How to Become a Pediatric Nurse: 6 Steps

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How to Become a Pediatric Nurse: 6 Steps
How to Become a Pediatric Nurse: 6 Steps

Pediatric nurses are healthcare professionals who face challenges and reap unique rewards as they work directly with children. It doesn't matter if you have a nursing degree or are just starting out, the path of pediatrics is very rewarding. Below, you will find answers to the main questions that surround the profession, so that you can know how to proceed on this path. Come on?


Method 1 of 8: What training is needed to become a pediatric nurse?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 1

Step 1. A bachelor's degree in nursing and a specialization

To work as a nurse, you need to take a degree in nursing, which normally lasts between four and five years - the minimum for course recognition at the MEC is 4000 class hours. To act as a pediatric nurse, you must also complete a specialization or graduate degree in neonatal and pediatric nursing.

You can also pursue a master's or doctoral degree, but be aware that these qualifications are not required to work in the field. Obviously, with such courses, your chances of getting good jobs increase considerably

Method 2 of 8: What licenses do I need to work as a pediatric nurse?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 2

Step 1. You must be registered with the Regional Nursing Council (COREN) in your city

To register with the council and be approved, you will need to present documents requested by your city's COREN and pay a fee, which must be renewed annually. The list of documents can be found on the official website. For registration at COREN-SP, check the list here.

Step 2. In Brazil, it is not necessary to obtain any certification other than enrollment in COREN and postgraduate studies focusing on pediatrics and neonatal

If you want to work internationally, the ideal is to carry out an assessment with the PNCB (Board of Certification in Pediatric Nursing).

All forms of certification and specialization should help you in your career as they demonstrate that you have advanced knowledge and excel in the field

Method 3 of 8: Do I need to obtain special certifications and licenses?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 4

Step 1. No, but specializations can help boost your career

There are several postgraduate and specialization courses focused on pediatric nursing, and their completion usually involves assessments. In many cases, having specializations and certificates increases your range of professional opportunities in the market.

If you have a master's degree in nursing, check with your local COREN and see if there are any other specializations and certifications you can obtain to support your career in the profession

Method 4 of 8: What experience is needed to work as a pediatric nurse?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 5

Step 1. Start working as a nurse serving children

Once you become a nurse, look for jobs that will put you in contact with children, whether in a hospital children's ward or a pediatric practice. You could also apply for an internship that offers specialized training in pediatrics or do volunteer work.

Method 5 of 8: What skills are needed to work as a pediatric nurse?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 6

Step 1. Attention and communication

As a nurse, you will work and talk to children all day, and it is important to listen carefully, even if the little ones do not have the vocabulary to articulate what they feel in the proper words. You will also need to communicate with parents and guardians who are concerned about children.

Step 2. Empathy and Compassion

As a pediatric nurse, you will likely be dealing with many children who are sick or in pain, and it is important to be able to put yourself in their shoes and do your best to make them comfortable. Don't get frustrated or impatient. Your goal is to treat each patient as your own child.

Method 6 of 8: Is the job of a pediatric nurse difficult?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 8

Step 1. Yes, it can be quite tricky

When working with children, it is normal to find little sick or terminal patients. Seeing children who are very sick or in pain is frustrating, sad and stressful. If you want to pursue this profession, it's important to take time out for yourself and talk to your co-workers, who will certainly understand what you're going through.

Method 7 of 8: How long does it take to become a pediatric nurse?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 9

Step 1. Four to five years

As you will need a bachelor's degree and a specialization in pediatrics, you will need to study for quite a while and the process will be long.

Method 8 of 8: How much does a pediatric nurse earn?

Become the Pediatric Nurse Step 10

Step 1. About R$3440 per month on average

Salaries vary by state and place of work, but you can get promotions and earn more with more experience.

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