3 Ways to Win on a Crane Fun Machine

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3 Ways to Win on a Crane Fun Machine
3 Ways to Win on a Crane Fun Machine

You've seen those machines full of stuffed animals and with a mental claw inside, right? It's a lot of fun to play on fun crane machines especially when you win. However, if you've played with this machine at least once you know how difficult it is to win a prize! The good news is that if you understand how the claw works and how to grab the best prizes, your chances of success will be much higher.


Method 1 of 3: Choosing the Best Machine

Win at a Claw Machine Step 1

Step 1. Choose a crane fun machine that is not full of bugs

That is, play on the machine that people have used before. That way, the prizes won't get so tight that you can't grab one with your claw.

  • This means that you should choose machines that are at half their toy capacity.
  • Note the position of the animals and where they are facing. Prizes will likely be very difficult to get on these machines.
Win at a Claw Machine Step 2

Step 2. Try using the three-pronged claw machines for best results on amusement machines with different types of toys

On the other hand, if the prize is only stuffed animals, choose the ones with four-pointed claws.

The four-pointed claws are able to grip the pectoral area of ​​the stuffed animals. When you use this type of claw on a stuffed animal, maneuver it so that the four prongs are positioned above and below the doll's arms with the center of the claw near the throat or upper chest

Win at a Claw Machine Step 3

Step 3. Watch someone else play to understand how the machine works

As she plays, pay attention to how the machine works and how difficult it is to get a prize. Count how many seconds the player has to pick up a toy after he puts in the money.

  • When the player goes to pick up a prize, note the strength of the claw. If it's losing grip and doesn't hold the object firmly, avoid playing on this machine because it's going to be very difficult to pick up something.
  • Pay attention to whether the crane is moving normally. It is important to know, before starting to play, whether the crane's movements are smooth or abrupt around the prize area.

Tip: some claws move right or left when going up or down. Notice how the claw moves when another player releases it at the indicated location.

Win at a Claw Machine Step 4

Step 4. Choose a prize before inserting your money into the machine

That way you'll save precious seconds trying to decide which item to get. The best payouts are those near the top of the stack in the center of the machine.

Round prizes like basketballs and soccer balls are often harder to catch than angular objects like stuffed animals

Method 2 of 3: Positioning the claw

Win at a Claw Machine Step 5

Step 1. Have a friend stand by the machine to assist you

He should watch the sides to let you know if the claw is on top of the prize he wants to catch. This will help you move the claw into the correct position as quickly as possible without wasting a lot of time.

If no partner is found, analyze the grip position by looking in the mirror inside the grip machine. The mirror can be your helper

Win at a Claw Machine Step 6

Step 2. Maneuver the claw over the prize within the first 10 seconds

Start immediately after putting money into the machine. Try to move the claw into position above the prize to get as close as possible.

  • Do this technique if you only have 15 seconds before the claw drops. If you have 30 seconds, spend the first 20 seconds moving the claw into the desired position.
  • Look at the grip position from the side of the machine to increase the level of accuracy.
Win at a Claw Machine Step 7

Step 3. Use the last five seconds to make small adjustments to the grip position

Make small movements so that the claw is on top of the item. Have your partner stand on the side of the machine to help position it.

Be careful when making adjustments in these last five seconds. Do not move the claw so that it leaves the position where the prize you want to take is

Win at a Claw Machine Step 8

Step 4. Release the claw when it is in the ideal position

Press the button that lowers the claw before time runs out. Otherwise the machine will move the claw to the starting position and you will have to play again.

On some machines, the grapple will automatically drop when time runs out regardless of where it is positioned

Win at a Claw Machine Step 9

Step 5. Play again if you couldn't get any prizes

The probability of catching something on the first try is not very high. Try to move the prizes to place the desired object in an ideal position on subsequent attempts.

If you have another prize on top of the chosen object, use the claw to move the unwanted prize out of the way and thus place the desired item in a suitable place

Method 3 of 3: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Win at a Claw Machine Step 10

Step 1. Define how much you want to spend on the machine

As this type of game requires several attempts to get the desired prize, it is common for a person to spend a lot of money on a machine. Only spend a certain amount of money to try to win and stop playing when you reach your financial limit.

Your budget should not exceed the current premium value if you are thinking about cost vs. benefit. If the prize you want costs R$ 20.00 reais, don't spend more than this amount to get the item

Warning: Some machines have a variable adjustment so the grips will only grip the object with full force at certain intervals. The default is usually 10, meaning every 10 attempts the claw will grip the prize more tightly than normal.

Win at a Claw Machine Step 11

Step 2. Look at machines that have very good items

If the prizes are too expensive, the machine mechanism has probably been tampered with. In such cases, playing on the crane fun machine is a waste of time and money.

Avoid playing on machines that have high-end tech objects like smartphones or that have real money wrapped around an item

Win at a Claw Machine Step 12

Step 3. Avoid picking up prizes that are at the bottom of the machine or near the glass

It is often more difficult for the claw to hold the prizes close to the machine's windows. Items at the bottom will also be difficult to pick up because the claw may not reach the object. If possible, choose an item that is closest to the gutter.

  • It is advantageous to choose prizes close to the chute because if the claw drops the prize, the chance of it falling into the right place is greater.
  • If you are going to pick up an item at the bottom of the machine, the probability of the claw dropping the object as it moves is great.

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