How to Become an Artist Entrepreneur: 6 Steps

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How to Become an Artist Entrepreneur: 6 Steps
How to Become an Artist Entrepreneur: 6 Steps

Artists entrepreneurs are professionals who help the artist to manage his daily business. They can help actors select scripts and find new agents, help singers produce albums and book tour dates, and plan and promote upcoming activities. Following a career as an artist manager is a great idea for people who are interested in helping people reach their full potential as artists and/or performers.


Become a Talent Manager Step 1

Step 1. Have experience in the field or have a love for the entertainment industry

Like agents, many entrepreneurs have been artists themselves or have linked themselves to the entertainment industry in some way, such as being theater teachers, producers or critics. Still others were formerly entrepreneurs who decided to focus on career growth for the most successful clients.

Become a Talent Manager Step 2

Step 2. Identify yourself with the type of talent you want to work with

The part of entertainment that interests you the most should be the area in which you have the most affinity. If your passion is music, you can work with musicians; if you love theatre, you can work with actors. If you have a lot of interests, you can work with multi-talented performers.

You must also identify with those personality types that you feel comfortable working with. While agents can represent a large number of clients on behalf of their agencies, entrepreneurs typically represent an individual or a group of individuals. In some ways, managing a performer is akin to marrying him

Become a Talent Manager Step 3

Step 3. Develop the skills and knowledge you need to be an entrepreneur

There is no formal course to become one, but you can learn many skills you need through formal study. Courses in Marketing, Communication, Public Relations and Human Resources will make you a more capable entrepreneur, and studies in the Fine Arts will give you an understanding of the creative minds you will work with.

You can supplement your training with independent study. If you want to manage movie actors, it's helpful to see popular, long-lasting movies, such as those on the American Film Institute's top 100 movie list. If you want to manage musicians, develop a job of getting to know the music business by reading Billboard publications. You will need this knowledge to pass it on to the talent you are developing

Become a Talent Manager Step 4

Step 4. Intern with an established entrepreneur

Start with a talent agency firm. If you can't find someone to work with right away, you can also learn about the business by working for producers, directors or casting directors. Wherever you start, look as much as you can about what the business of managing talent is like.

Depending on the type of talent you choose to manage, you will move to one of the biggest cities that deal with such talent, such as São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Still, you can learn a good way to deal with entrepreneurs in small towns before you move

Become a Talent Manager Step 5

Step 5. Look for opportunities to take on more responsibility

As you gain more experience, look for the opportunity to watch script reviews, plan tours or develop promotional packages. Finally, you can become fully responsible for a customer.

Become a Talent Manager Step 6

Step 6. Join an association

Joining an association such as the Association of Entrepreneurs (TMA), gives you the chance to learn more about your peers' business, as well as contacts for opportunities. TMA has an online registry of its members, who are required to follow an association's code of ethics.


  • Personal qualities you will need to be successful as an entrepreneur include perseverance, dedication and a willingness to work hard.
  • The reward of working with an agent is not just doing what you love, but helping the people you manage do what they love too and share in your success.


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