How to Throw a Sleepover for Two Girls

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How to Throw a Sleepover for Two Girls
How to Throw a Sleepover for Two Girls

Sleepovers are fun, full of laughs and good food. It's a time to get closer to friends and have fun all night long. Even if it's just you and someone else, you can enjoy doing crafts, cooking or playing games.


Part 1 of 3: Organizing the slumber party

Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 1

Step 1. Ask your parents for permission

Let them know that you want to talk to them to order something. Choose a place with no distractions and a time when they're not too busy, like in the living room, when the family is together after dinner.

  • Explain about the slumber party. Talk about the person you want to invite, what they plan to do, whether you're going to need the money, and why you're so excited.
  • For example, “Mother, Father, I would very much like to invite my friend Maria to sleep here at home on Friday. I want to get closer to her because we have a lot in common, and this is a great opportunity to stay up late, play and watch movies. All I need is a few snacks and money to order a pizza.”
  • Keep in mind that your parents may object to the idea. Respect their decision; complaining will only make you look immature. Ask the reason for their refusal to understand better, and ask again next month. They may change their minds over time, especially if you accept their decision well.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 2

Step 2. Choose the best day and invite your friend to sleep at your house

When planning a sleepover, it's important to choose a day that's good for both you and the other person.

  • If it's during class time, choose a Friday or Saturday so you don't run the risk of being too tired to go to school the next day.
  • Talk about dates with your friend. If she has any activity in the morning, there may be time conflicts.
  • Invite at least a week in advance. Depending on your age, one of your parents or guardian will need to call the girl's parents to arrange the time.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 3

Step 3. Organize the slumber party area

Before your friend arrives, create a cozy space to receive her. This will make the night more magical and she will feel at ease.

  • Make a sheet hut. Place sheets and blankets over the chairs or sofa to create a space that you can enter. Fill the room with blankets, pillows and pillows. You and your partner can also build the cabin together.
  • Placing lights helps add a magical touch to the room or cabin.
  • If your bed is big, you and the girl can sleep together. If the bed is small, you can sleep on the floor to make the occasion more fun.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 4

Step 4. Get some supplies

Even if you let her know what to bring, your friend might forget something. Make sure you have enough supplies at home for the occasion.

  • Set aside towels, sheets and blankets for the two of you.
  • Have an extra toothbrush. This is often the most overlooked item at slumber parties.
  • If you're teenagers, it's important to have women's products at home too, just in case.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 5

Step 5. Prepare for possible problems

Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, but you need to be prepared for potential problems and avoid setbacks.

  • Know the rules stipulated by your parents. You don't want your friend to leave early because you broke the house rules. If you can't use the computer, for example, don't. If you can't enter a particular room in the house, don't.
  • Know what to do if the girl is scared of something. It could be that she has nightmares or is homesick. It is important that your parents have her parents' phone number in case she needs to leave.
  • Bed-wetting can happen, so it's good to have extra sheets for a change. Don't make fun of your friend if such an incident occurs. It's a common problem, and she shouldn't feel embarrassed.

Part 2 of 3: Looking for fun activities

Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 6

Step 1. Watch movies

It's a great choice for sleepovers with just two people. Before your friend arrives, select a few options and then decide with her which movies to watch. Choose something fun and light. If the date is close to a holiday, choose a themed movie. Some great options:

  • Princess' diary;
  • Cupid operation;
  • Mean Girls;
  • Enchanted;
  • Suddenly 30;
  • The perfect choice;
  • The Rebel Novice;
  • 10 Things I Hate About You;
  • Forever Cinderella;
  • The Neverending Story;
  • She is the man;
  • Everything that a girl wants.
  • If you're younger, choose movies like Frozen, Pocahontas or other princess movies.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 7

Step 2. Play

Even if you only have one friend sleeping at home, you can play lots of games.

  • Have a pillow fight. As long as your parents allow it, you'll have a lot of fun throwing pillows at each other and hiding behind the couch.
  • Make up blindfolded. In this activity, you and your friend can take turns selling. Whoever has their eyes covered should put makeup on the other person.
  • Play with some board game. Many games such as Monopoly, Game of Life and Checkers can be played with just two people.
  • If you don't want to play board games and have an extra controller, you can play video games. Games like Mario Kart are great for sleepovers.
  • Play “Truth or Dare”. It's a fun way to get to know the other person better and can make for a good laugh. If you don't want to challenge yourself, just play with asking each other questions.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 8

Step 3. Make a makeover

Beauty makeover is a classic sleepover activity. First, make a face mask to prepare the skin. Many of these masks can be made from ingredients found in the kitchen.

  • Make room to put things. Put your makeup on the floor and take turns putting makeup on each other.
  • You can also do your hair and paint each other's nails.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 9

Step 4. Do craft work

Letting your creativity flow in the company of a friend is a great way to pass the time. Since you are in two, you can make more elaborate projects. Some possibilities:

  • Friendship bracelets.
  • Painting on canvas.
  • Decorate a bandanna with fabric paint.
  • Make a patchwork mat with old t-shirts and a hula hoop.
  • Write and illustrate your own story.
  • Picking flowers and making an arrangement to place in the party atmosphere.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 10

Step 5. Tell stories or just talk

Sometimes a simple conversation can be as fun as playing a game. What's more, it can help you get closer to your friend. Take the opportunity to spend time with a good chat.

  • Ask about your friend. Find out what her hobbies and interests are, and listen carefully to the answers.
  • Let the conversation go deeper. Ask her opinion about school, friendships and other interesting topics.
  • You can also share stories. Talk about the best memories, family vacation moments and embarrassing stories.

Part 3 of 3: Preparing food for the occasion

Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 11

Step 1. Talk about the menu or eating plans with the adults

You or your friend may have some dietary restrictions. Before starting to cook, talk to a person in charge. It's important to create a menu that everyone can eat without causing any problems.

  • Be aware of allergies you or your friend may have. If she has food allergies, encourage her to bring some snacks that she is used to eating. You can also ask your mother to call the girl's parents and ask about what foods are allowed.
  • Let your parents know in advance about your friend's dietary restrictions. This notice will allow them to organize in time.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 12

Step 2. Cook something together

This is a great combination of good things and fun. Make something you wouldn't normally cook, but always talk to your mother before using the stove or oven. Also remember not to use ingredients that could cause allergic reactions. Some interesting recipes for slumber parties:

  • Oven Somores.
  • Pizza.
  • Lemonade.
  • Sugary cookies.
  • Chocolate cupcakes.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 13

Step 3. Ask for food

A slumber party is a great opportunity to order your favorite food. Pizza is a simple thing that everyone enjoys.

  • Order different dishes to share, like pasta.
  • This alternative is also great with Chinese food. Try eating with chopsticks to make the occasion more fun.
Host a Two People Sleepover (Girls Only) Step 14

Step 4. Set aside some snacks

When you invite a friend over to your house, arrange snacks and snacks for you to eat overnight. These foods should be a complement to dinner.

  • Fruits and vegetables with sauces are healthy options over foods full of sugar and fat.
  • Also provide savory options such as crackers, nuts and potatoes.
  • You can also have some of your favorite sweets. Be careful not to eat too much sugar late at night.

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