How to Write a Product Review: 6 Steps

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How to Write a Product Review: 6 Steps
How to Write a Product Review: 6 Steps

Writing a review or review of a product you've just purchased is one of the coolest ways to share your opinions with other potential buyers, show your tastes to the world, or even develop your critical skills. You can do this with just about anything from an electric toothbrush to a new car. However, remember that the internet is already full of this type of content, often written in the form of pure praise or criticism. Therefore, your review should be based on research and your knowledge, as well as a reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Read the tips below and learn to express yourself better!


Part 1 of 2: Getting to Know the Product

Write a Product Review Step 1

Step 1. Research about the product

Before you start planning to write the review, you need to do a lot of research about the product. Become familiar with the utilities, innovation and advantages it brings over competitors. So your text will look more professional and reliable.

  • Go to the manufacturer's website and look for other sources of information about the product you are reviewing. Just be careful not to fall into biased traps (after all, many of these materials are written for the simple purpose of selling something, whatever the quality).
  • Research the competition and the advantages and disadvantages of products that consumers see as alternatives. This way, you will be able to compare and contrast what is already on the market with the new thing in your hands.
Write a Product Review Step 2

Step 2. Get the product

The easiest ways to analyze a product are to buy, rent or borrow the item (just for this purpose). This last option is very common with digital influencers, for example.

  • For example, if you have a website, blog or even Instagram or YouTube channel, contact companies via email, phone or social media and ask if they would be interested in partnering. Just don't forget that this tactic may not work with people little known on the internet.
  • Many larger companies have representatives who specialize in marketing and sales. If so, get in touch with the right person and see what you can come up with.
Write a Product Review Step 3

Step 3. Use the product

Using and knowing the product you are going to review are the two most important steps in the entire process - after all, people who read your text will want useful and credible information about the item.

  • Any analysis that only praises or criticizes a particular product sounds false and forced, even running the risk of alienating potential readers. That's why you need to make an ethical and honest review, talking about the good and the bad.
  • Include one or more photos and videos of your interaction with the product to show that you've actually used it. This gives your analysis more credibility.
Write a Product Review Step 4

Step 4. Understand what people expect from your analysis

People read and see product reviews for a variety of reasons. You need to think of everything possible when researching and using the item, that is, before you even start writing. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Does it have quality?
  • Is he made thinking of people like me?
  • Have other people had positive experiences with the product?
  • What are the pros and cons of the product?
  • Are there alternative products? Are they better or worse?
  • Is it worth investing in the product?

Part 2 of 2: Writing Product Review

Write a Product Review Step 5

Step 1. Write the introduction

The introduction of your review not only serves to capture the reader's attention, but also to give a clear overview of the product and its benefits.

  • Set aside a few lines from the introduction to explain the product's functionality in detail, as if all of its features were new to the market. This is one of the most relevant aspects for those who do not know the item, but are interested in it.
  • For savvy consumers, focus on the item's evolution over time, as well as the positive changes it has gone through. Familiar users often read reviews of new product versions for solutions to problems. Take advantage of it.
Write a Product Review Step 6

Step 2. Describe the product in detail

Bring the basic product information to the consumer. This can include brand name, model or version number, dimensions, target audience, price, etc.

Write a Product Review Step 7

Step 3. Find a balance between the good and bad parts of the product

The best reviews or reviews are those that talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the product. They are what help consumers make a truly informed buying decision.

  • Explain, very clearly, why you came to your conclusions about the product. And also tell me why you think some of his features are welcome and others aren't as helpful.
  • In general, people like to read unbiased product reviews. As such, your writing will get a lot more attention if you explain your points without being biased or focusing too much on positives or negatives (unless they are very important, of course).
Write a Product Review Step 8

Step 4. Compare and contrast different products

Talk about the product you are analyzing against alternatives in the market, mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This will show your research work and technical knowledge of the item, as well as give readers points of reference for making a purchase decision.

This part is even more important for people who are thinking about buying the product for the first time. Your text can help in their decision

Write a Product Review Step 9

Step 5. Define the target audience for the product

In your text, make it clear who you think the product will be of most interest. This also influences readers' decision.

You can talk about points of interest in the product, such as how easy or difficult it is to use, specific features that are of interest to some of the audience, and ways in which it is linked to other items that your readers may have used in the past

Write a Product Review Step 10

Step 6. Write the conclusion

A good conclusion is one that summarizes the product's advantages and disadvantages, assesses whether or not it delivers what it promises, and communicates the reviewer's opinion regarding the item's quality.

Write a Product Review Step 11

Step 7. Publish your review

Think about the best way to publicize your analysis on the internet. There are a number of interesting platforms, the most popular being websites and blogs - although it's increasingly common to see video reviews on YouTube and Instagram.

Schedule the publication of your review for a time after the product launch. You'll have more time to test and come to an honest conclusion about the item, not to mention that readers will take your word for it more. Take your time


  • Write naturally. It's much better for you to be consistent and spontaneous than for trying to be too formal.
  • If you're going to analyze an application and find that it has a lot of bugs, it's best to send a bug report to the developer. In this case, it's not much use posting a review criticizing something that can be fixed in a short time.

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