6 Ways to Be a Beautiful Teen

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6 Ways to Be a Beautiful Teen
6 Ways to Be a Beautiful Teen

Do you want to be the most beautiful girl around? Follow these Steps to become the prettiest girl possible.


Method 1 of 6: Skin

Eliminate acne from your face. The best thing is for your face to be clean, blemish free, shiny and acne free so that you are truly wonderful. However, getting a face like that is not always possible. Even some girls considered beautiful certainly don't have the best skin in the world. However, that cannot stop her from trying to get that perfect skin. Day and night, you must follow the following routine:

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 1

Step 1. Wash your face with warm or hot water to open your pores

Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type and massage your face for about a minute especially on areas with acne.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 2

Step 2. Wash your face with the coldest water possible

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 3

Step 3. Dry your face, apply an astringent or toner to its full length and wait a few seconds for it to dry

Then apply a moisturizer all over your face.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 4

Step 4. Use any medication prescribed by your doctor or any treatments you have

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 5

Step 5. exfoliate of your skin (and lips) with an exfoliant every day.

Put Vaseline on your lips every night and you'll wake up with soft, luscious lips; during the day, always apply a lip balm so you don't get dry and chapped lips. Also, fix any discoloration on your skin.

  • If you have random patches of dark color on your skin, see a dermatologist. Try to hide your dark circles using eye rolls.
  • If you have freckles, cheer up! Freckles are unique to only 2% of the world's population!

Method 2 of 6: Hygiene

When taking a shower in the morning or at night, don't forget a few basic things, such as:

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 6

Step 1. Exfoliate your skin using a loofah, removing dead skin cells, leaving it shinier, smoother and softer

Use lotion for no more than three minutes after showering so your skin doesn't dry out. You should never overdo the moisturizer

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 7

Step 2. Shave every day

In today's society, shaving the armpits, legs, groin, and sometimes the arms is considered a matter of hygiene; use a good blade and everything will be fine.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 8

Step 3. do your eyebrows whenever necessary.

If you have super-fine eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 9

Step 4. Use some deodorant (or antiperspirant if you sweat a lot) and apply perfume to your "hot spots" like neck, wrists, etc

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 10

Step 5. Brush your teeth well.

You don't want to get bad breath, do you? Don't forget to brush your tongue, gums, back of teeth and inside cheeks.

  • If you find that your teeth are a little "yellow", whiten them using homemade recipes or seeing a professional dentist.
  • Always use dental floss and mouthwash after brushing your teeth.
  • If you use braces, clean it regularly and carefully.
Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 11

Step 6. Wash your hands whenever you use the bathroom

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 12

Step 7. Take vitamins every day, especially if you are very thin

They provide all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins you need on a daily basis. The best time to consume them is at night. You can ask your doctor what type of vitamin you should take.

Method 3 of 6: Health

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 13

Step 1. Schedule your bedtime well.

You'll feel ten times better if you sleep well! That doesn't mean you should go to bed early every night. Ideally, you should get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. However, some people can sleep well in just 7 hours while others need to sleep 10. It all depends on your body and you will soon find out how many hours you need.

Keep your schedule even during the weekends. Don't just go to bed at dawn. You don't want to wake up with huge dark circles under your eyes and tired, dull skin. You need your beauty sleep

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 14

Step 2. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, five to six times a week

You can take yoga classes, ride a bike, run a few miles, lift weights or dance around your house listening to your favorite songs.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 15

Step 3. Have a healthy diet

You not need to go hungry. Just eat one fruit and one vegetable a day and drink at least 8 glasses of water (don't forget to factor in the water in the food you eat). It's for your own good.

Method 4 of 6: Hair

To be beautiful, it doesn't matter how long your hair is; you just have to take care of it and keep it looking good.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 16

Step 1. Wash your hair once a week if it is curly or dry, and two or three times a week if it is smooth or oily

You should not wash your hair every day as this will cause it to lose its natural oils.

If your hair is short, look to celebrities like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham for inspiration. If it's long, get inspired by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 17

Step 2. Change the look of your hair

You can change the look of your hair to straight, wavy, frizzy or afro, always keeping some kind of shine. You definitely don't want your hair to look dull and frizzy. Therefore, always use products that enhance shine.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 18

Step 3. If you are going to heat your hair, use some type of protection so as not to leave split ends

It is better to dry your hair naturally than to use a heater.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 19

Step 4. Don't style your hair every day

This will create split ends and cause a lot of heat damage. The consequences are not worth it.

Method 5 of 6: Makeup

As a teenager, you don't need a lot of makeup to look beautiful.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 20

Step 1. Put some concealer on blemishes and imperfections

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 21

Step 2. Use black or brown eyeliner pencil

Apply a black or brown pencil below the junction of the lower lashes and a peach colored pencil on the inner edge of the eye. That way your eyes will look brighter and more alive.

Step 3. Add two coats of mascara after curling your lashes

Add a lipstick or lip gloss and you're ready to go! Always remain natural."

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 22 Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 23

Step 4. Another alternative:

Don't wear makeup. She can be nice and build your confidence, but you DON'T need her. Be comfortable with yourself.

Method 6 of 6: Interior

To be beautiful you must act like a beautiful woman. Be yourself, it doesn't matter if you are outgoing, laid back, fun, daring, down to earth, humble, smart, friendly or hardworking.

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 24

Step 1. Respect everyone you meet, even if they don't deserve it; Strive not to make enemies and think before you speak

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 25

Step 2. Use the morals your parents taught you wisely

However, that doesn't mean agreeing with everything they say. Think for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

If you are sexually active, use condoms, contraceptives, etc

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 26

Step 3. Go out with your friends and family on weekends. enjoy life well

Be a Gorgeous Teen Girl Step 27

Step 4. Read a book every now and then and do your best at school

You may not always get a 10, but fight for it. More importantly, be yourself. It may sound cliché, but if you really discover the real you, your life will be so much more amazing!


  • Be yourself. Don't hide from anyone and accept yourself, even without makeup. Remember that personality can make you more beautiful too.
  • Remember that you are beautiful, no matter what. This guide is only meant to help you look even more beautiful.
  • Smile, even if nothing special is happening. It makes you look more attractive, awake and interesting.
  • Always carry a bag with you. In the bag, take: your cell phone, ipod, favorite lip gloss, R$ 30.00 (in case of an emergency), your student ID, keys, tampons, mirror, small hairbrush and bows and hairpins.
  • Buy more versatile clothes so you can make different combinations!
  • If you have a religion, believe in it fully; it will likely serve as an inspiration to you.

*Don't answer your parents.


  • Don't try to be someone you're not. People will like you for who you are.
  • Don't smoke, drink or dress promiscuously.

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