3 Ways to Get a Sales Job Without Sales Experience

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3 Ways to Get a Sales Job Without Sales Experience
3 Ways to Get a Sales Job Without Sales Experience

Working in sales involves winning the interest of potential customers and then converting them into customers. Salespeople are important in almost any field and trade, and the best ones often have the opportunity to earn great salaries. Many jobs require you to have some sales experience, but it's impossible to develop it without first getting your first job. Fortunately, there are many ways to enter this market.


Method 1 of 3: Learning About Sales

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Step 1. Learn as much about it as possible

You will have to impress the potential employer with your knowledge and enthusiasm. Whether you are looking to become a clerk, a pharmacist or a sales engineer, you will need to accumulate some of the same knowledge. Read sales books and research online for sales strategies. You need the practical philosophy of selling, the tools that drive the interested consumer to make a sale.

If you know someone in sales, offer to take them to lunch to share their experiences with you

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Step 2. Compare materials before purchasing them

Browse the marketing and business section at your nearest bookstore or library, or read the best-selling book lists on the internet. Always look for readings that deal with facts and data. Search for up-to-date and reliable materials, such as republished and revised books or highly recommended videos.

Record everything you read! You can mention authors you admire in your interview to demonstrate to the employer that you are well prepared

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Step 3. Taper the options

Regardless of whether or not you've recently entered the market, it's not too early to specialize. Choose a product that you admire and know well. For example, if your background is in accounting, it's more practical to apply for a job selling investment plans than pharmaceutical sales. Choose a type of product that interests you and search for jobs available in that industry.

  • Don't be afraid to be specific. If you're interested in selling cars, focus on used, eco-friendly or luxury cars.
  • Whether you are selling a product or a service, you need to know as much as possible about what is being sold in order to explain its benefits in a sentence or two.
  • Once you have chosen a product, look for features specific to that area. Subscribe to a magazine for industry insiders or pick up a few volumes at the nearest library.
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Step 4. Take a class

Find out which courses are available at the nearest educational institution. There are many that offer classes related to marketing and sales. If you make it back to school, you could even enroll in a one-year program with a certificate in sales or something even more extensive and in-depth.

  • Sales representatives arrive in the job market from the most diverse origins. Candidates with a degree in the business field will have an advantage, especially with a deepening in the sales field. However, those without a degree can also excel if they are able to sell well.
  • Some industries require certifications for admission. Learn the requirements for the job you want before you start submitting resumes.

Method 2 of 3: Looking for work

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Step 1. Make a list of the companies you would like to work for

Look for those in the region you prefer, both online and in telephone directories. You must submit your resume even if you are not currently hiring - jobs may open at unexpected times. If they have your data in hand, they might offer you a chance.

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Step 2. Search for an entry position

Look for job boards on the internet for lower positions in the field of your choice. Choose those that offer training, as companies will help build your experience. Remember that not all open positions are advertised. You should send both to those who appear to be hiring and those who appear not to be.

  • Call the nearest temp agency and ask about the positions that are available.
  • Start your retail sales career. Sometimes it can be easier to find entry positions in this sector than in others.
  • Be an independent seller. Places such as cosmetic companies or employment agencies do not require any prior experience and can help you with training and marketing materials.
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Step 3. Find out who gets hired where

When you come across companies you'd like to work for, try to find employee profiles. You can search online networking pages and learn more about the professionals' work experience and academic background. Determine the amount of sales experience that early-stage employees will have. A company that hires salespeople with little or no experience may be open to hiring them.

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Step 4. Prepare your resume

Keep in mind your professional background with no sales experience, but with a focus on qualifying for the jobs you are interested in. For example, when applying for a position demonstrating tools at a materials house, it would be helpful to highlight your previous experience with construction and public speaking.

