4 Ways to Pass a Drug Test

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4 Ways to Pass a Drug Test
4 Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Maybe you work for a company that routinely orders drug testing, or it's part of a court settlement; these tests are performed using urine, hair, blood or saliva samples. A negative result will have a positive impact on your personal and professional life and the best way to achieve this is to understand how long these substances stay in the body and strategically stop using them.


Method 1 of 4: Passing the Urine Test

Pass a Drug Test Step 1

Step 1. In Brazil, the most common test to detect drugs is urine

You will probably have to give a sample of your urine if a company asks for it. In rarer cases, the company may also order blood, saliva or hair tests. Urine testing can be done privately, usually in a lab bathroom, but it is common for a lab worker to watch.

Pass a Drug Test Step 2

Step 2. Give a list of the medications you take

False-positive results are difficult to occur in reputable laboratories, but there are some over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies that can alter the results. An example of this is nasal decongestants, which can test positive for amphetamines. To prevent this from happening, make a complete list of the treatments you are having and give it to the employer, along with any other necessary documents.

Pass a Drug Test Step 3

Step 3. Find out which drugs are looking for in these tests

The urine test detects a lot of substances in the body. There are several factors that influence which drugs will be pursued: your legal history, your job obligations, legal guidelines, and even the occurrence of work-related accidents. However, the most common is the urinalysis itself. Through this method, the intention is to find traces of:

  • Marihuana.
  • Cocaine.
  • Opiates.
  • Phenylcyclidine (angel powder).
  • Amphetamines.
Pass a Drug Test Step 4

Step 4. Know what other substances are being searched for

Although urinalysis is the most common, some companies or legal agents may include searching for other drugs, including testing to find any of the following substances:

  • Alcohol.
  • MDMA (ecstasy).
  • Barbiturates.
  • Propoxyphene.
  • Benzodiazepines.
Pass a Drug Test Step 5

Step 5. Find out how long these substances remain in the body

A urine test does not check for sobriety at the time the sample is taken; the intention is to verify recent drug use, within the last few days and even weeks. Habitual drug users have a higher concentration of substances in the body than occasional users, so the test of constant users can result in positive for the presence of substances even after days or weeks without taking them. Other factors can affect the concentration of drugs in the body, such as its metabolism, quality and quantity of the drug consumed, level of hydration in the body, and general health. In general, the urine test will be positive for drugs for the following periods of time:

  • Amphetamine: two days.
  • Barbiturates: two to three days.
  • Benzodiazepines: three days (therapeutic doses) or between four and six weeks (usual use).
  • Cocaine: four days.
  • Ecstasy: two days.
  • Heroin: two days.
  • Marijuana: between two and seven days (single dose) or more than a month and a half (frequent use).
  • Methamphetamine: two days.
  • Morphine: two days.
  • Angel powder: between eight and 14 days (single dose) or 30 days (chronic users)
Pass a Drug Test Step 6

Step 6. Stop taking the drug at the right time

The only proven way to pass a drug test is to stop using drugs, especially if you are on time for the test. In some cases, you can know in advance when the exam will take place. In other cases, you may not receive any notice; in that case, consider whether you are in a situation where you can postpone the exam. For example, stop using the drug if:

  • It's in the job market.
  • You're on parole.
  • You have a profession that requires regular exams.
Pass a Drug Test Step 7

Step 7. Avoid trying to mask or fake the urine test

This method is used to have the equipment ignore certain results. Substances sold in pharmacies that contain nitrate have already been used to disguise THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), but are also currently being tested. These products are detectable and the result will be positive for the presence of drugs.

Pass a Drug Test Step 8

Step 8. Think about the risks of diluting your sample

Dilution is the process of reducing the concentration of drug or metabolites in the urine sample. This is accomplished by adding fluids, but remember that the labs that run these tests already have ways to detect this technique.

