3 Ways to Look Older (Teens)

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3 Ways to Look Older (Teens)
3 Ways to Look Older (Teens)

Looking younger has its advantages and disadvantages. You've probably heard that you'll like this when you're older, but it's nothing to be mistaken for a child and not taken seriously. Luckily, it's possible to look older with some changes in your dress and behavior.


Method 1 of 3: Dressing Like an Adult

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Choose more classic styles

Do you want to gain more mature air? Start with the way you dress. When shopping for new clothes, go for classic cuts and styles, such as tailored pants, thin draped blouses, and sophisticated pencil skirts.

  • Have you ever thought about wearing tailored straight-cut pants along with a dress shirt and sneakers? This look is mature and doesn't look forced at all.
  • Avoid more youthful pieces, such as short blouses or printed shirts.
Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Use neutral colors and gemstone shades

Neutral colors like black, white, navy and beige always add a touch of sophistication. If you are a more colorful person, prefer shades of gemstones such as emerald, sapphire or ruby. These colors are intense and sober at the same time.

Don't even think about pastels or neon, as they are often used more by teenagers and children

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Prefer pieces that look good and enhance the silhouette

Very baggy clothes are darlings of young people. If you want a more grown-up look, find pieces that are tighter but not too tight.

You don't need to wear provocative clothes to enhance the silhouette. Try a tighter long-sleeved blouse with a canoe collar, flared jeans, and low-heeled ankle boots if you want an age-appropriate look

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 4

Step 4. Wear shoes instead of sneakers

You don't need to walk in heels all the time, even if they help with height. Just choose sensible and pretty shoes, like sneakers, moccasins, booties or sandals.

If you want to wear heels, choose a comfortable walking shoe. You won't look like an adult if your legs are shaking and you lose your balance every five seconds. Start with a lower or squared heel, which gives you more stability for walking

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 5

Step 5. Use sophisticated accessories

Don't walk around with all the accessories you have at home, it's not glamorous to look like a Christmas tree. Go for simple accessories that add value to the clothes, such as a light scarf, a nice watch or an interesting bracelet.

Any look is more sophisticated with a simple pair of small earrings

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 6

Step 6. Wear a tight suit or jacket if it's colder

Don't even think about hoodies or hoodies when the temperature drops. Always prefer tighter pieces, like a cardigan with a waistband or a more elegant cardigan.

The belted overcoat is a classic look that enhances almost every body type. Put on a more feminine look on an autumn day by wearing the overcoat with a dress or skirt, tights, and short boots

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 7

Step 7. Have a nice bag

You don't need to spend tons of money on a designer bag, just buy a more elegant model to make your look more mature. Prefer a natural or synthetic leather bag in a neutral color such as brown or black.

If you have to take a backpack to school, buy a simple model in a neutral color

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 8

Step 8. Wear glasses if you need to

If you have a vision problem and wear glasses, be aware that the right model can make you look more adult. Choose one that is proportional to the size of your face and contrasts with its shape. For example, if you have a rounder face, a square frame can neutralize your fluffy cheeks.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 9

Step 9. Change the style little by little

If you suddenly come up with a totally different style, it may feel awkward or uncomfortable. In the end, you may look even younger, as others will think you are playing at dressing up in your mother's clothes. When buying a new piece, try to match it with clothes you already wear to create a nice look.

Bought a pencil skirt? Take a look in the wardrobe and find a cute tank top or sweater to create a look. Finish with your favorite sneakers

Method 2 of 3: Getting Well Groomed

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 10

Step 1. Take care of your skin

Many teenagers suffer from acne, which can quite give away age. Avoid pimples by washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleansing gel and finishing with a moisturizer for your skin type. Do not keep your hands touching your face to avoid contaminating it with bacteria.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 11

Step 2. Upgrade your hair

A cut that leaves the strands above the shoulders gives a less childlike appearance than long hair. However, regardless of your preference, always trim the ends to renew the cut. The more elegant your hair, the older you will look.

Take time to comb your tresses each morning. Run a comb or fingers to remove the knots, make a side braid, or simply split it sideways and let it hang loose

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 12

Step 3. Concentrate makeup on one part of your face if you are not in the habit of wearing anything

Filling your face with makeup doesn't always make you look older. In fact, young girls tend to wear heavy makeup, while adult women tend to adopt a more subtle style and emphasize a part of the face.

  • Make a subtle smoky to highlight the look.
  • Use an intense lipstick to accentuate your lips.
  • Don't use too much glitter or glitter.
Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 13

Step 4. Make the eyebrows

This small change can make a big difference. You look more like a woman with neat eyebrows that fit the shape of your face. Go to a trusted designer or salon or learn to get your own eyebrows done at home.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 14

Step 5. Take good care of your nails

You can have long or short nails, but you should always keep them clean and filed. Use sandpaper to remove nicks or uneven edges.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 15

Step 6. Apply some perfume before leaving the house

Choose a soft, refined fragrance, not too floral or sweet. A bottle of perfume usually lasts a long time, so don't be afraid to invest in a good quality fragrance if you find something you like.

Method 3 of 3: Acting More Mature

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 16

Step 1. Try to sit and stand upright

A good posture gives a more confident air and, consequently, more mature. Whenever you remember, straighten your posture, whether standing or sitting. Put your head up, shoulders back, and tuck in your belly. Over time, the habit becomes as natural as breathing.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 17

Step 2. Walk with confidence.

Practice walking at home, looking ahead and demonstrating your self-confidence. This attitude conveys maturity.

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 18

Step 3. Keep your composure

Losing your head and throwing a tantrum is not a mature thing to do. If someone is rude or hurts you, come out on top and avoid confrontations.

You don't need to stop defending yourself. If someone jumps in line at the diner, for example, say, "Excuse me, I'm next in line."

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 19

Step 4. Set goals and strive to achieve them

Having goals in life shows others that you are focused on the future, a sign of maturity. Think about where you'd like to go and write down a series of steps you need to take to achieve what you want.

Some examples of goals are: goals for your future career, a personality trait you want to improve (such as being more flexible with your siblings), or playing more sports and physical activities

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 20

Step 5. Stay around mature people

People end up picking up the habits of their closest friends naturally. Try to get closer to a friend who has admirable maturity and pay attention to their behavior. What does he do that gives the impression of maturity? How can you convey the same image?

Look Older (Teenage Girls) Step 21

Step 6. Find out about what is happening in the world

You will look more mature if you are able to carry on a conversation about the latest happenings in the world. Read newspapers, watch the news or follow reliable sources on the internet to stay in the know.

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