

Step 1. Keep the tone always friendly and professional

The request should be polite and respectful, but there is no need to be overly formal. Your enthusiasm for the work must be clear. Start the email by addressing your boss as you normally would (for example, "Good afternoon, Maria.").

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 2

Step 2. Be clear and direct

Your boss must be able to understand what you are asking from the start. Give the email a title that clearly indicates what the message is about. Summarize the request in the opening paragraph.

  • For example, title the email as "Salary Adjustment Request" or something similar.
  • The opening paragraph can be written as: "I have been working hard over the past two years to make valuable contributions to the company. Taking into account all that I have achieved, I would like to ask that my salary be readjusted to R$2,950{ displaystyle {text{R}}\$\ 2950}

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 3

Step 3. Guide your message with the details in view

Once you've made the introduction, restate the request with examples of how you've helped the company. What are some specific goals you have for improving your own performance and continuing to help you move forward?

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 4

Step 4. Avoid complaints or ultimatums

Your application must be as positive as possible. Don't complain about how hard you've been working for the little you earn, or how long it's been since the last raise. Also, avoid inferring or claiming that you will leave the company if you don't get what you want.

Instead, focus on your achievements. Demonstrate your own enthusiasm for the work and a desire to continue to make positive contributions

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 5

Step 5. Summarize and reaffirm your order

End with a paragraph reiterating why you deserve this raise. Reaffirm the request for the target salary.

  • You can end with something like this: " Considering my positive contributions to the company over the past two years, I believe that R$ 2,950{displaystyle {text{R}}\$\ 2,950}

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 6

Step 6. End in a respectful manner

Thank your boss for his time and consideration. Complete the text in a friendly and respectable manner (using " Best regards ", " Thank you for your attention ", " Greetings " etc.).

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 7

Step 7. Be prepared to hear a "no"

If the request is denied, accept it graciously and don't give up. A negative answer does not indicate that you will not earn the desired raise in the future.

  • Send a follow-up email - or have an in-person conversation - to thank them again for their time.
  • Politely ask for feedback as to what you can do to get a "yes" in the future.

Method 2 of 3: Making Your Argument

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 8

Step 1. Make a list of your achievements

Spend time thinking about your contributions to the company over the past year (or since the last, if there ever were). Write down anything that seems significant. For example, consider if you:

  • Successfully completed any major projects;
  • Helped the company reduce expenses or increase profits;
  • You performed well above what was expected of you;
  • Received positive feedback from customers, buyers or supervisors.
Ask for a Raise in Email Step 9

Step 2. Research current salaries in your area of ​​expertise

Find out what salary range others in similar positions with similar experience levels fall into. Talk to peers to get a sense of how much money they've been making. You can also consult the company's Human Resources department or go to pages such as www.glassdoor.com.

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 10

Step 3. Set a salary goal

Once you've done your research, decide what a reasonable amount to ask for. Set a value as specific as possible.

  • For example, instead of replaying a range, such as R$ 3,250∼3,750{displaystyle {text{R}}\$\ 3,250\yes 3,750}

    , peça por um salário de R$ 3.500{displaystyle {text{R}}\$\ 3.500}

  • Tenha em mente que o aumento médio geralmente fica entre 1%{displaystyle 1\%}
  • e 5%{displaystyle 5\%}

    do salário corrente do funcionário. Pese esse fator ao fazer o seu pedido.

Método 3 de 3: Decidindo o momento certo

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 11

Step 1. Avoid ordering when your boss is under a lot of pressure

Is he overloaded with employee appraisals, urgent deadlines, or complicated budget decisions? If that's the case, you should probably wait until things calm down before approaching him to ask for a raise.

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 12

Step 2. Place your order when the company is in a good moment

If profits are high, customers are happy, and the company is in a stable or expanding time, it's probably a good opportunity to ask for a raise. Avoid applying for this when your budget is limited. A time of cuts and layoffs is almost certain to be bad.

Ask for a Raise in Email Step 13

Step 3. Order when your responsibilities change

It makes sense to carry out this proposal when there is an increase or change in your obligations. For example, it might be a good time if:

  • You recently took responsibility for a new project;
  • You have just completed training for a new job;
  • You helped build an important relationship with a new customer or professional partner.
Ask for a Raise in Email Step 14

Step 4. Bring the subject up in person before sending the email

When asking for a raise, it's best to pair the written application with a personal conversation. Send a short message to your boss telling him you'd like to talk about the possibility of a raise. Immediately before or after the meeting, send the email clearly stating the details of your order.

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