  • One method is to add liquid to the urine, but the urine temperature is measured, which detects dilution.
  • Another way is to “clean” the body, drinking water in excessive amounts; this can be dangerous (people have already died from water poisoning) and risky, as discolored urine can raise suspicion. You will likely have to provide another sample within a few hours, which is not enough time for your body to get rid of traces of the substance.
Pass a Drug Test Step 9

Step 9. Provide a cleaner urine sample

Attempting to cleanse your body too much can result in a poor test result, but it is possible to slightly reduce the concentration of THC in your urine if you stay hydrated. For those who haven't used marijuana in the past few days, this can make a drastic difference in test results. To make your sample even better, you can:

  • Drink three to four glasses of water on the morning of the exam.
  • Urinate at least twice before delivering the sample. Morning urine contains a higher concentration of drugs. Give your body time to expel the chemicals and don't use your first morning urine at all.
  • Drink coffee or a soda that has caffeine. Caffeine is a mild diuretic, which helps the body dispose of fluid more quickly.
Pass a Drug Test Step 10

Step 10. Take an aspirin

It's not proven, but some studies suggest that aspirin may help mask commonly detected substances. Take four aspirin a few hours before the test if you are concerned about the results. It might not work, but most people can take them without any problems or side effects.

Aspirin can be dangerous for anyone taking anticoagulants. Read the package insert and directions and warnings before taking

Pass a Drug Test Step 11

Step 11. Think about the risks of sample replacement

Substitution is a method that involves exchanging your urine sample for another person, or for a synthetic sample. Many companies sell such items over the internet, as do companies that produce them.

  • Be careful, because defrauding urine can be a crime. In many places, exchanging your own urine for someone else's is illegal. If it is a crime, you will be risking your job, employment and social situation. Carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to defraud the urine test and at what cost.
  • Here in Brazil, the only way to buy synthetic urine is online and probably from foreign sites. It can be sold liquid or in bottles with concentrated powdered substance, which must be mixed with warm water. The temperature of both must be monitored.
  • One of the challenges in using the replacement method is to ensure that it remains at body temperature, that is, around 36, 5 ºC.
  • Some labs also run tests to find out if the urine sample is fake. For your own safety and legal protection, it is vital that you not do this in exams for government agencies, including the military, for public examinations, and especially in cases of parole.
  • Synthetic urine in liquid form has some cons, as it has no bubbles and no smell, unlike powdered synthetic urine. Many labs will reject your sample if they suspect it is synthetic and will ask you to take the test under observation of an employee.
  • Exchanging urine for someone else's is also risky, as this specimen is also subject to failing the test. In addition, urine darkens over time and the amount of bacteria can increase, contaminating the sample; if the deterioration is very clear, the laboratory is sure to be suspicious.
Pass a Drug Test Step 12

Step 12. Do not use drugs after passing the exam

In some cases, an employer or probation officer may ask for a second sample. Do not celebrate a negative result using drugs, as this could compromise a subsequent test. Be patient and wait until you're sure you've passed the first exam before doing anything.

Method 2 of 4: Passing the Hair Test

Pass a Drug Test Step 13

Step 1. Know how the hair test works

When the drug's metabolites are in the blood, they end up in blood vessels, including those in the head. Traces of the drug are filtered through the hair, which results in a positive test result.

  • Capillary testing can show what a person has consumed in the past few months and is a more accurate long-term detection modality than urine and blood tests.
  • It involves cutting between 50 and 80 strands of hair from the back of the head, near the scalp. Don't worry, it's not painful.
  • The strand of hair must be at least 3, 5 cm. If the person has hair that is too short, specimens from other parts of the body can be used (such as hair on the face, arm, leg, etc.)
Pass a Drug Test Step 14

Step 2. Hair testing is less effective for detecting drugs when use is isolated

It is best suited for identifying substances used continuously. It's not impossible, but it's certainly harder to find a small, once-used amount; so if you've smoked a joint within the past three months, you can hope that the test will come back negative for the presence of THC. However, if within these three months you have spent a whole week smoking daily, the chances of testing positive increase considerably.

Pass a Drug Test Step 15

Step 3. These substances take between five and seven days to reach and penetrate your hair

This method is great for finding long-term traces of drugs used, but if the drug was used recently, the result could be negative. It usually takes a week for this to happen.

