How to Become a Nursery Teacher: 10 Steps

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How to Become a Nursery Teacher: 10 Steps
How to Become a Nursery Teacher: 10 Steps

A nursery teacher, also called a preschool teacher, is responsible for educating and caring for children aged between 3 and 5 years. They help prepare children to enter school by teaching them good habits and customs and promoting learning through storytelling, games and experiments. Nursery teachers must love their students, be concerned about their education, and be able to monitor any social, behavioral or developmental problems the children may have. To become a nursery teacher you need to gain experience with children. To do this, just take courses in the area and obtain the necessary certifications.


Method 1 of 2: Training to Become a Nursery Teacher

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Study

You need at least a high school diploma, but many preschools will also require some additional training.

  • Get a child development or education diploma to expand your employment possibilities.
  • Get a bachelor's degree if you want to work in the public school system. Preschool programs and other early childhood schools may require you to have a bachelor's degree in education, child development, or child psychology.
Become a Nursery Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Get a nursery teacher certificate

Each region has its own requirements for certification. You may need to take a course or pass a test.

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Obtain a childcare license if required in your state

To obtain it, you will have to pass a background check, provide your vaccination records and demonstrate skill through certifications or training.

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 4

Step 4. Work with children

In addition to your classroom learning, spending time with children will prepare you for a career as a nursery teacher.

Volunteer at schools, churches and sports teams. In these locations, there are plenty of activities for children, which most often require adult supervision and management. You can also babysit at home or work in a day care center

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 5

Step 5. Practice the skills required of a nursery teacher

These include patience, compassion, communication skills, a sense of humor and the ability to lead and manage groups of hyperactive children.

Method 2 of 2: Finding a Job as a Nursery Teacher

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 6

Step 1. Make a curriculum that highlights your skills and experiences with children

Add your desire to work as a nursery teacher to your goal and list any certifications or licenses you have.

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 7

Step 2. Look for opportunities at schools in your area

You can find a list of public and private preschools in your area by contacting the city or doing an internet search.

Leave your contact information even if there are no vacancies. Sometimes the demand for preschool or nursery educators can be high. That way, an opportunity may appear sooner than you expect

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 8

Step 3. Look for ads in classifieds and specialized sites for job listings

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 9

Step 4. Work with your school's career center or job-filling office

If you have recently graduated from college or just completed the courses required to earn a license in preschool education, take advantage of any assistance offered by your program.

Become a Nursery Teacher Step 10

Step 5. Fill substitute vacancies

You can apply to the public education system to work as a substitute teacher at any level. This will give you experience and additional income as you look for full-time employment.


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