3 Ways to Have Fun When You're Bored at Home

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3 Ways to Have Fun When You're Bored at Home
3 Ways to Have Fun When You're Bored at Home

Having to stay at home ends up being tedious. With nowhere to go, it can be difficult to keep busy or find something interesting to do. Don't worry - there are plenty of options for fighting boredom when you're in this situation. You can try activities like playing games with the family, watching a movie, preparing a snack, or even building your pillow fort. There are several alternatives to turn a boring day into an exciting time.


Method 1 of 3: Having Fun When At Home

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Step 1. Craft

A great way to spend time together on a tedious day is crafting. Take the opportunity to build, create and decorate any art you want. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or let your imagination run wild and do something unique to make your day more interesting.

  • Try drawing a shape or other image with glue on paper. Before it dries, throw glitter or sand over it for shiny art.
  • You can glue two toilet paper rolls together to build a "binoculars".
  • Make your own trees by gluing a stem and "sheets" of colored paper onto cardboard or cardboard.
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Step 2. Try painting or drawing

Don't worry, you don't need to be a trained painter or artist to create your own artwork. Painting or drawing can be a great way to express yourself and fight boredom. If you feel stuck at home with nothing to do, make the day more fun by creating interesting art.

  • Everyone can learn the fundamentals of painting or drawing. If you're already a trained artist, give yourself a challenge, like painting a river with rocks on the bank or learning to draw a horse.
  • There are many other forms of crafts to try, from drawing with wet chalk to sculpture. Have you ever made an infinite mirror or a bottled galaxy?
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Step 3. Write your thoughts

You can spend some time writing when you're alone to keep yourself busy and pass the time. This helps you tell a story, organize your thoughts, and express your innermost feelings. Let your creativity flow through the pages to fight boredom while you're at home.

You could write a short story, a poem, an entire mythology or even a journal

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Step 4. Compose a song

If you like to compose or listen to music, spend time creating some new melodies. This can be a lot of fun and make the day a lot less tedious. When you're running out of things to do at home, pick up your favorite instrument and let your imagination run wild!

  • If you don't play, learn to sing or use a computer program to make simple compositions.
  • If you like your new song, you can record it at home.
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Step 5. Redesign your home

Redecorating a house or a room can be a fun way to fight boredom. Changing the decor also makes the space or property look fresh and exciting. You can redecorate as you wish, transforming the space into a cozy place. If you're bored at home, changing the decor can fill your day and make the environment a lot more fun.

  • You can move the furniture around to see what the new environment looks like.
  • Try moving things from one room to another and watch for these changes.
  • You can make something fun, like a fort of pillows or sheets.
  • You could paint a picture and hang it on the wall to give the space a new look.
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Step 6. Cook something tasty

Being at home brings a great opportunity to be able to prepare something delicious. Don't settle for something boring or prefab. Try preparing your favorite food or something new to add excitement to your day at home.

  • Looking for something easy and delicious? Prepare nachos or spaghetti.
  • Are you already someone experienced in the kitchen and want to make different recipes? Prepare sugary bacon or your own okonomiyaki (a tasty Japanese pancake).
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Step 7. Watch your favorite movies

This can be a great way to pass the time when you're alone at home. Browse your collection and find an old favourite, or look for something new you might like. When you find something that looks interesting, put yourself in a comfortable position and enjoy.

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Step 8. Watch fun videos on YouTube

This platform is the ideal place to look for videos, and there will almost always be something you can watch no matter what mood you're in. New videos are uploaded frequently, making it possible to always have something to catch up on.

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Step 9. Enjoy your favorite songs

There are few things that move your skeleton like the songs you love the most. You can listen to some old favorites or search for new ones that interest you. Regardless of what you want to hear, play and enjoy it a lot.

  • Explore new styles of music or different artists you haven't met yet.
  • Make your own playlists. Try creating one for relaxing songs, one for working out, one for reading, and so on.
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Step 10. Advance your games

They can be the perfect way to make a tedious day a lot more fun. There are games for everyone, from quick shooters to scavenger hunts. Regardless of your style, enjoying your favorite game can be perfect for ending the boredom of a day spent at home. This is also a fun way to spend time with your friends online when you can't go out.

  • If you have a lot of free time, explore more complex titles like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 (now free) or World of Warcraft.
  • If you just want some relaxing fun, play Animal Jam or search the internet for Flash games.
  • If you feel even more ambitious, you can even create your own text-based games or program a Flash game!

Method 2 of 3: Having Fun with Friends or Family

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Step 1. Get the board games

These have long been a universal favorite when it comes to spending time and fighting boredom. Ask your family if they want to play a board game. Most of them are multiplayer, and will still provide entertainment for everyone.

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Step 2. Clean up

That might not be your first thought, but cleaning and organizing your house or bedroom can help you keep busy on a tedious day. The feeling of a lot of work may come at some point, but having a clean house is wonderful. Set aside time in a tedious day to clean and organize the house to end boredom.

  • Organizing your closet or dresser can help you find your favorite outfit more easily.
  • Help your family organize kitchen items.
  • Meet with family members to clean the entire house.
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Step 3. Prepare a fun snack

If you're bored and run out of things to do at home, ask someone to help you prepare something tasty. Take this time to do something you both like and fight boredom in the process.

  • You can bake cookies, a cake or chocolate chip cookies.
  • Try making the famous s'mores (marshmallow with chocolate) on the stove.
  • Beat some fruit and take a good vitamin.
  • Have fun preparing something new.
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Step 4. Share stories

Staying at home can provide the opportunity to sit down with your family and talk. Telling exciting or fun stories will end everyone's boredom. You can share your own stories or stories that you've heard from others. Feel free to talk about whatever you and your family want for more entertainment for the day.

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Step 5. Plan your dream vacation

Sit down with someone else and talk about the places you dream of visiting. Talk about where you would like to go and what you could do there. Feel free to imagine all sorts of adventures you both would like to do.

  • Talk about what you both think this trip would be like.
  • Talk about some of your favorite things in your chosen destinations.
  • You can get some maps and have fun drawing the routes of the trip.
  • You might want to use Google Street View to take virtual tours of places you want to visit.
  • You could even give free rein to your imagination and plan trips to other planets.

Method 3 of 3: Adding Some Exercise

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Step 1. Get up to dance

This is a simple way to exercise while having fun. Choose some of your favorite songs, turn up the volume and start moving your skeleton. You don't need to know the steps, feel free to dance however you like.

  • You can create a playlist of your favorite songs to dance to.
  • Create your own dance moves or learn a new style.
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Step 2. Do some exercises

Just because you're home alone during the day doesn't mean you can't exercise. There are many workouts that don't require any equipment except body weight and some movement. Get a good workout in your day to fight boredom.

  • There are several training videos available on the internet.
  • Doing activities like push ups or squats can strengthen your muscles even without using weights.
  • Practicing jumping jacks and the like can be a great way to do cardiovascular activities.
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Step 3. Relax with some stretches or yoga poses

Regardless of whether or not you are in the habit of working out, it might be a good idea to include stretches in your time at home. They will help you relax your mind and increase your body's range of motion and flexibility. When you're at home, try to include light stretches in the day to keep you active and overcome boredom.

  • Always stretch carefully to avoid injury. If you experience pain at any time, stop immediately.
  • There are many free yoga videos on the internet.

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