How to Win at Roulette: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Win at Roulette: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Win at Roulette: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games, with records going back hundreds of years. While it seems like winning just depends on luck, there are some strategies and tricks you can use to maximize profits and minimize losses. Due to the nature of the game, it is not possible to guarantee a victory, but there are ways to minimize the loss.


Part 1 of 3: Maximizing Your Profits

Win at Roulette Step 1

Step 1. Spin the roulette a few times before actually starting your play

If you are in a casino, doing so will help you determine if there are any trends. Some roulette wheels may tend to stop at odd numbers, for example. Note the electronic panel above, too.

Watch the casino staff if they are the ones running the roulette wheel. It could be that the same person has been in the role for a long time, running it with the same force and the same way each time, which can create a trend

Win at Roulette Step 2

Step 2. Practice at a free table before placing bets

This will help you understand the game better, gain more confidence and find out what works and what not to do. You can also talk to the employee, think about how much you would like to bet and study other players' strategies.

Win at Roulette Step 3

Step 3. Play European style roulette, not American style

American roulette has an additional slot, at 00, which decreases your chances of winning. If you have the option, choose European to improve your chances.

The house edge on European roulette is 2.63%. In American roulette, the number is ‘'twice’' larger

Win at Roulette Step 4

Step 4. If you are playing online, be careful

The last thing you want is to give your money away to some kind of fraud. See if the site has a good reputation and always, always, always publish payments. There are a lot of unreliable sites out there that just want to take advantage of you.

Also, see if you have a random number generator. There are websites that put malicious programs to use against people. If you can check the site's suitability, do so

Part 2 of 3: Minimizing Losses

Win at Roulette Step 5

Step 1. Know how much to bet

When playing roulette or any gambling game, only bet as much as you know you can lose. It's very easy and fast to lose control, especially with a game that's fast like this.

Don't bet anything more than what you're willing to lose. While this is easier said than done, there are a few tips, such as limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, writing down your spending on a piece of paper, and asking a friend to count it with you

Win at Roulette Step 6

Step 2. Cash Out Your Profits As You Earn

If you start betting $100 and end up with $150.00, then withdraw your profit ($50) and set it aside. Keep playing with the same $100, and with that, your biggest loss will be $50.00. The more you withdraw your winnings, the greater the chances of leaving with the same amount you entered, if you don't profit.

Win at Roulette Step 7

Step 3. Stay out of it

Of course, the profit will be smaller, but if you keep your bets on “black/red, high/low or even/odd” you will have a better chance of not losing your money. The payback is only 1:1, but you have more chances to win.

  • The table limit remains the same, but your chances of winning are just under 50% (because of 00 and 0). Obviously, the fewer numbers you bet, the less chance of winning. However, the first five numbers 00-0-1-2-3 have a very small chance of falling down (about 7.89%).

    So certainly don't bet five numbers

  • Two outside bets also work well. For example, red and odd - that way you will have most of the numbers.

Part 3 of 3: Betting Strategies

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Step 1. Fold

If you are betting black versus red or even versus odd, then follow this strategy: every time you lose, double the amount you bet the first time and keep betting on the same color until you win. This strategy is known as the Martingale Strategy.

  • For example. Let's say you bet R$5.00 on red, but it came out black. Next time, bet $10.00 on the red so you can get your money back and make some profit. If it lands on black again, double the bet again, betting $20.00 on red. Keep doing this until the roulette wheel drops into the red (an hour will drop), then you will win the lost money and even make a profit.
  • Start by betting the minimum the table asks for. Some tables may also have a maximum bet amount, which means you can reach it before you even win.
  • This strategy requires you to have enough money to double your bets each round.
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Step 2. Try the Grand Martingale strategy

This betting system is similar to Martingale, but instead of betting only double, you must bet double and add another unit. This unit is the starting amount of your bet.

Win at Roulette Step 10

Step 3. Use the James Bond strategy

For this, you will bet R$200.00 with the following distribution: R$140.00 on the highest numbers (19-36), R$50 on six numbers (13-18) and R$10.00 on the zero. By distributing your bets, you increase your chances of winning.

  • If the number is between 19 and 36, you will make a profit of R$ 80.00; if the number is between 13 and 18, you will make a profit of $100, and if it drops to zero, your profit will be $100.
  • The only way to lose is if a number between 1 and 12 appears, which means you will lose R$200.00. In that case, apply Martingale's strategy to repair the losses.
Win at Roulette Step 11

Step 4. Research the “en prison” rule

It generally applies to European roulette wheels - and even then only sometimes. It's a rule that brings the table limit to 1. 35% on equal money bets. See how it works:

Let's say you bet on black. If the roulette wheel stops at zero (the ball must fall to zero). The table takes your R$ 10.00 and the roulette wheel spins again. If you land on a black square, you get your $10.00 back. You won't make a profit, but at least you'll get your money back


  • Always bet responsibly. Never bet more money than you can lose.
  • Pay attention if the roulette wheel wobbles. Get in a position where you can clearly see the reflection of light on the roulette wheel. If it wobbles, the reflection will be deformed. This can directly affect where it ends up.
  • Identify biased roulette wheels. It may have dominant zones (imperfections that force the ball to stop at specific points), it may be crooked (the more crooked, the greater the tendency), higher barriers between squares, or reduced acceleration at certain points.
  • Notice if the balls are deformed. If they are, you will hear some clicks in different parts of the roulette wheel. If the ball makes more noise in certain parts, there is probably a deformation.
  • See if the roulette track is deformed. If so, the ball will bounce or make a different move. These deformations occur for the ball to fall in certain places.
  • Note the common roulette stopping points. This means that the ball tends to land at certain points with a certain frequency. All you need to do is watch the roulette wheel over several spins.
  • There is a 5.6% edge for the table in American roulettes. If you want a guaranteed return, then it's best to choose a game that is less based on luck and where the table has less of an edge.

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