Therefore, some companies and federal agencies ask the candidate to take a urine test to detect recent drug use and a hair test to detect continued use

Pass a Drug Test Step 16

Step 4. Know which drugs are being sought

Hair tests, as well as urine tests, aim to find traces of the following drugs:

  • Marihuana.
  • Cocaine.
  • Opiates.
  • Amphetamines (including ecstasy, methamphetamine and MDMA).
  • Angel Dust.
Pass a Drug Test Step 17

Step 5. Find out what other drugs can be detected with tests

Some companies or federal agencies don't just look for these drugs. The other substances sought are:

  • Benzodiazepines.
  • Methadone.
  • Barbiturates.
  • Propoxyphene.
  • Oxycontin.
  • Demerol.
  • Tramadol.
Pass a Drug Test Step 18

Step 6. Stop using any and all drugs 90 days in advance

As stated before, the hair test detects the presence of substances in hair strands that are approximately 3.5 cm long and that have been collected close to the scalp. That's enough to find drugs used within the last 90 days. The only way to get through is not to consume them during this period.

Pass a Drug Test Step 19

Step 7. The hair exam is very difficult to get around

Most of the techniques used to cheat the urine test are not for him. For example, your hair sample is collected by a laboratory worker, as you don't need privacy to do so. There are also no chemical substances that can mask or dilute the toxins present in the hair, and just stopping use is not enough to pass most tests; it is because of their effectiveness that companies and legal agents use them so often.

Cheating the exam is even more difficult for those with dark hair, so there are allegations that this type of exam has racist and prejudiced tendencies

Pass a Drug Test Step 20

Step 8. Shave your entire body

If you don't want to do the hair test, do everything you can to not have any body hair and thus no samples. You will have to razor or use wax all over the body, as any hair can be used.

This will certainly help you cheat the hair exam, but the employer is no fool and you may not be selected for the job anyway

Pass a Drug Test Step 21

Step 9. Beware of special shampoos

There are some shampoos on the market that claim to cheat hair tests; none of them are scientifically proven. Consider any anecdotal and suspicious success story.

  • They say that a homemade solution has had an effect, made up of white vinegar, salicylic acid and laundry detergent. Mix it all together and apply it to your hair, then use a temporary hair dye. There is no scientific basis for this, but it is relatively inexpensive and has few side effects (as long as none of the components come into contact with the eyes).
  • Studies have shown that hair treated with cosmetic products is less likely to show traces of cocaine.

Method 3 of 4: Passing the Saliva Test

Pass a Drug Test Step 22

Step 1. Learn how the exam works

The saliva test detects the presence of drugs used in the hours or days prior to its performance and has been adopted more frequently because it is convenient, non-invasive and cheap. Anything that shows up on a blood test will show up on the saliva test.

Pass a Drug Test Step 23

Step 2. Detection window

In saliva, substance identification begins immediately after use and can find traces up to four days before use, but many occasional users can get a negative test result 26 to 33 hours after use. saliva test more useful for diagnosing health damage than drug-induced behaviors. Professionals who may be impacted by such damage (such as truck drivers and drivers from other categories) may have to undergo the saliva test. The detection window works like this:

  • Marijuana and hashish (THC): one hour after consumption and up to 24 hours later, depending on the amount.
  • Cocaine (including crack): from consumption until two or three days later.
  • Opiates: from consumption until two or three days later.
  • Methamphetamine and ecstasy: from consumption until two or three days later.
  • Benzodiazepines: from consumption until two or three days later.
Pass a Drug Test Step 24

Step 3. Stop using the drug two to four days before the test

Most saliva tests are performed in the laboratory, which makes it difficult to defraud you in any way; unlike a urine test, there are no privacy issues, so your sample will be collected in public. The only guarantee of a negative result is not to use the drug one to four days before the test.

Pass a Drug Test Step 25

Step 4. Eat something or rinse your mouth with a drink or mouthwash

Studies have shown that eating, drinking, brushing teeth, or using mouthwash can have a temporary effect on saliva test results, but that effect disappears after about half an hour. That's why many companies ask you not to eat or drink anything before the exam. It is possible that you will be monitored during this period, but if you don't, your best chance is to use a mouthwash and then they will likely ask you to repeat the test if they detect contamination.

