How to Get Out of School Without Getting Noticed: 11 Steps

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How to Get Out of School Without Getting Noticed: 11 Steps
How to Get Out of School Without Getting Noticed: 11 Steps

Leaving school without getting caught is complicated, the most important thing to be successful is to know your school well and know the best time to leave without anyone noticing. See if it's worth the risk, because as much as you think you have the perfect plan, there's still a chance something will go amiss.


Part 1 of 3: Planning

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Step 1. Keep an eye on things around you

If you are planning to escape, you need to spend some time getting to know the place well. Knowing the environment will help you choose a less risky escape route.

  • Watch out for the cameras. Many schools today have security cameras at strategic points, especially near exits. Know where your school's security cameras are located and find the best way to avoid being filmed. For example, if you have a camera near the main exit, you can use the nearby trees and bushes to avoid being filmed.
  • Know all the exits from the school. There may be exits in places you didn't know, such as near the sports court or in the back of the school. Try to find a way out that people don't usually use, as the chances of bumping into a teacher or other student will be less.
  • Keep an eye on the windows. Know all places in your school that have windows. It's no use getting away from the cameras and being seen by a teacher through a window when you're on the run.
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Step 2. Find the best time

Timing is as important as the path chosen. Define the best time to escape.

  • See when exits tend to get fuller. If you have an exit near the sports court, for example, it's not a good idea to try to run away when a PE class is ending. However, you may be able to escape when class is on and people are distracted.
  • If you're in elementary school and your school lets high school kids out for lunch, try hanging out with older kids. When lunch break is over, no one will be looking for you, because no one will know you left.
  • It may be easier to leave during class depending on how the teacher is. If it is not necessary to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom, and he is not used to paying close attention to the students, it is possible to run away during class without anyone noticing.
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Step 3. Have a route in mind for when you leave

The escape does not end after passing the school gate. You have to choose the streets that keep you out of sight. On the other hand, it is also possible to choose a very busy path, so you may not be recognized if you are seen.

  • You can run away when classes are switching rooms, as it will be easier to disappear into the crowd.
  • It is also possible to walk along more deserted paths just outside the school. In the vicinity of the school, walk along streets that are not very busy and when you are further away, go back to the main streets.

Part 2 of 3: Running away

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Step 1. Keep calm

Panicking while on the run can make you forget certain details. To avoid getting caught, stay calm regardless of the pressure of the situation.

  • Learn to "ride on autopilot". If you're thinking too much about the details of your moves, your plans will probably go awry. Try doing math or mentally singing a song as you walk around school. This will prevent you from tripping or walking awkwardly due to nervousness, which can get people's attention.
  • Breathe normally. When people are nervous, they usually have heavier, slower breathing. This can make people suspect that you are doing something wrong. Breathe as you normally would, if you notice that your breathing has become heavier, take a moment to calm down.
  • Try to ignore the signs of nervousness or try to look at them differently. Tell yourself that sweating hands and a pounding heart aren't signs of failure, they're just signs that you're taking a risk and doing something fun and exciting.
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Step 2. Walk fast but don't run

When the teachers turn from the coast, slip away. It's better to be quick and silent than running around the school making noise. Walk at a faster pace than usual, but without running or doing anything that might draw attention to you. Be prepared to enter an empty room or take the stairs if you hear someone coming down the hallway. Be careful not to enter a location that has a camera.

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Step 3. Stay tuned outside of school

When you leave school, stay alert until you are no longer in the inspectors' field of vision. Be careful with windows, cameras, teachers and peers. Follow the planned route so as not to put the plan at risk.

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Step 4. Think about where you will be staying

Outside of school, you shouldn't push your luck. Try not to do anything that might get people's attention. You don't want to be seen by your parents, neighbors, or someone who works at the school.

Part 3 of 3: Taking Care Later

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Step 1. Take some precautions if you plan to re-enter the school

If you only want to be away for a few hours, be careful to go back. Try to plan a similar route, avoiding cameras and entering less crowded places. You don't want to get caught entering school after you've managed to escape.

Fake Sick to a Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Have an excuse

Most schools follow student attendance. If you win a foul, your parents can be notified. Keep an excuse in mind in case something happens.

  • Make a call impersonating someone else. You can call the school from a pay phone or your cell phone and impersonate your father. But be careful, your school may ask you a few questions to verify your identity and the receptionist may recognize your voice.
  • It is also possible to send an email to the school. It's pretty easy to create an email address using the name of one of your parents, however this method can also go wrong. The school may want to call your home to confirm. A better tactic is to say in the email something like “I'll be at work all day, if you need to get in touch call this number:.” Then enter your cell number.
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Step 3. Avoid bragging about running away

It can be tempting to tell your peers about what you've accomplished, however, it's best to avoid telling your colleagues what happened as a teacher or inspector might overhear. Avoid even telling your friends outside of school, as they can talk about it later at school when you're not around.

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Step 4. Be prepared for the consequences if you get caught

There is no surefire way to get out of school. Even if you are careful, the chances of being seen are still great. Keep in mind the risks of both your school's punishments, such as being suspended, and your parents, such as being grounded. Assess whether the risk is worth taking before doing anything.

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