3 Ways to Look Like a Rich Teen

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3 Ways to Look Like a Rich Teen
3 Ways to Look Like a Rich Teen

Rich teenagers seem to live in a parallel universe, different from middle class and poor. The girls' hair and makeup always look perfect and their clothes never even get wrinkled. Pay attention to how these people look and behave and look rich yourself too!


Method 1 of 3: Dressing Like Rich

Look Rich As a Teen Step 1

Step 1. Wear classic, plain clothes

If you want to look rich, don't wear baggy and messy clothes. Prefer more structured pieces with a good fit, such as shirts with buttons or dress pants. For a more feminine look, wear belted dresses, tight skirts and a blouse or sweater.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 2

Step 2. Wear dark jeans

You can look rich even if you dress casually. Just choose darker jeans with a good fit. This type of pants sharpens the silhouette and looks more chic.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 3

Step 3. Match neutral colors

Any item of clothing in pastel and neutral tones, such as caramel, white, black, beige and baby pink, looks more expensive. Make combinations of pieces in these shades to create a luxurious look, even if the clothes were cheap.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 4

Step 4. Invest in good shoes

You don't have to wear leather moccasins to school, but you won't look rich if you just wear those shabby athletic shoes. Buy a nice pair of shoes to finish off the look with a touch of class. Look for stylish sneakers, running shoes or flats in neutral and versatile colors.

Keep and clean your shoes to keep them beautiful for as long as possible. Do not use this pair to play sports or to go to dirty and earthy places. Remove dirt immediately to avoid stains

Look Rich As a Teen Step 5

Step 5. Dress up for special occasions

Wear nice clothes if you have to give a presentation at school or go to a special event. Choose a nice dress, a shirt with dress pants or a skirt, or a jacket with khaki pants.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 6

Step 6. Have a cool bag

Girls don't need to spend loads of money to have a nice bag. Look for leather (natural or synthetic) in a neutral color such as beige or black. It is better that the brand logo does not appear so as not to impoverish the look. Seams and metal parts like zippers, rings and chains should look tough, as expensive bags are built to last.

Prefer a neutral colored backpack if you need to take it to school. If there is a need to carry books and notebooks to school in a backpack, look for a leather or canvas backpack that is white, beige, black or blue. A simple, neutral backpack matches all types of clothing and adds a touch of elegance

Look Rich As a Teen Step 7

Step 7. Choose fine accessories

Rich people tend to prefer simple accessories with a fine finish. Wear a fine watch, a simple bracelet and a delicate pendant necklace. Remember that less is more when it comes to accessories. If you decide to use everything you have at home, it will look like a Christmas tree.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 8

Step 8. Follow the one-third rule

According to this rule, you can fill your wardrobe with well-made and expensive items without spending more than usual. Calculate how much you spend on clothes. Then, the next time you go shopping, buy 1/3 of the pieces you would normally buy, but spend three times as much on each. This way, it is possible to have beautiful clothes that last much longer.

Even if you only do this on your birthday, this rule can help you have a rich wardrobe in time

Look Rich As a Teen Step 9

Step 9. Make adjustments to the clothes

It's not that expensive to take the clothes to a seamstress for adjustments, but it can make a big difference to the look. The seamstress is able to make the pieces perfect for your body, adjusting the hem of pants or the waist of skirts or coats. Ask your parents or look for this service on the internet and take your clothes whenever you think you have a special item that doesn't fit very well.

Method 2 of 3: Getting Well Groomed

Look Rich As a Teen Step 10

Step 1. Keep your hair neat

You don't have to spend a fortune to have amazing hair. Wash it every day or two, trim the ends in the salon often, and give it a deep hydration once a month if you have dry strands. Go for simple hairstyles such as a bun or loose waves.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 11

Step 2. Sleep eight to ten hours a night

Teenagers need eight to ten hours of sleep a night. If you sleep well, your skin will be fresh and no dark circles. With skin like that, it's easier to look rich.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 12

Step 3. Get into the habit of good dental hygiene

Rich people always wear that white smile. Achieve the same look by putting oral health first. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss every day, and use a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh.

  • The rich can afford tooth whitening, but you can get the same look by whitening your teeth at home. Use whitening tapes once a week and brush your teeth with a whitening paste.
  • If your teeth are very sensitive or if you have cavities, do not use whitening substances. Try putting baking soda when brushing your teeth.
Look Rich As a Teen Step 13

Step 4. Apply some perfume or cologne before leaving the house

A light spray of perfume or cologne can leave you fragrant all day long. However, excess can be irritating to other people and even cause a headache. Use moderation when applying the fragrance.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 14

Step 5. Keep your nails in order

Dirty and irregular nails are a sign of poor hygiene. Luckily, you don't have to go to a manicure every week to make your nails look beautiful. Wash them when taking a shower and keep them trimmed and sanded. If you use nail polish, prefer neutral colors and reapply the product when it starts to chip.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 15

Step 6. Put on some makeup if you want

Rich girls don't wear those plaster makeup. Simplify with a moisturizing foundation, mascara, blush and a neutral lipstick or gloss. It's okay to experiment with different things to see what suits you best, but focus on simplicity.

Method 3 of 3: Acting Like Rich

Look Rich As a Teen Step 16

Step 1. Try to sit and stand with your back straight

A secret that rich people know well is that good posture makes all the difference in the image you convey. Whenever you think about it, try to correct your posture. Leave your shoulders back, your chest forward, and tuck in your belly. With a lot of practice, you get used to it and everything becomes more natural.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 17

Step 2. Have good manners

Wealthy families value teaching their children etiquette, as this is an important factor in their future in business. Have good manners and don't interrupt others' speech, greet everyone and be polite in interactions.

Other basic rules of etiquette include chewing with your mouth shut, saying “please” and “thank you” and not burping, farting or scratching in public

Look Rich As a Teen Step 18

Step 3. Focus on your studies

Education is very important to most rich people, as it opens the door to good jobs. Pay attention in class, do homework and study for exams to get good grades. This is a great way to maybe even get really rich in the future!

Look Rich As a Teen Step 19

Step 4. Do volunteer work

Many rich take time to give back to the community. Find a reputable organization and volunteer on weekends or summer vacations. All in all, this is a good opportunity to make social connections with other volunteers and realize that you are richer than you think when you see families in need.

Look Rich As a Teen Step 20

Step 5. Stay on top of news and happenings

People with money need to be informed about the news to protect their income and investments. Digitally subscribe to a prestigious newspaper and follow anchors and political figures on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of what's happening in the world.


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