  • Look in your experience for something related to sales. Have you ever sold old furniture, or even your old car? Many jobs include sales elements even when not described in the title. Highlight this experience on your resume.
  • It's important that he look professional. Look for samples on the internet to find out how résumés for entry jobs are made.
  • Ask for help to prepare it well. It's easy to forget important details when editing a resume. Check the schedule at the local library or go to the nearest work center for assistance. If you know sellers, ask them to take a look at the document.
  • Customize your resume for each job opening you apply for. For example, if the main line says "looking for a job in the sales area", it is important that it is customized to specify the job you prefer: "looking for a starting position as an account representative in the auto industry".
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Step 5. Prepare a brief letter of recommendation

Depending on the case, it can be useful to make different documents for each application. Customize them to reflect the qualities sought by the employer. For example, if the job description specifies a desire for "honest, organized, and outgoing" salespeople, you can use real-life examples (related or not related to the field) that demonstrate your ownership of these qualities.

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Step 6. Look at your personal sales philosophy

It's important to be able to explain it to potential employers. Using what you've learned about sales and customers as well as the reasons you want to join this market, formulate a vision for how you would approach a sale. Cite the books and articles read in this regard. Prepare the steps for making a sale as you apply for the desired position.

An example of a sales philosophy might be "when I make a sale, I help customers make their best decisions" or "let the customer come to you and be prepared to make them feel good about it"

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Step 7. Take note of your personal qualities

When being interviewed, the potential employer will be looking for the personality traits of a successful salesperson. Salespeople don't necessarily have to be outgoing and affable, but they should be professional, punctual, prepared and resilient.

  • Think of stories that exemplify these qualities. If you've applied multiple times for a job or other position, it demonstrates resilience.
  • Companies look for result-focused sellers. Think about the goals you achieved and how it felt to achieve them. This will possibly show up in the interview.
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Step 8. Deliver the resume in person

To demonstrate that you are committed to getting the job, do more than send an email. Find out on the internet if there is any policy against unscheduled visits at the company. Dress in formal attire and be friendly and polite to anyone you meet. Ask the front desk clerk where the résumé can be left and remember to write down the name of the person who handles the hiring.

  • Send an email with your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager after you drop him off, as a means of ensuring they have your material on hand.
  • Make a follow-up call after a week if you haven't received any response.
  • Some companies are against unscheduled personal visits. Find out ahead of time to ensure there are no explicit warnings about this. You may receive a no, and if that is the case, be courteous.
  • If it is not possible to leave the curriculum in person at the site, send it by email to the human relations department.

Method 3 of 3: Mastering the Interview

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Step 1. Prepare well

Read company reports or even quotes given to it by magazines. Spend time on your page, and learn specific information that can be repeated during the interview. Good salespeople do good research for their sales. Being well prepared at the interview demonstrates that you have the necessary qualities for the job.

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Step 2. Arrive well dressed for the job you want

Wear professional clothing. If those in early positions tend to dress more casually, try to go slightly more formal in the interview. Neutral colors, clean, polished shoes, and neat clothing (not too tight or too baggy) will be ideal.

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Step 3. Demonstrate your selling qualities

Treat the interview as your first meeting with a potential client: be prepared, persuasive and very polite. Be on time or show up even a minute before the time. To highlight your interpersonal skills, make eye contact and smile. Arm yourself with company information and answers about how your presence would serve the company's needs.

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Step 4. Describe your best sale

Even if you've never had a job in this field, you've probably had to, at one time or another, convince or persuade someone else (or some group) on your behalf. Your story should include an explanation of how you "sold" your idea to the audience, as well as a description of what the gain was on both sides.

Highlight that you are a conqueror by describing some of the greatest victories of your life, no matter what. For example, you might have been the top scorer on the student team, served as president of the parent-teacher association at your child's school, won first place in the piano competition, or had a column published in a widely distributed magazine

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Step 5. Accompany the interview with a thank you note

If you haven't received any response from the employer within the allotted time window, please make a phone call. When it comes to finding a job in sales, persistence pays off.


  • Many employers prefer college-educated candidates in positions requiring client contact.
  • If you're thinking about getting a degree, think about your chosen field. Those most relevant to sales will include marketing, communications, business, advertising, and psychology.


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