3 Ways to Make a Secret Hide in Your Wardrobe

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3 Ways to Make a Secret Hide in Your Wardrobe
3 Ways to Make a Secret Hide in Your Wardrobe

Closets and closets are great hiding places, but they're not always comfortable to spend a lot of time on. With a little free time and creativity, however, you can create the ultimate hideout! If you're just a kid, you probably won't be able to create a very chic environment, but it's worth a try. If you're a parent and you want to help your child build a hideout, get your child involved in planning to create something that's just right for her.


Method 1 of 3: Making a Hideout (For Children)

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 1

Step 1. Make room in your closet or wardrobe

Find a place where you can sit without the objects stored in the way. If the wardrobe has clothes hanging, find a space under the shorter items. They'll keep you hidden, and you'll be able to sit comfortably. The idea is to make it possible to sit cross-legged inside the closet; if that is not possible, rearrange the objects, moving them to another part of the closet. Some hiding options for those who don't have a large wardrobe or closet at home:

  • Under tables.
  • In the corners of the rooms - preferably behind a piece of furniture.
  • In a closet or large cabinet.
  • In a large dresser with doors.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 2

Step 2. Clean the cache

Closets and wardrobes can get pretty dirty or dusty. If the floor is made of wood, sweep it with a broom. If you have a closet with a carpet floor, use a vacuum cleaner. Collect trash and dispose of it.

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 3

Step 3. Create an entry

You can make a sign out of colored paper and hang it outside the closet, or cover the closet entrance with tissue. A quick and easy way: take a sheet and pin the ends of it to the upper corners of the closet entrance, creating a "curtain".

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 4

Step 4. Take care of the lighting

If there is an outlet nearby, plug a light into it or a night light. In the absence of outlets, there are other possible options:

  • Flashlight.
  • Battery-powered luminaire.
  • Toy that lights up.
  • Neon sticks.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 5

Step 5. Increase comfort

As the closets are small and tight, comfort is far from them. To make your hiding place more pleasant, think carefully about a type of quilt, such as:

  • A pillow or a pillow.
  • A folded blanket.
  • A folded sweatshirt.
  • An ottoman.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 6

Step 6. Decorate the hideout

Stick some photos or posters inside your closet using duct tape or a reusable putty. You can also hang tinsel, garlands and bead necklaces.

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 7

Step 7. Stock up on appetizers

First of all, ask your parents if you can store food in hiding. Give preference to processed foods that do not break easily. Some ideas:

  • Bubble gum.
  • Chestnuts.
  • Candy.
  • Small biscuits, like the ones from the Ebicen brand.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 8

Step 8. Take care of the fun

Hideouts are no fun if you just sit there, right? Think about what you would like to do for fun and bring the necessary materials to the hideout. Some ideas:

  • If you like to draw, bring paper, pencils, chalks and pens.
  • If you like to write, bring a journal and some pencils.
  • If you like to play, bring a board game or a deck of cards.
  • If you like to keep yourself entertained, bring a radio, tablet or laptop.
  • If you like to read, bring your favorite books and a flashlight.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 9

Step 9. Store your club supplies in a box

If your hideout is a base for your club with your siblings or friends, store supplies - such as notebooks and badges - in a box in your closet.

  • Choose a box that can stay hidden. A shoe box is an excellent option! Nobody will suspect anything.
  • You don't need a club to have a hideout!

Method 2 of 3: Having fun in hiding (for kids)

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 10

Step 1. Create a secret password

Don't let anyone enter the hideout without first reciting the secret password. Tell it only to people you trust and ask them not to tell anyone.

You can let other people in as long as they ask them to please. Then decide whether to tell them the password or not

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 11

Step 2. Hold club meetings at the hideout

If you have a club with one or two more friends, the hideout can serve as a base for you. Obviously, the place will not be able to support many people.

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 12

Step 3. Do the things you love

Some quiet activities are perfect for small spaces like reading and writing. If you have a hobby, try it out in hiding.

  • Remember to clean the place when finished.
  • Leave the noisiest hobbies, like singing, elsewhere. It's no use hiding if you keep screaming, right?
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 13

Step 4. Take a nap

If you're tired but your room is too bright or too noisy, sleep in hiding. Take a pillow and a blanket and sleep! If you like sleeping cuddled up with a stuffed animal, take it to your wardrobe too!

Remember to leave the closet door open

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 14

Step 5. Take care of security

You can make rules to prevent others from entering your wardrobe, but it's important to remember security. When playing in hiding:

  • Do not close the closet door. You can get stuck or out of air.
  • Do not block the exit. In an emergency, you may not be able to get out in time.
  • Don't leave electronics turned on when coming out of hiding. Light fixtures and laptops can get hot and cause fires.
  • Do not light candles in hiding, even if you are careful. Buy fake electronic candles if you don't want to use flashlights or lamps.

Method 3 of 3: Making a Hideout (For Parents)

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 15

Step 1. Turn your child's closet into a secret hiding place

This is a great opportunity to encourage your child's imagination and creativity. Also, the hideout will allow him to do more introspective activities in his own space. Below, you'll find several ideas on how to turn a closet or wardrobe into the best hiding place ever.

It is not necessary to follow all the steps below. Choose the ideas that are most appealing to you and make them. Your child will like it

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 16

Step 2. Empty the closet and clean it from the inside

This will give you an "empty screen" to work with. In the case of closets, you can choose to paint or remodel the interior. Take the opportunity to review the child's items.

