3 Ways to Treat Acne Around the Lips Quickly

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3 Ways to Treat Acne Around the Lips Quickly
3 Ways to Treat Acne Around the Lips Quickly

Many adults and teenagers suffer from acne. This rash around your lips and mouth can be a particularly difficult problem to correct. Be careful when putting facial creams or washes near your mouth. Read this article to learn how to proactively treat acne around the lips in a safe and effective way.


Method 1 of 3: Quick Remedies for Acne Around Lips

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 1

Step 1. Use Benzyl Peroxide

This is considered to be a very effective treatment for acne and works by killing all the bacteria in the area and can clear the pimples quickly. It is a drug that does not require a prescription and can be easily found in pharmacies.

Be cautious when applying it around your mouth. If the acne is on the lips, replace this product with some of the non-chemical treatments listed below

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 2

Step 2. Put ice on the pimples

It helps fight the inflammation and redness of acne and constricts blood vessels, which can extract some of the oil and bacteria and speed recovery.

  • Wrap an ice cube in a towel or napkin and apply it to the affected area. Remove it after a few seconds.
  • Wait a few minutes and repeat this process a few times.
  • Do this several times a day to achieve maximum effect.
Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 3

Step 3. Apply lemon juice to the pimple

The acidity of the lemon juice will simultaneously kill the bacteria and dry out the rash. Dip a sterile cotton swab into the juice and apply it to the pimple before bed.

Use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Bottled juice may contain preservatives that can irritate the skin

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 4

Step 4. Expose your spine to steam

The steam opens the pores, allowing dirt and bacteria to escape. This will help reduce inflammation and prevent new rashes from forming. You can use this treatment method by taking a hot bath or holding a bowl of hot water close to your face. Expose your skin to steam for 20 to 30 minutes to get the best result.

Method 2 of 3: Preventative Treatments for Acne Around Lips

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 5

Step 1. Stop using lip balm or lipstick

These products can cause and worsen acne around the lips.

  • The wax in the lip balm clogs the pores, which traps dirt and bacteria, causing pimples.
  • The fragrances in these products can stimulate the production of sebum. Increased oiliness and sebum, along with clogged pores, are a good recipe for rashes.
  • Lipstick can spread the bacteria that cause pimples. If this happens, you will be reinfecting yourself every time you use it.
  • If you don't want to stop completely, use an unscented product. It will still clog your pores, but it won't stimulate sebum production.
Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 6

Step 2. Clean your mouth after eating and drinking

Crumbs or food scraps left around the mouth are food sources for bacteria and can cause outbreaks of rashes.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 7

Step 3. Use an unscented, unscented toothpaste

Like the taste of lipstick, the chemical aroma in toothpaste can also irritate the skin and increase sebum production. A neutral is Sensodyne.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 8

Step 4. Brush your lips

Having a neutral toothpaste, brushing your lips, in addition to your teeth, can help reduce acne by cleaning up the residue that builds up on the site throughout the day. Rinse your toothbrush before doing this so you don't spread bacteria to your lips, which can make acne worse.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 9

Step 5. Drink more water

This can help your body work by cleaning your skin from the inside out. Drinking more fluid can also flush bacteria out of your mouth, which will help prevent pimples.

Method 3 of 3: Treating Acne with a Prescription Drug

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 10

Step 1. See a doctor

If acne around your mouth is a persistent problem that you cannot treat, see a dermatologist. There are a multitude of treatments that the practitioner can prescribe to help.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 11

Step 2. Use creams containing retinoids

Retinoids, derived from vitamin A, help to unclog follicles and pores, removing existing pimples and preventing new ones from forming. They can also decrease acne inflammation. As an added bonus, these creams can also help fight wrinkles. Some retinoids are tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 12

Step 3. Use topical antibiotics

These creams help kill the bacteria that cause pimples and can also reduce inflammation. Some products commonly prescribed by dermatologists are: erythromycin, metronidazole and clindamycin.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 13

Step 4. Take oral antibiotics

It may not be possible to use topical acne treatments too close to the mouth. Oral antibiotics can help because they work systemically, acting as an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation and killing pimple-causing bacteria.

Treat Acne Around the Lips Fast Step 14

Step 5. Ask your doctor about hormonal treatments

Acne in adults is often caused by irregular hormone levels. If that's the case, your doctor may prescribe a variety of medications to help balance your hormones.


  • Always buy a hypoallergenic moisturizer that matches your skin type. For example: do not use moisturizers for oily skin if you have dry skin.
  • Be patient. There is no magic cure for acne. Making some lifestyle changes, however, can lead to great long-term results.
  • Try not to touch your face with your hands. Exposure to oils and dirt from your hands can make acne worse.
  • Don't worry too much about it: stress causes even more acne.


  • Try not to use too many face creams or moisturizers at the same time as this can further irritate your skin.
  • Don't poke acne. This will further irritate the skin and may even cause a serious infection.
  • Follow all doctor's instructions.

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