Method 4 of 4: Common Facts in Drug Testing

Pass a Drug Test Step 26

Step 1. Realize when you are being monitored

There are many situations where testing must be done under supervision; for example, if a commercial driver provides a sample outside of temperature standards, or containing traces of contamination, it will be necessary to retake the test under supervision immediately. Some employers ask that exams be observed because their professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) have a history of substance abuse. You have the right to refuse, but you probably won't get the job (or you could be fired from yours).

Pass a Drug Test Step 27

Step 2. Know the legislation

In Brazil, it is legal to ask for drug tests in hiring processes for companies and public offices; however, one should watch this practice with caution, as many companies have adopted the habit of asking them to find out if household employees use drugs (which can be considered an invasion of privacy).

Pass a Drug Test Step 28

Step 3. Understand the situations in which you might be examined

By law, employers can order drug testing through urinalysis or saliva testing in selective processes and for staff maintenance. In addition, you will likely need to provide your samples in the following cases:

  • Admission process for companies and for public positions. You don't need to provide a blood sample during the application, but a potential employer may require you to be clean to start work.
  • If you are a pregnant woman in the hospital. They are likely to be tested to make sure you are not harming the baby.
  • Being a driver or operator of heavy machinery. Jobs whose role could risk everyone's lives in the event of employee syncope – such as truck drivers or construction workers – should be tested regularly.
  • Display suspicious behavior. Causing an accident at work, talking in a confused way, or behaving in an unstable manner are all reasons your employer may ask for an exam as a condition of your staying with the company. Still, the company must be careful, as this could represent a violation of the employee's privacy.
Pass a Drug Test Step 29

Step 4. Know what might prevent the drug test from being done

Any company requesting tests of such a nature must keep all employee or candidate information confidential; in addition, it is mandatory for the employer to demonstrate how the test result influences and prevents the employee from exercising the position, otherwise it can be classified as a mere invasion of intimacy.

  • It is forbidden to ask for the exam without the employee having passed the other admission tests first.
  • It is also not allowed any kind of discrimination against employees who have had drug problems in the past.
Pass a Drug Test Step 30

Step 5. Myths and facts about drug testing

There are several rumors and unfounded claims about passing the tests, and products that promise to cheat the results without anything to prove them. The most common are:

  • Secondhand smoke: there is a specific level of detection of the substance, precisely to prevent a person who has been next to someone who smoked marijuana from not being pointed out, for example.
  • Poppy seeds: the level of morphine present in urine cannot exceed 1,000 nanograms/L and claiming that a product with poppy derivatives was consumed is plausible enough to dispute the test result (this data is according to the IOC, International Olympic Committee).
  • Bleach. Using bleach to contaminate the urine sample will change its pH, which will make it suspect and you won't pass. Also, ingesting bleach can cause blindness and lead to death.
  • Aspirin. They say aspirin can result in a false negative for the presence of THC. This only works on specific occasions and only for certain exam types. There are no guarantees that it will work.
  • Discoloring and dyeing the hair does not remove the metabolites present in the hair. However, people with natural blonde hair are more likely to get a negative result.


  • Always keep in mind that the best way to pass these exams is to maintain abstinence from drugs between one week and three months before the exam; this is usually enough time for your body to expel all traces of substances.
  • Understand the main cases in which such exams are requested. If you operate heavy machinery, drive, or work in healthcare, it is likely that tests will always be ordered; in the job market, many companies also ask for them as a step in the selection process; being on probation also requires routine drug testing.
  • If you use medical marijuana, talk to an attorney about how to act. This issue is still very delicate in Brazil.


  • Trying to defraud a test is an unbailable crime, framed as fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Be very careful with miracle products found on the internet, as they are very expensive and the vast majority are not clinically tested. There is little evidence that they work, but even so, their effectiveness is not guaranteed.
  • Don't drink too much water before the urinalysis: just enough to stay hydrated. This is dangerous and your sample will raise suspicion because it is diluted; you will have to take the exam again.
  • Do not use any potentially harmful product (such as bleach) to cover up the exam. This will not work and your health could suffer serious consequences.

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