If you don't have a closet at home, assemble the hiding place in a closet or wardrobe. As long as the child can sit comfortably in the closet, that's fine

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 17

Step 3. Choose a theme

With a theme in mind, you'll have a better idea of ​​the colors and decorations you can use. Start with something your child will like, like princesses or superheroes. If your child's interests change frequently, choose something that matches their room or their favorite color.

Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 18

Step 4. Paint the inside of the closet, if desired

For a child, entering the place can be like entering a new world. Take this concept further and paint the interior walls of the closet. Some ideas to try:

  • Make a mural. Paint the closet a new color to start. Then do some freehand or stencil drawings.
  • Highlight a wall. Paint the sides of the closet white or off-white and paint the third wall in your child's favorite color.
  • Paint the walls a lighter color and the ceiling a darker shade. This will make the closet look bigger. To enhance this impression, let the dark paint "leak" a few inches from the walls.
  • Paint the edges of the walls white. The white frame will help break up the monotony of the closet.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 19

Step 5. Add a carpet or rug

This step isn't necessary, but it can help reinforce the idea that the closet is a whole different world. You don't have to rip out your current carpet (if you have one), however: just buy a new carpet or carpet of the right size and cover the closet floor. Try to buy one that matches the theme set for the hideout. Some ideas:

  • If you've opted for a desert or pirate theme, a light beige carpet can help simulate sand and complement the look.
  • If you've chosen an enchanted forest theme, buy a green carpet to simulate grass.
  • If you've opted for a snow theme, buy a gray or pale blue rug. Avoid white at all costs, as it will make cleaning difficult.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 20

Step 6. Decorate the walls

Their painting is just the beginning of the closet's transformation into your child's imaginary world. It's no use a new color if the walls remain empty and dull. Some ideas, according to the theme:

  • For a forest or jungle theme, hang floral wreaths on the walls.
  • For a magical look, install Christmas lights on the walls. If the closet has no outlets, use battery-powered lights.
  • Use decals and stickers. These options are great if your child changes interest frequently. When the child gets tired of the topic, tear off the stickers and put on new ones.
  • Use paper cutouts for a quick and easy solution. For example, if your child likes the ocean, cut out fish designs from colored cardstock and tape them to the wall.
  • Decorate the walls with educational games. Felt boards with alphabets, numerals and geometric shapes will help entertain your child as he or she learns something new.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 21

Step 7. Don't ignore the ceiling

This is an important part of the closet that is usually left out but can take the hiding place to another level. Some ideas:

  • Paint the ceiling a dark color and glue glow-in-the-dark stars.
  • Paint the sky light blue with white clouds.
  • Paint the ceiling to resemble a forest, with designs of colorful leaves, branches and birds.
  • If the closet has light, change the lamp and chandelier to something that matches your chosen theme.
  • Hang light items from the ceiling using nylon thread. Depending on the theme you choose, you can hang birds and butterflies (made from folded paper or plastic), miniature planes, snowflakes, etc.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 22

Step 8. Organize the location

Depending on the size of the closet and the intended use, there is a lot to do. Keep the items the child will use in her hiding place. For example, if she's going to play in the closet, you'll need something to store her toys. Some ideas:

  • If your child likes to read, turn the closet into a reading corner with some shelves and shelves.
  • If she likes to draw, install baskets, niches and folders on the walls. Keep her books and notebooks in the compartments.
  • If your child likes to play or make crafts, put some baskets in the closet to keep everything organized. If you prefer, put small plastic cabinets, those with a drawer, to store toys or materials.
  • Include some hooks. They are extremely useful if the child is going to use the closet to store hanging clothes. Your child can also use the hooks to hang the backpack.
Make a Secret Hideout in Your Closet Step 23

Step 9. Increase comfort and privacy

The hideout may look magical visually, but the child will not enjoy it so well if the location is not very comfortable. For a quick and easy solution, place pillows, ottomans and blankets in the corners. Some ideas:

  • Place a stool inside the closet, taking up an entire wall. Cover it with pillows and put the toy baskets on the bottom.
  • Remove the door and install a curtain. That way, you won't have to worry about the child getting stuck in hiding. Simply place the curtain where the closet door used to be, at the top.
  • If you're going to keep storing your child's clothes in the closet, hang them over the top so they don't get in the way of your toddler when he's playing.
  • Take care of the lighting. If the closet does not have light bulbs or outlets, install battery-powered lights. You can buy lamps and lamps to put on walls or shelves.


  • For an even more secretive look, use black light bulbs in the hideout. It will look great!
  • Put some pillows under the blanket on your bed when you go into hiding. That way, when someone opens the bedroom door to look for you, they'll think you're asleep.
  • If your wardrobe doesn't have a lot of space, set up the hiding place on the porch.
  • Be silent when hidden.
  • Leave a certain opening in the hiding place so you don't run out of air.
  • If you're going to use a laptop in hiding, remember that it needs to be ventilated. The computer may crash if it gets too hot.
  • Be careful with electronics. The high volume can attract the other residents of the house and give away your hiding place.
  • Don't tell messy friends about the hideout. They might try to explore the place and screw it up.


  • Remember security. It is important that you manage to get out of hiding in case of an emergency. Never lock yourself in the closet.
  • Don't hide too long. Everyone needs fresh air from time to time!

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